Activity Workshop


The following plot shows the major Swiss hiking routes, thanks to the mapping from OpenStreetMap (OSM) and FreeOpenStreetMap (FOSM). You can drag this map around with the mouse and zoom in and out to see where the routes go. Click on a route to see more information.



This route data was assembled from relation information in openstreetmap, combined with additional data from fosm and from my own GPS measurements. Some points were obtained from the map data but the tracks were compressed (ie some points were deleted) in order to reduce the data volume. Important: If you know any additional details about these routes and where they go, please send an email so that the route overlay can be improved.

Some of the tools required for this include osm, fosm changesets, josm, osmconvert (for the patching), osmwrangler (for conversion to gpx) and gpsprune (for editing and compression). This web page uses openlayers and openstreetmap tiles for display.

The GPX data (approximate and incomplete!) for each route is available for download, by clicking on the route and then selecting [download gpx].

By the way, for those openstreetmap contributors here who would like to add the missing data to osm, please don't. Any parts of this data which aren't already in osm, are not compatible with the new ODbL licence and not compatible with osm's new contributor terms. Also, some of the data which comes from osm has already been deleted by osm, for the same reason.