Snowboarding in Italy

The Italian Alps may not have the 4000'ers of France, Switzerland or Austria, but they do have plenty to offer. The scenery, especially in the Dolomites, is spectacular and many resorts are very well-connected to each other for longer tours. The resorts offer value for money, with modern lifts, well-prepared pistes, plenty of artificial snow and reasonable prices. And the mixture of Italian and Austrian influences provide some great food.

Depending on the exact region, Italian may not be the only, or even major, language in use. Both German and Ladinisch (an offspring of Latin, similar to Switzerland's Rhaeto-Romansch) are often seen on signposts and used in the resorts.

Resort map

Here's a map of northern Italy showing (roughly) where the resorts are. Click on the numbers, or use the summary below.

Livigno Kronplatz Belvedere

Resort Summary

This is just a small selection of the resorts in Italy, a selection which will hopefully grow as opportunity permits.



Large resort on both sides of the valley. Popular package destination.

1800m to 3000m




A bare-topped bowl of a hill, with runs in various directions.

850m to 2280m




Spectacular setting and part of the Sella Ronda circuit.

1460m to 2480m

Very good

More info

General information about Italian resorts can be found at and extra information about the Sella Ronda at

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