What's new with GpsPrune

GpsPrune is available to download from the downloads page, with the latest released version being version 21. This page describes some of the features which are new with this version.

For information about the forthcoming version, see the development page.

Fixes / changes for version 21

The most recent major release is version 21, which added, extended or removed several bits of functionality:

New features

For version 21, there's an extension to the SRTM functions where you can choose to continue using the lower-resolution (3 arc-second) data as before, or you can register at the NASA Earthdata website to receive higher-resolution (1 arc-second) data instead. As well as offering higher resolution and therefore more detail, it should reduce the voids and data artefacts as well.

A new function which geocachers might like is the new circle projection function, where an existing point can be projected to a surrounding circle with a given radius. Think of highlighting an area within a specified distance of a given location, either as a proximity zone or an exclusion zone. Depending on the current units, the distance can be given in metres or feet.

The "time estimation" function already uses a set of five parameters to estimate how long it will take you to cover the selected range of a track. Now with version 21, these parameters can be used to calculate all the estimated timestamps for each track point in the range, and set them accordingly. So depending on your use case it will either "fake" your timestamps for you, or help you estimate where you'll be around lunchtime.

The "delete by date" function has been extended with extra controls to make the dates easier to select, especially when the track contains a large number of dates. Also, the "add time offset" function has gained an extra "Weeks" field to make adding offsets of 1024 weeks (because of rollovers) easier.

There's a new function to truncate coordinates, rounding the values to a specified number of decimal digits. This is for when you want to publish some coordinates (either in decimal degrees, degrees & minutes, or degrees minutes & seconds), and want to see the effect of chopping the decimal digits off for brevity. And finally there's an extra option to use the "GTK" window style as one of the display settings, if this theme can be found on your platform.

Of course, the user guide has also been updated, and has expanded up to 175 pages. All the functions mentioned here are described in detail in the user guide, including screenshots and explanations.

Forthcoming versions

See the development page for details on what's coming with future versions.

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