England v Japan (5th/6th place decider game) - live commentary

This live commentary was provided by englishlacrosse.co.uk. Technical problems delayed the start of this commentary, until an innovative walkie-talkie-to-wireless-internet connection was established. Good work, fellas!

** Goal: ENG ** ENG 1 - JAP 0
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 2 - JAP 0
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 3 - JAP 0
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 3 - JAP 1
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 3 - JAP 2
20.00' 1st quarter summary: England have picked up a 3-2 lead with goals from LeSueur off a nice question mark dodge, a fast break goal by Beadle from Green, and an outside righty shot from Brauch. Penalties have continued to mount for the England boys and both of the Japanese goals originated from man-up situations.
28.00' 2nd Quarter so far: England provided one more goal through Phil Brauch - a nice dodge and redodge down the lefty channel with an overhand finish from a tight angle to take a 4-2 lead.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 4 - JAP 2
29.30' Goal for Japan, Kadota, lefty sweep with top shelf finish off-stick on Big Mac
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 4 - JAP 3
30.40' Ensuring FO won by Japan who go into a fast break 3 v 2 but shoot wide and Big Mac backs up the shot.
32.00' Brauch, Caplin and Green through the midfield
34.00' England in their "42" offense. Phil Brauch takes another lefty shot on the run. Well-saved by the Japanese keeper and Japan clear.
35.00' Great check in transition by Sam Patterson. England recover the ball and break, but Caplin's shot is saved by the Japanese goalie at his feet. Japan clear.
35.10' Japan working a shorty wing-dodge formation and are starting to create shots
35.30' shot by Japan's Kadota, working the win against Patterson. Save by Big Mac stick side and England clear.
36.00' Beard, Flowers and Bryant working the midfield
36.30' Flowers with a righty sweep, ripping the ball off the Japanese cross-bar - how many times have we seen that this week?
37.00' Time out on the field
37.00' England ball on the restart
38.00' Much better offense from England who dodge the righty wing, push the ball behind and then skip it up top to Paul Flowers. Flowers applies the Cheadle bounce shot special and the ball kicks up under the cross bar. The Japanese goalie had no chance
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 5 - JAP 3
38.10' Japan win FO
38.20' Japan settling for 12 yd shots - Big Mac is getting a piece of all of them.
38.30' Japan pick up rebound, but Singleton strips the ball carrier and England clear.
39.00' Time out England
39.30' England ball on the restart. Brauch, Bryant and Flowers through the midfield. England work a 2-3-1
40.00' Bryant with a righty speed dodge down the channel. Japan clear, but cannot generate a shot before the halftime whistle.
40.00' HALF TIME
40.00' Incidental half time score update: Ireland 6, Germany 2
40.30' Japan win FO and work a 2-min offensive set, but good short-stick defense from Green and Gallon ultimately frustrates them and they throw it away
42.30' Brauch, Caplin and Beard on the field
44.00' There is no doubt that both of these teams have been slowed down by the change of surface. England are not as quick to create as they have been in the last two games.
44.30' Phil Brauch frees his hands for another bounce shot, but finds the Japanese goalie's facemask and England settle for the ball on the back line
44.45' Pete LeSueur isolates on the lower left pipe and finishes his second question mark dodge of the day
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 6 - JAP 3
45.00' England win ensuing FO
45.30' Flowers, Green and Bryant through the midfield.
46.00' Flowers unwisely dodges inside on a longstick and Japan get to clear.
47.00' Japan elect to slow the game down and spread their offense.
47.30' Japan cannot seem to settle this half turning the ball over to Singleton. Singleton takes the ball in from the fastbreak and takes a shot from 9 yrds
49.00' England backs up the shot from Singelton. Reynolds isolates on his longstick, swims underneath and finishes from a tight angle.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 7 - JAP 3
50.00' Japan win the next FO going forward and score quickly from the ensuing break.
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 7 - JAP 4
51.00' Tom Gallon wins the FO, but England cannot possess in attack and the teams exchange breaks with England eventually clearing to Andy Ellison
52.30' England finish a 60-second possession with a righty sweep from Bryant, who finishes high on the Japanese goalie that has suddenly started to dip on shots
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 8 - JAP 4
52.45' Japan possession on FO
54.00' Japan's best offensive move of the day with an attackman isolating behind and then beating the backside of the crease as England slide.
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 8 - JAP 5
55.00' Japan win FO and get another good look, but McAllister makes the biggest save of the day and England clear.
56.00' England turn the ball over on the crease and Japan clear, but the Japanese cannot possess the ball consistently and England get it straight back at the midfield.
57.00' England playing much more intricate offense around their opposition finding skipping lanes and the crease with greater ease. AJ Beard just skips a shot over the crossbar, but England back it up
58.00' Great save by Shinohara off a low Phil Brauch shot through a screen - Japan needed that save badly
59.00' The Japanese offense breaks down again without creating a shot. England clear and will now hold for 30-seconds to generate the last shot of the quarter
60.00' Pete LeSueur looks through the crease to Dave Bryant, but Bryant is handcuffed a little by the pass and England get no shot.
60.00' England have stopped giving away cheap penalties now and consequently Japan are really struggling to make an impression. Their 6v6 offense hasn't been up to the task so far this game.
60.00' Japan win FO
61.00' England pressure forces the ball back to the Japanese keeper
61.10' England grab the ball and England clear through Singleton and then Duncan.
63.00' England get another nice possession, culminating in a Phil Brauch goal after he split right to left and bounced the ball past Shinohara.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 9 - JAP 5
64.00' Japan win the FO and Kadota sweeps right handed down the side and then curls inside and finishes on McAllister in the absence of an England slide.
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 9 - JAP 6
65.30' Japan win another crucial FO, but this time McAllister is up to the task, catching a weak shot and initiating the England clear.
66.30' England off-side trying to clear with a longstick and Japan hit the pipe as they force the issue on the break.
67.30' England pick up the rebound and clear- Green, Flowers and Brauch through the midfield
68.00' Reynolds takes a weak shot, but England get the ball back on a Japanese push.
69.00' Good work behind from Reynolds, Green and LeSueur eventually gives Brauch the opportunity to slot home his 4th of the day.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 10 - JAP 6
71.00' England starting to roll now - Sam Dunwoodie is on for Matt Beadle and Tom Caplin picks up his first assist of the week, finding AJ Beard sneaking at the back door
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 11 - JAP 6
72.30' Japan have decided to come out and pressure on the perimeter - Paul Flowers attempts to relieve that pressure by drilling a shot straight at the oncoming defender. England back up the rebound, but Japan call TO while the ball is dead.
74.30' England in a double shortstick invert trying to kill the clock.
75.00' Japan get the ball back and are going for broke - attacking Singleton and Duncan - probably not the best idea on the planet.
75.45' Singleton turns the ball over and England are back into their stall set.
76.30' Japan call their final time out after a flag was thrown on Andy Linton - they must pick up at least 2 goals during this EMO
76.30' Japan ball on the restart. England have pulled their starting attack and have put their quickest players in to help ride.
77.00' Japan score off an inside look just as England try to recover back to all even.
** Goal: JAPAN ** ENG 11 - JAP 7
77.30' Alistair Wallace on the face - Japan pick up the ball, but Singleton punishes the slow Japanese transition and Tom Caplin picks up a late garbage time goal
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 12 - JAP 7
79.00' Japan have all but given up hope, even their longsticks are shooting from outside now.
79.30' England clear and Japan foul Dave Bryant on the crease. England EMO.
79.30' England can't resist one more shot - Reynolds turns the ball over
79.50' Japan clear and McAllister signs off his tournament week with a big save up top, tipping the ball over the back.
80.00' The whistle goes as England kill the clock in transition, the players storm the field and it's hugs all around - it's shame we couldn't see this in the stadium.
80.00' FINAL - ENGLAND 12, JAPAN 7

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