Oops, Forgot

Oops, Forgot is a simple java tool to help you remember birthdays. It's not a complete database of all your friends' contact information and other details, it's just for birthdays (and anniversaries), and nothing else.

What is it for?

The main purpose is to solve the common problem — a friend or family member has a birthday, and you'd like to be reminded, so that you can phone them, send an email, do whatever you want to do.

Additionally, it aims to answer the following questions (at any time, even if they're birthday isn't close):

So obviously a (deliberately) fairly limited feature set. No addresses, phone numbers, email addresses or anything like that, just names and birthdays, and optionally a description like for example "(<some person>'s daughter)" or a nickname.

In addition, you can choose to start it in such a way that if there's nothing to be reminded of, it closes itself again without a gui.

How does it work?

You enter the birthdays of your friends and family, and they get stored in a text file in ~/.oopsdata. The program uses this file to show reminders as appropriate. If you want to use a different file location, you can specify it when you launch it (launch it with --help to see the options).

You can run it as a regular program just like any other, or you can schedule it to run regularly with a script or cron job, as you wish. It's java so it needs a java runtime, but then it can run on any PC platform which has java, which is pretty much all of them. The java it needs is a regular 8+ (so 11 or later is also fine).

What does it look like?

Here are some example screenshots, taken from Linux (obviously it will look different on Windows or macos). For the purposes of these screenshots, a list of movies has been used instead of people's names, this obviously isn't the intended use of the program but it's less controversial to demonstrate than using real people's names and birthdates.

Sorting by name

(1) Main screen, sorting by first name

Showing a single month

(2) Months tab with details pane

Adding a new one

(3) Dialog for adding a new birthday


(4) Logo

Where can I find it?

The source code is at Github, or you can use the files given here.

Jar file

Runnable code (48 KB)
oopsforgot_3.jar - Get this one if you just want to run it. Requires Java 8+.

Compressed Tar file

Source code (40 KB)
oopsforgot_2_source.tgz - Get this one if you want to be able to edit and compile it
Redistribution is possible according to the included license conditions of the GPL2.

The goldfish icon is taken from freesvg.org and is in the public domain.

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