Lacrosse Championships

For those who have never seen this sport before, it can be something of a revelation. It's a hugely enjoyable sport to play, and, once people have heard about it, highly enjoyable to watch too. Here is a summary of some of the major international championships from recent years.

World Championships

Note: the next men's world championships will no longer take place in Manchester, England, and has been moved to Israel. It will be interesting to see how many players and spectators boycott visiting the country, and how many US players sign up to play for the Israel team.

The 2017 women's world cup took place from July 12th to July 22nd. The top four teams were the same four as in 2009 and in 2013, but this time USA beat Canada in the final and England (just) pipped Australia to win 3rd place.

The 2014 world lacrosse championships took place from July 10th to July 19th. Canada beat USA in the final by 8 goals to 5 to become world champions for the third time.

Before that was the 2010 world lacrosse championships which took place in Manchester, England, during July 2010. This time the Iroquois couldn't attend, and Japan took their usual place in the semi-finals. USA beat Canada in the final by just one goal, with Australia third.

The 2009 Women's World Championships took place in Prague, Czech Republic, in June 2009. In the semi-finals, the USA demolished England 20-3 and Australia narrowly beat Canada 12-10. This left a third place for Canada after beating England 14-9 in the playoff, leaving a tightly-fought final between USA and Australia. It was all even 3-3 at half-time, before a four-goal rout saw USA up 8-4. Australia managed to pull it back to 8-7 but that was the final score, leaving the USA as women's world champions (but unusually not men's champions!)

In May 2007, the Men's 2007 World Indoor Championships were held in Canada. This followed on from the 2003 championships with this time eight nations taking part.

The previous Men's World Championship was the 2006 Men's World Championship in July 2006 in London, Ontario, Canada. Canada ended USA's 6-championship-winning run, beating them 15-10.

In June/July 2005, the Women's World Cup was held in Maryland, USA. Australia came away winners over the US squad, with England taking 3rd place ahead of Canada.

New in 2003, the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships took place in Ontario, Canada, with 6 nations taking part. Quite different from the outdoor game, this exciting tournament looks to have been a great success. Another indoor event was the 2004 Heritage Cup in October between the USA and Canada, with Canada this time triumphing clearly 17-8.

Also in 2003, the Under-19 World Championships was held from 26th June-5th July 2003 in Maryland, USA. With 9 men's teams and 7 women's teams, both competitions were won by the USA, both of whose teams remained unbeaten throughout.

In 2002, The Men's Lacrosse Championships took place in Perth, Australia, from 5th to 14th July 2002. On that occasion there were no fewer than 15 teams taking part, in three divisions. The World Cup 02 page has match results, standings and reports from the 2002 World Championships.

In July 2001, England hosted the Women's World Cup, in which the USA won yet another title. EnglishLacrosse had a write-up online but seems to have disappeared.

The 1998 Men's World Championships took place in July in Baltimore, Maryland. For more information see the World Cup 98 page.

European Championships

The European championships provide a great spectacle of friendly and competitive lacrosse, bringing together men's and women's teams from all over Europe.

In 2016, England won the Men's European Championships in Budapest, Hungary by 7 goals to 6. Oddly, their opponents in the final were Israel, which last time I looked wasn't even part of Europe. But anyway.

The 2012 championships took place from 20th to 30th June in Amsterdam, with dozens of spectacular games and nailbiting finishes. England ended up double winners with some excellent team lacrosse.

For match results and reports from recent men's and women's European Championships, see the following:

Other Tournaments

A mainstay of the European calendar for many years, Berlin hosts their huge amateur "Berlin Open" tournament annually, providing a great meeting-point for men and women lacrosse players from all over Europe. The whole experience is highly recommended, unlike the self-appointed 'official' tour operator who are decidedly less than impressive (just organise your own travel and hotel if you're thinking of going). The Reading wildcats used to have great trip diaries online but they have now sadly been removed.

2003 saw several other international tournaments apart from Berlin, including the Prague Cup in the Czech Republic in July, and the Madrid tournament in Spain in August. The London Tournament is becoming a regular August fixture, drawing the crowds both in 2004 and 2005, and the Amsterdam tournament in August 2003 and 2004.

In indoor lacrosse, October 2005 saw the first Harbour laXTC box lacrosse tournament in Rotterdam, Netherlands, which they hope will become a regular international fixture (old link).

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