Canada v USA (championship final) - live commentary

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0.00' Anthems complete - we are ready for face-off... Snyder v Shanahan
0.00' The rain is pouring down here - several players are hiding their sticks inside their jerseys
1.00' First shot from Jalbert - Snyder jumped early on the face...
1.30' Intermittent commentary today - I know everyone is watching on TV - Eurosport 2 for those of you who have been living under a rock recently
4.30' US offense has had almost exclusive possession of the ball, but have taken only tentative shots.
5.00' Canada sees their first possession, but quickly throws the ball away trying to feed a double cut on the crease. USA clearing
7.00' More slow possession from the Americans who turn it over without generating a shot - so much for high scoring
7.30' Now it's the Canadians turn to work their slow offense. Grant floats a nice ball cross-crease but Zywicki missed the quick stick and USA clear.
9.00' The water is really screwing with everybody's sticks. Urick misses from 5 yrds and then Mikey Powell shoots the ball into row Z
10.00' Canada picks up a late flag for the hit on Mikey. USA EMO scores quickly - Ryan P from Mikey P
** Goal: USA ** CAN 0 - USA 1
10.00' TV time out
12.00' USA get a quick possession off the face, breaking down the right hand side and skipping the ball across to Casey, who finds Mikey on the low right pipe
** Goal: USA ** CAN 0 - USA 2
13.00' USA ball from the FO, but they miss an easy layup pass cross crease - ball out of bounds, Canada ball
13.30' Canada goal - Shannon from Zywicki
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 1 - USA 2
15.00' The rain continues to fall heavily accompanied now by thunder and our first bolt of lightning.
15.30' Lightning has gone unnoticed. Sanderson drops the ball in front of goal on a clear and Ryan P rolls it into an empty net.
** Goal: USA ** CAN 1 - USA 3
16.00' Canada ball from the face
17.30' Canada are struggling to get John Grant Jr into the game. He takes a frustration shot as soon as he receives possession off a loose ball. Easy stop by Tierney, USA ball.
19.00' More evidence of wet stick syndrome - Haugen airmailing a wide open Colsey on the crease
19.30' Casey P jumps offside on a ride and Canada have their first EMO. Easy cross crease finish for Zywicki from Grant as the USA go into an early rotation
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 2 - USA 3
20.30' Canada win first FO
22.00' slow offense for the Canadians working picks up high.
22.30' flag on Polanco - tripping Gait as he dodged down the side. Canada EMO.
23.00' Tierney collects a Canadian shot from his side-netting and Cassese runs a MDD clear.
23.30' Shot from Jalbert bounces and hits the crossbar up top - Canada collect and clear
24.30' Grant Jr is still causing more turnovers than damage - he's getting frustrated now
25.00' Ryan P works the low right corner rocker-dodging until a slide leaves Urick open on the crease
** Goal: USA ** CAN 2 - USA 4
27.00' Gavin Prout works a long isolation against Shanahan, eventually driving underneath and picking up a hold call. No matter - the desperation around the back pass picked by Zywicki and finished on the doorstep.
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 3 - USA 4
28.00' Huge inside save by Tierney, Doyle has already jumped to start his celebration. USA clear
29.30' Sanderson matching Tierney - making a nice low save off a running shot from Haugen.
30.00' Haugen was fouled and USA take a quick EMO goal - Jalbert from Mikey P
** Goal: USA ** CAN 3 - USA 5
30.00' Time out on the field
30.00' The USA have obviously decided that Harrison cannot match Snyder as Shanahan takes another face
30.15' Time out USA
30.15' USA ball at the restart
31.00' USA start with all 3 Powells on attack but Canada back up Mikey's shot and clear. A quick stop from Tierney and USA are back on attack.
32.00' Injury time out on the field - Mikey Powell loses traction at X and falls into the back of the crease. He clearly hurt his knee in the process
33.00' the injury has taken some energy out of the crowd, but Gary Gait decides to get involved, trying a one handed and back handed shots.
34.00' More poor shooting from the Canadians and USA break with Harrison. Mikey has retaken his place on the US bench gently flexing his left knee
35.00' Canadians finally generate some offense in transition - Wray carrying into a 4 v 3 and skipping to Zywicki on the low right corner
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 4 - USA 5
36.30' Tierney makes a great save off a driving Shannon, but the ball rebounds straight to Zywicki, who can't miss from 2 yds
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 5 - USA 5
37.30' Canada ball from the face.
38.00' Snyder wins another possession and this time Grant creates enough attention to slip Doyle the ball
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 6 - USA 5
39.00' USA ball on the face
40.00' Casey Powell makes a rare handling error, coughing up the ball. USA were holding for the last shot there.
40.00' HALF TIME
40.00' The Rochdale streaker strikes! A nice lap around the field, topped off by a naked split dodge on a police officer - unfortunately I am not sure if the Canadian police force is endowed with a great sense of humor....
41.00' Shanahan v Snyder - Shanahan flips it to Harrison
41.30' Harrison split dodges, but Canadian defense strips the ball (and stick). Canada break. Ball is quickly picked by USA defender and USA clear
42.30' Jalbert gets his hands free from 8 yds and finishes low on Sanderson
** Goal: USA ** CAN 6 - USA 6
42.30' Time out on the field
42.30' M. Powell update - he will probably return after rolled ankle
43.00' Canada pick up FO - Polanco intercepts the feed inside but then throws the ball away at Shanahan's feet. Canada possession
44.00' Gary Gait tries the old "point in one direction and dodge the other" - that might have worked 10 years ago. The ball goes loose and Grant Jr plays some rugby. USA EMO.
44.30' Mikey Powell back on the field.
45.00' Pipe shot from Ryan P off a Mikey feed. USA rebound.
45.30' Walters drives lefty but shoots middle middle and Sanderson saves. Canada can't maintain possession and USA pick it up in transition.
47.00' Ryan Powell posting up again and waiting until Urick comes free on the crease. Jump shot and turn from Urick - nice finish bottom corner
** Goal: USA ** CAN 6 - USA 7
48.00' USA go early on the FO - Canada ball
48.30' Canada go into a shortstick invert which leaves Grant Jr up top to pick up loose ball and finish on the run - right handed even
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 7 - USA 7
50.00' Canada ball on the face. A wide shot from Canada and a backup by Garrity now in goal for the USA
51.00' USA turn the ball over. Time out on the field
52.00' Mikey P got a late hold call there - Canada EMO on the restart
52.30' Prout with a low shot from 12 yrds - Tierney would have saved that
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 8 - USA 7
52.45' Canada pick up the face
53.00' Garrity makes his first big stop of the game and USA get a slow clear.
53.30' Messy handling between Jalbert and Mikey P gives Canada the ball straight back
55.00' Garrity bites big time on a tight dip and dunk from Shannon
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 9 - USA 7
57.00' USA penalty to M Powell for interference, Canada EMO
57.30' USA pick off the ball
58.00' Haugen dodges the right channel and rips a righty bouncer over Sanderson's off-stick shoulder
** Goal: USA ** CAN 9 - USA 8
58.00' Illegal procedure on USA - Canada ball
60.00' Apparently Canada have replaced AJ Shannon with 19 year old Jordan Hall. Not sure how they managed that, I thought they couldn't make substitutions at this stage. All goals credited to Shannon are in fact by Hall.
60.00' Rain has stopped - and we have 3 Powells on the field
60.00' The Garrity experiment is over - Tierney has been sent back in
61.00' Snyder wins the first face of the 4th Q. Canada are 14 of 20 at the centre so far this game.
61.30' USA playing soft pressure behind the cage, which lets Canada pick a feed. The ball flies loose - straight to Zywicki, who throws two fakes on Tierney
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 10 - USA 8
62.30' Tierney makes the slowest stop of his life - the ball rolling around underneath his body. Canada claim the goal and pick up an unsportsmanlike for their trouble.
63.00' Urick from Walters - Urick takes a second to find the bounce shot possible to convert the low angle.
** Goal: USA ** CAN 10 - USA 9
64.00' USA pick up the face, but Canada picks off the ball before it hits the offensive end.
65.00' USA are shutting Grant with Gagliardi. Grant gets the ball off a shot at the endline but Tierney gets a big save.
66.00' An airball behind the cage gives Canada possession
67.00' Gary Gait picks up a loose ball after Ryan Ward takes a dodge inside - just about the only way Gait can get into this game.
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 11 - USA 9
70.00' The USA showing their first signs of nerves - giving up possession without a shot and paying for it at the other end. Gary Gait 5-hole on Tierney
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 12 - USA 9
70.30' tv time out
70.30' USA have to score the next goal
71.00' Canada win FO
72.00' Jay Jalbert runs the length of the field and takes a shot which is backed up by neither of the US's deep attackmen
72.30' stall warning on Canada who take a quick shot. Gagliardi who is shutting Grant behind backs up the ball.
73.30' Casey Powell tries to force the issue behind, but cannot find a diving Blake Miller on the crease. Canada pick up a foul and USA are EMO.
74.00' Poor shooting from Casey P going high on Sanderson. Jalbert picks up a loose ball, but the clock is running out for the USA
75.00' Mikey Powell takes a shot, backed up by Ryan P. Ryan posts up and find Urick, but Sanderson gets an elbow on the snapshot. USA back up.
76.00' USA still working for high % shots inside.
76.10' Scrum down back right hand corner. Amazingly no send off, but an injury time out for a Canadian
76.30' The poor shooting is becoming infectious for the US. Mike Powell wants that one back.
76.50' Canada clear and call TO
77.00' John Grant Jr doubled by Gagliardi and Tierney on the restart. Grant is too strong for both and shoots into the open net.
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 13 - USA 9
77.30' Canada win ensuing FO
78.00' Tierney out of the cage for the double and Gait is fed inside and sees an open net again.
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 14 - USA 9
78.10' Canada wins FO with ease
78.10' Canada time out on the field
78.30' Canada slows the ball and look to run the clock out. A big finish by Gait with an inside dodge to 2 yds and the ball flies past Tierney on the top left corner
** Goal: CAN ** CAN 15 - USA 9
79.00' Sweeney wins the FO, but is stopped short by a Canadian defender that Sweeney didn't see.
79.30' Canada can't hold onto the ball and Casey Powell sticks one by Sanderson.
** Goal: USA ** CAN 15 - USA 10
79.40' A late hit by Canada and USA EMO
79.50' Poor shooting by the USA and Canada goalie denies shot after shot.
80.00' Time expires and the Canada team rushes the field
80.00' FINAL - Canada 15, USA 10

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