Snowboarding Photos

Here are a few holiday snaps from recent and not-so-recent trips. Unfortunately snowboarding is far too much fun to stop and take photographs too often, but here's a small sample.


Ahhh, the Swiss Alps. The current weekend playground of choice.


Detlef high above the slopes of Andermatt

Tim flyin

3..2..1.. we have lift off


Paula demonstrating her effortless style


Patrick speeding past the blurry camera


In 2001, Tim, James and Tony rode the snowy waves of BC, including Cypress, Grouse and of course Whistler:

Tone flyin

This is why they call him the BAT

Tim flyin

A brave cameraman spots a low-flying Tim


The speed (and momentum) is truly frightening

Tone racin

Tone showing his legendary style

Jimbob and scenery

James admiring the spectacular sunset at Cypress

Tim flyin

Tim launching himself into the air above Vancouver

- - - - - - -


In 1999 a few lucky people took a trip to California, and found some lovely snow there. Here's a few pics courtesy of Gringo and Ricky:


Mivy demonstrates the after-effects
of deep snow and loss of balance


Note the poise, balance and grace as Weeble
soars high above the piste below


Mivy showing us all how it should be done


Squares riding through the soft stuff


Weeble redeeming himself with slightly more air
this time, together with lovely powder trails


Tim, flashing his board at the camera (or something)

- - - - - - -

Italy 98

Just a little snippet from Livigno, with a little help from computer wizardry:

Low flying Timsky

Flying over some hapless (and very scared) volunteers

- - - - - - -

Canada 98

The following photos were taken when Tim and Foxy went to visit Tony Sock in Vancouver, in early 98.

What a sunset

Tim posing on his toe edge
with a gorgeous sunset for a backdrop

Foxy, Paula and Tim

Three posers showing off their snowboards
to the amassed crowd


Tone trying desperately to look at the camera
without running into it


It would be nice to claim that Tim landed this one,
but it doesn't look very likely, does it?


So that's a little selection of pictures, but if you're still not clued up on why on Earth anyone would do such a ridiculous sport, read the Numpty's Guide to rid yourself of outdated prejudices, or you might like to check out some Swiss ski resorts or Italian resorts if you're in the area. Or go up to the main Snowboarding page.

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