Snowboarding in Germany

As with the Snowboarding in Switzerland section, the following reports are based on day trips. Obviously this list is currently very limited but it will hopefully expand as more of the German resorts are explored!

Resort map

Here's a map of southern Germany showing (roughly) where the resorts are. Click on the numbers, or use the summary below.

Feldberg Balderschwang Zugspitze Reit im Winkl

Google Earth guide

Kmz icon

This small file (8kb), when opened in Google Earth, shows all these resorts in lovely 3d. So you can fly over the Alps and check out the resorts and where they are. You can even play a tour and fly from one resort to the next! Each resort has a pushpin with a little info bubble, and these contain links back to the resort guide here at Activity Workshop.

Resort Summary

The ratings take into account the quality and variety of the slopes, efficiency of the lifts, and the cost of a day trip. They don't take any account of hotel or restaurant quality, nightlife, village atmosphere etc, which will be additional factors when choosing a holiday destination.

The resort guides also include a "slope orientation diagram", showing which directions most of the runs face. North-facing slopes are likely to receive less sunshine (perhaps holding their snow longer during sunny spells), east- and southeast-facing slopes get morning sunshine, west- and southwest-facing slopes get theirs later in the day. All of this is approximate, but can be a useful indication.



Black Forest. Fairly low, and lots of drag lifts, but a nice, open resort of reasonable size.

950m to 1450m




Bavaria. Also fairly low and with few big lifts, but plenty of runs. Good for beginners.

1000m to 1500m




Highest point in Germany! Glacier boarding if you don't mind T-bars.

2050m to 2720m

high but limited


Reit im Winkl

Bavaria and over the border in Austria. Relatively high and lots of lifts.

1150m to 1870m

good but expensive


More info

For more information on a few more of the German ski resorts, see or For the neighbouring countries, see Switzerland, Italy or Austria.

And if you found any of that useful, you may also be interested in trying some Hiking in Germany as well.

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