Activity Workshop

Nonograms - First Puzzle

OK, here's your first one. It's only 15 by 15, so shouldn't be too tricky if you've been paying attention to the tutorial. When you've finished, you should have a nice picture of one of the more active sports on this site...

To complete the puzzle, use the mouse to click left for a black square, right for a dot. Click again to clear any mistakes (but you won't make any, will you?). You can also click and drag to fill in a row or column with either squares or dots. As you complete each row and column, green or red indicators will light up to let you know whether it matches the clue or not. A green light doesn't necessarily mean it's correct, but it does mean that the number of squares is right.

Good luck!

This puzzle too tricky? Make sure you read the tutorial, and maybe have a go at the practice puzzle first - it's a bit easier.

If you've cracked this puzzle, you're no doubt itching for another one, so have a crack at the slightly more tricky second puzzle.