Activity Workshop

Sudoku - Puzzle 10

This tenth and final puzzle is rated stinky as it needs a lot of brainwork.

As before, you can resize your browser window to make the puzzle bigger or smaller as you want. To fill in a number that you definitely know, use your mouse to left-click on the square and select the number. If you're not sure but want to mark a possibility (for example, the 2 can either be here or here), then right-click on the square instead and select the number. This possibility will be written smaller and grey in the corner of the square, like a pencil mark to remind you.

According to Sudoku Sensei, this puzzle is coded as N3x01-N2x13-057 which means one level 3 and thirteen level 2 rules are needed to solve it, and it starts with 57 empty squares. This whopping number of complex rules make this one the trickiest of the bunch.