Lacrosse World Championships 2010

World Championships report, 15th July

England 12, Germany 3

This game, the opening match of the tournament, should have been England against the Iroquois Nations, and would have been a tough challenge for the hosts. However due to the now well-discussed transport difficulties of the Iroquois, the fixtures had to be rearranged and Germany took the Iroquois' place in the blue division. Thus the game turned into a tough last-minute readjustment for the developing German side and a confidence-building warmup game for England.

Sure enough, England took just a minute to take the lead, and dominated early possession. Germany wasted a chance to score into an empty net after Ben McAllister went on a run, and England had a fast break goal disallowed for a needless offside. Germany stood up well to the static English attack, but when man-down for offside, England made it 2-0, and just before quarter-time went up to 3-0.

Germany finally got on the scoresheet after 6 minutes of the second quarter, exploiting the man-up to make it 3-1, and towards half-time had put the English under pressure at 4-2. But in the closing seconds England put in a vital bounce shot to take a 3-goal cushion into half-time.

Into the second half at 5-2, England did a good job of tight man-on-man defence to deny Germany, and snatched a rebound for 6-2. England then found their stride and chose their shots well, pulling ahead smoothly to 10-2 by three-quarter time.

Goalie Ben McAllister kept out the majority of the German shots, and England made the 11-2 look easy. But Germany hadn't given up yet, and got a good consolation goal after good midfield hustle. England should have made more of their chances instead of relaxing with the large margin, and should have extended their lead. But it took until deep in the fourth quarter before England got just one more goal for the final score of 12-3.

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