GpsPrune demo video

For those who have never used GpsPrune before, or who aren't sure which functions are available, this demo video shows some of the real basics of using the application.

It includes how to load a file, how to view openstreetmap images and change to opencyclemap backgrounds, how to view point details and view in 3d, and finally how to save in various formats.

The video is in the form of an animated gif, runs for about 2 minutes and costs you 570 kB. Just click on the slide below to start the demo.


Youtube videos

There are more demo videos of GpsPrune and its basic functions now available at youtube. The available videos include:

Other people's Youtube videos

Thanks very much to the user community, who appear keen to help others use GpsPrune. Here's an example in Spanish, showing track editing, drawing, altitude lookup and saving, and another example in English showing the relevance of GpsPrune to cycle track creation using "Magic Roads".

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