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The Alpine Pass Route

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Lonely Planet guidebook

The Lonely Planet guidebook "Walking in Switzerland" (2001) covers the Alpine Pass Route as part of a comprehensive walking guide. Because it's a general guide, rather than just covering the APR, there is a lot of awkward flicking backwards and forwards between the sections, but the descriptions are clear and the maps detailed.

Kev Reynolds guidebook

Cicerone Press has a guide (2004) especially for the Alpine Pass Route, whose author, Kev Reynolds, has achieved something of a cult status among his fans. His books are authoritative and well-written, but a complete coverage of Switzerland requires several overlapping books.

A while ago I was getting enthusiastic about the idea of compiling the information from this website (along with more photos, better diagrams and detailed maps) into a self-published book or booklet for sale. But after appealing for interest here over the last 18 months it seems there isn't enough potential purchasers to make it worthwhile. Shame.

More Swissness

If you found any of that useful, you may also be interested in trying some more Swiss hiking, either Day Hikes in Switzerland or Multi-day Hikes in Switzerland, or for more snowy action you can see Snowboarding in Switzerland as well.