GpsPrune wishlist

GpsPrune has generated a lot of feedback since its release, and some of this comes in the form of feature suggestions or requests. Most of these are made on the sourceforge forums, some on Github and some are made by email. This page attempts to list the major requests and their current status.

Note that this list doesn't include the many requests for clarification, or suggestions of features which were already present or under development, and doesn't include bug reports and help requests.

DateSuggested by  #  SuggestionResolution
January 2008email, also anon 1Ability to move data points with the mouseno   version 14
2Ability to draw new tracks with one click per pointversion 12
May 2008rediguana3Adding offset to disguise timestampsversion 6
May 2008Rudolf Martin4Creating charts with gnuplotversion 7
June 2008anon5Show different icons according to waypoint typesno (but different colours
since version 22)
June 2008Rudolf Martin6Show photo date, add jpeg file filterversion 6
June 2008Rudolf Martin7Import of scanned mapsno
December 2008Richard Finegold8Automatically split a track into segmentsversion 16
January 2009steventebrinke,
also Jonas
9Nautical miles option for distancesversion 14
January 2009steventebrinke10Configurable map server like opencyclemap etcversion 7
March 2009email11Upload tracks to gpsies.comversion 11
April 2009anon12Command line start option to load specified data fileversion 8
May 2009samchn13Plot altitude profile against time or distanceonly in charts
June 2009anon14Plot speeds etc instead of altitude profile below mapversion 10
June 2009samchn15Calculate slope / gradient of selectionversion 9
June 2009email, also anon16Select multiple points within rectangleversion 14
July 2009Jochen17Configurable paths to tools like exiftool, gpsbabelversion 8
July 2009rewolff18Save just the current selectionversion 9
19Right click ends selection, left click starts selectionshift-click instead (9)
20Add altitude offset to selectionversion 8
July 2009Thingomy21Add support for reading gpx.gz filesversion 9
July 2009email22Paste coordinates from geocaching websites (like 9
July 2009email23Make image size in KMZ configurableversion 8
August 2009email24Make map colours configurable (eg black background)version 9
August 2009email25Support for RAW images, GIFs and PNGs for photosno
August 2009email26Caching of map tiles, either automatic or on requestversion 10
August 2009Rudolf Martin27Change map movement to Ctrl + cursor keysno
Rudolf Martin28Add waypoints to gnuplot output of chartsnot yet
Rudolf Martin29Estimate hiking times based on approximate speedsversion 15
September 2009email30Table view of all point properties with sorting, selectionno
October 2009niccolo31Retention of all gpx data, including extensionsversion 9
October 2009email32Colour-coding KML tracks by speed, altitude etc (like gpsvisualizer)only on screen
December 2009anon33Configuring a list of custom URLs for map backgrounds (not just one)version 10
34Use of Cloudmade maps (now deleted again)version 10
February 2010email35"Project" one waypoint by given bearing angle and distance to create
a new point (like a treasure map)
version 20
April 2010anon36Show/hide sidebars, elevation chart for lower resolution screensversion 11
April 2010email37Additional key bindings for navigating within trackversion 10
38Colour-coding track by speed, altitude, segment etc in chartonly in map
April 2010email39Move menu bar up to top of screen for Mac OSXversion 10
June 2010drachen100040When loading gpx, allow selection of just one or all tracksversion 11
41Download tracks from (unfortunately doesn't allow this except through their website)not possible
June 2010zapfen42Allow geotagging of audio files (for example, wav, ogg, mp3)version 12
July 2010anon43Indicate status of photos (connected/not, modified/not) in photo listversion 12
August 2010JeroenVanOmme44Allow load/lookup/edit/save of location fields (country, state, city, sublocation) for photosnot yet
August 2010anon45Compress points based on deviation from straight line (Douglas-Peucker algorithm)version 13
September 2010Miguel46Allow handling of routes including transfer to gpsnot yet
December 2010Martin47Modify behaviour of mouse-initiated zoom so that map stays below cursorversion 12.1
January 2011sg-tuatha48Handle description fields from gpx and kml files (load, edit, save)version 13
March 2011email49Allow multiple photos to be attached to a single pointnot yet
50Use Gpsbabel to import file types other than txt, kml, gpx directlyversion 13
April 2011email51Show compass direction with which photos were taken (if available)version 13
August 2011email52Allow user to specify date/time format rather than use system defaultnot yet
November 2011email53Extra panel on left to list files from which points were loadednot yet (but file is
shown in details panel)
December 2011Calum54Support bzip2 and xz as well as zip, gz (maybe with dependency on Apache Commons?not yet
March 2012email55Export picture of map and track at selected zoom level (bigger than screen)version 15
56Load tracks, photos and audios by dragging files or folders into the GpsPrune main windowversion 15
May 2012email57Allow altitude / speed profile to show any arbitrary fieldversion 15
May 2012galilei6458Include map image in base plane of pov exportversion 15
July 2012iav59Allow use of GPSBabel's filters during load from file or from GPSversion 15
August 2012email60Allow KML export to use gx extensions to include timestampsversion 15
December 2012NeoM61Allow choice of timezone when displaying timestamps (UTC / system / other)version 19
January 2014email62Provide plugin system for third-party C++ compression algorithmsnot clear
May 2014Rémy63Parse and show point timestamps down to the millisecond, not just the secondversion 17
September 2014email64Provide auto-play function to scroll through the trackversion 18
February 2015email65Use anti-aliasing when drawing in the map view, to make graphics look smootherversion 18
February 2015email66Allow saving of photo filename in text (csv) formatversion 18
September 2015André67Update photo popup when track selection changesversion 18.1
68Options to navigate to previous or next photo in the tracknot yet
October 2015email69Allow access to Google's aerial image tilesno, not allowed by Google's Ts&Cs
December 2015Jose by email, also Thomas70Remember window size and position on close, restore at next startversion 18.3
October 2015jose171171Allow user to choose alternative display style for (all) waypointsversion 19
April 2016emails72Support additional fields like gpx's cmt, sym and hdoponly cmt so far
July 2016email73Indicate direction of travel by drawing little arrows on the lines between pointsversion 19
October 2016email74In distances popup, show bearing from one waypoint to another as well as distance (degrees clockwise from N?)not yet
November 2016email75Allow realtime position to be shown eg using gpsd?
March 2017DFyson76Copy point details / range details to clipboardversion 20
January 2018PeHar77Use Nimbus look-and-feelversion 20
September 2019email78Allow user to enter their own API key for map tilestile provider says no
September 2019email79Extend KMZ output with extra point, time detailsversion 22

If you disagree with any of these suggestions being marked as "no", or you'd like to expand on any of these suggestions, all feedback is welcome - please use the sourceforge forums, or the github issues, or email.

The current development activity is always shown in the development page.

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