GpsPrune screenshots

Current Version(s)

The following screenshots show examples from the last few releases, showing the most common functions. You may also be interested in seeing the demo videos showing how to use the basics of the application.

  1. The basic screen, shown here under Debian Linux, with the menu and toolbar at the top, controls on the left, information on the right, the main map in the middle, and the altitude profile bottom-middle. The map images come from out-of-copyright Ordnance Survey maps (NPE) and are very detailed (but old). A photo has been loaded but not yet correlated with the track.
  2. GpsPrune running on an Apple laptop, using maps from opencyclemap. Note that the menubar is not in the window, it's been moved to the top of the screen.
  3. GpsPrune in fullscreen mode (without sidebars), with the language set to Hungarian.
  4. Prune on Microsoft XP, with the language set to German. The view at the bottom is set to show speeds rather than altitudes.
  5. Prune on Ubuntu Linux, using the OpenJDK. The language is set to Swiss German and the maps of the Swiss ski resort are from
  6. GpsPrune on Microsoft Windows 7, showing a hike on Snowdon in Britain. The maps are again from opencyclemap.
  7. Controls for the automatic photo correlation. The time offset has been calculated using a manually connected photo. In this case one panorama photo cannot be automatically correlated.
  8. Controls in Czech for loading data directly from a GPS receiver using GPSBabel.
  9. The 3D window, showing an interactive model of the data including terrain and map.
  10. Output from Povray showing map imagery draped over the terrain.
  11. Output from Povray with data from a pair of paragliders.
  12. Part of Google Earth's screen showing exported track data, including correlated photo thumbnails.
  13. View in Google Maps showing selected waypoint. The language is determined by the selected language of GpsPrune.
  14. Chart function of altitude and speed against time using gnuplot.
  15. Online weather forecast from
Debian Linux

(1) Linux system showing data from a walk in the UK


(2) Mac OSX with opencyclemap maps


(3) GpsPrune in fullscreen mode using Hungarian

Windows XP

(4) Prune on Windows XP in German


(5) Prune on Ubuntu Linux using OpenJDK and OpenPisteMap

Microsoft Windows 7

(6) GpsPrune on Microsoft Windows 7

Photo correlation

(7) Panel for automatic photo correlation

Data loading

(8) Loading data from a GPS receiver
(Czech language)

Three-D view

(9) 3d window

Povray output

(10) Povray output including terrain

Povray output

(11) Povray output for a pair of paragliders
coming in to land

Google Earth output

(12) Google Earth showing exported track

Google map

(13) Google maps output


(14) Chart using gnuplot

Weather forecast

(15) Daily weather forecast

Note that I've cheated slightly with these screenshots, some of them still show some earlier versions before 20. But only minimal changes have been made to the main gui since then, most notably the photo list only appears when photos are loaded rather than always being visible as before. Plus there's a new "Audio" menu in version 12, and a small "zoom" button underneath the photo preview to pop up a bigger photo display window.

Previous versions

For screenshots of previous versions of Prune from 1 to 12, see the old screenshots page.

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