Lacrosse World Championships 2010

World Championships report, 16th July

USA 21, Australia 5

The USA started with a clear intent to dominate this match and found the first quarter perhaps easier than expected. Australia played physically but the USA managed to go 7-1 up after only 13 minutes. The last time these teams met, in the semi-finals of 2006, the USA only managed to win 13-10, so it seems the Australia team have declined since then. However, last time Brendan Mundorf was playing for Australia, and this time he got two of those 7 first-quarter goals for the USA.

Australia got a man-up consolation goal at the start of the second quarter, but again the USA overwhelmed them to go up 13-2 by half-time.

It was a similar picture in the third quarter, with a single early goal from Australia followed by a sequence of unstoppable USA attacks and breaks. The pace slowed, however, once the outcome was certain, and the USA appeared to cruise. They had one goal disallowed, but the fast-breaks were excellently executed, bringing the score to 16-4.

Also in the fourth, the Australians didn't have an answer against the USA defence, and couldn't pressure the USA attack enough to prevent them from doing whatever they wanted around goal. Paul Rabil had been active in midfield for the USA all match but surprisingly took until the middle of the fourth quarter to get on the scoresheet. But the result was out of any doubt and the final score of 21-5 reflects the ease of the USA victory.

Canada 17, Japan 4

Japan got the perfect start to this tournament, taking a good period of controlled possession in the first five minutes and working a fast cut for a surprise first goal! Who expected Japan to lead over world champions Canada? Japan even worked out more shooting chances, and it took Canada over 11 minutes to work their first settled goal. Japan even managed to draw level again at 2-2, but the next 13 goals all went to Canada, with three each for Corey Small and Zack Greer.

In the last 10 minutes, Japan claimed 2 more goals but Steenhuis and Greer added one more each to make it an overwhelming 17-4 victory for champions Canada. Japan impressed with their speed, fitness and enthusiasm, but the powerful and hard-hitting Canadians showed their experience and prowess to gain an impressive first victory in this tournament.

Full results list

Slovakia 10, Switzerland 4
Poland 16, Bermuda 2
Austria 16, Argentina 5
Wales 10, Netherlands 9
Czech Republic 17, Italy 3
Hong Kong 10, Norway 8
Sweden 20, Mexico 2
New Zealand 18, France 3
Canada 17, Japan 4
Scotland 20, Latvia 4
Ireland 21, Korea 3
Finland 14, Denmark 2
USA 21, Australia 5

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