KMZ files

The hikes on this website are supported by KMZ files which you can download and view in programs such as Google Earth. They may be used as a guide, but beware all coordinates are approximate and sensible hikers will use this data at their own risk!


Swiss hikesOverview of the Swiss hikes including day hikes and longer expeditions
aw_ski_resorts.kmzOverview of the Skiing and snowboarding resorts in Switzerland, Germany and Italy
aletsch_gletscher.kmzTrack for the Aletsch glacier hike
alpine_pass_route.kmzTrack for the whole Alpine Pass Route
arosa_lenzerheide.kmzTrack for the hike from Arosa to Lenzerheide
braunwald.kmzTrack for the Braunwald hike
bruenig.kmzTrack for the Brünig hike
chasseral.kmzTrack for the Chasseral hike
churfirstens.kmzTrack for the Churfirstens hike
creux_du_van.kmzTrack for the Creux du Van hike
diemtigtal.kmzTrack for the Diemtigtal hike
eiger_gletscher.kmzTrack for the Eigergletscher hike
einsiedeln.kmzTrack for the Einsiedeln hike
faulhorn.kmzTrack for the Faulhorn hike
jura_ridgeway.kmzTrack for the whole Jura ridgeway hike
kloental.kmzTrack for the Klöntal hike
loetschental.kmzTrack for the Lötschental hike
munt_la_schera.kmzTrack for the Munt la Schera hike
mythens.kmzTrack for the Schwyzer Panoramaweg hike
napf.kmzTrack for the Napf hike
ofenloch.kmzTrack for the Ofenloch hike
rigi.kmzTrack for the Rigi hike
san_salvatore.kmzTrack for the Monte San Salvatore hike
schnebelhorn.kmzTrack for the Schnebelhorn hike
scuol_valley.kmzTrack for the Scuol valley hike
speer.kmzTrack for the Speer hike
strada_alta_leventina.kmzTrack for the whole Strada Alta Leventina hike
toggenburger_hoehenweg.kmzTrack for the whole Toggenburger Höhenweg hike
trin_valendas.kmzTrack for the Trin-Valendas hike
uetliberg.kmzTrack for the Uetliberg hike
val_sinestra.kmzTrack for the Val Sinestra hike
val_verzasca.kmzTrack for the Val Verzasca hike
weissenstein.kmzTrack for the Weissenstein hike above Solothurn
wengen.kmzTrack for the Wengen hikes
zermatt.kmzTrack for the Zermatt hike
zuerichsee_panoramaweg.kmzTrack for the whole Zürichsee Panoramaweg
zugerberg.kmzTrack for the Zugerberg hike


iseler.kmzA track of the Iseler hike in Allgäu, Germany
fellhorn.kmzA track of the Fellhorn hike in Allgäu, Germany


Madeira hikesOverview of the Madeira hikes
achadadapinta.kmzTrack for the Achada da Pinta hike
bocadorisco.kmzTrack for the Boca do Risco hike
cabo.kmzTrack for the Cabo hike
picoruivo.kmzTrack for the Pico Ruivo hike
pontasaolourenco.kmzTrack for the Ponta São Lourenço hike
rabacal.kmzTrack for the Rabaçal levada hike


jomsom_trek.kmzTrack to Muktinath on the Jomsom trek in Nepal
ghandruk_trek.kmzA few waypoints from the Ghandruk trek in Nepal
annapurna_circuit.kmzTrack for the Annapurna circuit in Nepal


uk-lacrosse.kmzOverview of the lacrosse clubs in Britain and where they play
snowdon.kmzA track from the Snowdon hike in Wales
south_downs_way.kmzA rough track prepared for the South Downs Way in England (from OSM data)


The following coordinates were taken from wikipedia, which sometimes disagree with the coordinates in OpenStreetMap. Maybe they should be taken from OpenStreetMap instead?

top_100_prominences.kmzThe mountains with the top 100 prominences in the world. (Not the 100 highest mountains, the most prominent ones)
prominent_swiss_mountains.kmzMountains in Switzerland with large prominences


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