England v Germany (playoff game) - live commentary

This live commentary was provided by englishlacrosse.co.uk, but the text has since been removed from their website.

0.00' Good afternoon all, there is just over 11 minutes to go till face-off, and both teams are running through shooting/long passing drills as I write
0.00' Keys to the game today: Play Blue Division lacrosse, don't get dragged down to a Red Division tempo - which is very easy to do at this stage of the week.
0.00' Tom Gosnay is on the sideline with his crutches - he has progressed from hopping to an advanced hobble during the day off...
0.00' National anthems...
0.00' Grey and overcast here today - about 85 degrees with 100% humidity... not ideal but at least its not 120 on the field.
0.00' Big Mac gets the start today - Tom Gallon will take first face, with Singleton and Flowers on the wings
0.01' Gallon v Salimi on the first FO. LeSueur, Reynolds and Beadle up front. Flowers and Singleton on the wings. - Gallon charged with a hold, Germany take first possession of the day.
1.00' Schmidt takes on Singleton and gest off a snap shot that hits McAllister's left foot and rebounds back to Singleton. England clear.
2.00' England work the perimeter before Beadle skips it across the defense to Reynolds on the back door. Mark steps inside with a face dodge and has time to throw a fake before finishing low.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 1 - GER 0
2.30' Wallace gets a quick possession off the face. Nice GB by Ellison, but England make their first handling error of the day as Reynolds throws it by LeSueur.
3.30' Germany make a complete hash of their clear, throwing the ball to Reynolds who flips it inside to LeSueur - 1 v 1 with the keeper. Degenfelder does well to force Pete wide.
5.00' In bounds play from England -Reynolds feeds through traffic to Matt Beadle off a quick whistle. Beadle shoots before Degenfelder can locate the ball.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 2 - GER 0
6.00' Another England FO, but the ball breaks down in transition and Germany clear through their LSM, Andy Behles.
6.45' Germany settling for 10-12 yd shots on the run, which is nothing to worry McAllister
7.30' Gaz Morgan picks up first slash call of the day after Heinrich aggressively took the ball inside. Germany EMO.
8.15' Germany throw the ball away feeding across the crease and Joe Duncan holds the ball behind killing the England penalty before releasing Dave Bryant into transition.
9.00' Caplin, Bryant and Ellison through the midfield.
9.30' England pushing the ball around the defense with relative ease. Only Reynolds and LeSueur seem to be getting into trouble with the pass through X on the 1-3-2
10.00' Time out on the field
10.15' Chris Ehlgen picked up a late slash call on Beadle before time out.
10.20' England work a short EMO to Dave Bryant who rips the top right-hand corner from 12 yds - no doubt that Bryant has been the best of the home-grown shooters so far this week
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 3 - GER 0
10.30' Time out on the field
10.45' Gaz Morgan, Tom Williamson and Joe Duncan are playing in front of Big Mac. Alisatir Wallace on the face with Fred Lee at LSM.
11.00' Williamson picks up a free ball as Germany push the FO forward.
12.00' England work another in-bounsd play, this time pushing the ball to LeSueur who feeds an inside curl cut by Brauch
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 4 - GER 0
13.00' Behles picks up a slash penalty in transition and England work EMO. Matt Beadle takes an outside shot, which Degenfelder catches and Germany clear.
13.30' Pete LeSueur picks up an interference call on the ride and England are MDD.
14.30' Fred Lee picks a Germany cross-crease pass and England clear into a fast break with Andy Ellison. The Germans jump up field and leave Reynolds wide open on the right pipe. 3 fakes there.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 5 - GER 0
15.30' More England ball off the FO. Caplin, Green and Brauch work the midfield.
15.45' England playing a little too tight on the perimeter and the ball is knocked down by a German long-stick
16.20' Germany clear and Schmidt isolates from up top before taking a lefty shot that McAllister collects at his feet.
17.00' England clear through Duncan, but go offside as the pole crosses midfield. Germany ball.
17.45' Single invert on the Germans.
18.00' Another shot that doesn't trouble McAllister, but England inexplicable go offside again and Germany get the ball back.
18.30' The England longsticks are starting to dominate now. Morgan easily dispossesses his man and England break. Caplin, Beard and Brauch working the midfield
20.00' LeSueur tries a shot from an absurd angle as time expires and the last action of the first quarter is a referees flag gently fluttering to the turf.
20.00' Germany are putting up scant resistance - and England must try and stay team oriented on the offense, we have seen some solo efforts starting to creep in - which kills their tempo.
20.00' England EMO for 30 seconds to start the quarter.
20.45' Beadle looks off a wide open Reynolds on the back door and hits the pipe. Germany pick up the ball on the rebound and clear.
21.45' England defense is certainly maintaining its level from Canada.
22.30' Germany are playing without any shape and the poles rain checked on retreating ball carriers.
23.15' Gaz Morgan picks up another loose ball from the German offense and runs a fast break. Matt Beadle rolls underneath and finishes.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 6 - GER 0
25.00' Germany cough up another easy possession for the England defense. England break only to have Degenfelder smartly intercept the ball at X. Germany clear with Schmidt and finally work their first good inside opportunity of the day.
26.00' McAllister saves and then is slashed as Germany fight for the rebound. England EMO
26.45' Degenfelder with a great kick-save to deny Reynolds who was nicely spotted by Bryant.
27.15' Reynolds tries to return the favour skipping the ball to Bryant up top. Bryant can't handle and the ball quirts down the field where it is picked up by a German attackman and Germany immediately call TO
27.45' England are in their long stick pressure package with both short sticks, Gallon and Ellison shutting
28.30' Flag down on Ellison for a push and Kestermann finally gets Germany on the scoreboard, stepping inside and burying a low lefty shot past McAllister.
** Goal: GER ** ENG 6 - GER 1
29.30' Dunwoodie has come on for LeSueur and Beard, Green and Brauch through the midfield. England ball.
30.00' AJ Beard fakes an outside shot and then face dodges the ducking German defender. Easy finish from 6 yds. Nice move.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 7 - GER 1
30.00' Time out on the field
30.15' Wallace v Salimi - procedure call on Wallace, Germany ball.
30.45' Germany simply cannot handle England defensive pressure and give up the ball cheaply again.
30.50' England break and the ball comes to Caplin, who is unguarded at 10 yds - his first goal of the tournament
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 8 - GER 1
31.00' Tom Gallon wins the FO going forward.
31.10' Sam Dunwoodie carries the ball into the hands of the German defense and duly pays the price. Germany break.
32.40' Germany throw it away for the n-th time this game and Dan Green clears.
34.30' Flag on Mante. England EMO.
34.45' England playing 1-3-2 with Flowers playing top centre.
35.00' Flowers and Bryant get off quick shots, but Germany hold fast and eventually break with Filmar. All even.
35.15' Germany time out.
35.45' Germany open up in a 2-2-2
36.00' They carry into a 4-2 with middies stacked on the crease.
36.30' Germany still can't find any looks and another speculative shot goes wide.
37.30' I think the Germans might be allergic to the ball. They are spreading it all over the field and eventually England run a fast break.
38.00' Degenfelder collects another easy save from Dunwoodie and now the teams are exchanging breaks.
38.10' This looks more like a drill than a game. - England finish the second counter break with Reynolds catching in front of the goalie and wrapping a shot into the bottom corner.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 9 - GER 1
40.00' Loose ball all over the field. England pick it up with time for Beadle to shoot from 40 yds- I think that was a shot
40.00' The German's trudge toward the end line - they have a look of disbelief on their faces. England are meeting at the other end of the field, taking on fluids and listening to the patrolling coaches. I can't imagine there will be many changes, perhaps Stelfox for McAllister?
40.00' Gallon v Salimi on FO - Salimi early - Gallon's ball.
40.45' Germany are falling straight into their 6-man zone now and packing the middle. England cooperate and try to dodge the zone inside, but Germany can't keep possession and it's straight back down to their defense again.
41.30' Green, Flowers and Brauch run the midfield.
42.14' England don't exactly penetrate the zone, but Brauch finishes a nice outside bouncer to keep the scoreboard ticking over.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 10 - GER 1
43.30' Great stuff from Tom Gallon - picking up his own clamp and rake and then making a simple pass to Beadle. Alan Hansen would be proud.
44.10' Beadle tries to do too much and skips the ball over Dunwoodie's head and out of bounds. Germany clear.
45.00' Another good fast break from Ellison. Germany aren't even generating shots anymore. England ball.
45.45' Dunwoodie shooting from more or less where Brauch finished the last goal. No bounce this time - top shelf.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 11 - GER 1
46.30' England ball from the face.
47.00' The German zone has certainly slowed England's offense, but hasn't sold their own attacking inefficiency.
47.30' Dan Green becomes the second England captain to get on the score sheet, he will be glad to get that off his back.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 12 - GER 1
48.00' Alistair Wallace facing against Nedelmann as a light rain starts to fall.
48.10' Germany pick up the FO
48.30' Fred Lee picks up another of his famous "too loud" checks and Germany score with the flag down. A nice inside finish by Freddy duBois-Reymond.
** Goal: GER ** ENG 12 - GER 2
50.00' Time out on the field
50.10' Gallon v Nedelmann - Gallon again rakes straight the England wing-man, Green, but then picks up a moving pick call as Green brushes past.
51.30' Florian Kriependorf works a righty channel isolation against Green, Green forces him down the side, but he still squeezes a shot past the surprised McAllister.
** Goal: GER ** ENG 12 - GER 3
52.30' England ball from the FO
52.45' The rain is starting to fall heavier now and there is word of thunderstorms in the area...
52.45' Germany keeping England to outside shots with their zone. Flowers split dodges down the middle and drills the crossbar. Germany clear the loose ball.
53.30' Thunder is now rolling overhead... we could be in for a lightning delay here.
54.10' England in the mean time have cleared the ball and it is in Bryant's stick. (I just saw lightning)
55.00' all of the sudden it's like the end of ghostbusters here - swirling dark clouds and lightning - I wonder where the keymaster is.
55.00' Just to let you know how this works... the players have to stay off the field for 30 minutes after the last lightning sighting. They will then get a warm up period before play resumes. The game cannot be made official until after 64 minutes...
55.00' The England team are milling around outside their changing room. Looks like we will resume shortly.
55.00' After a delay of about an hour, the teams have retaken the field and are now allowed a 15 warm-up period - not that they have to use all of it.
55.00' PLAY RESUMES - Germany ball on restart
55.30' Germany feeds inside and Tily tries a behind-the-back shot, which sits up for McAllister and England clear.
56.30' England in their 2-3-1 with Brauch, Flowers and Green.
57.00' Pete LeSueur is standing on the sideline sans helmet - looks like he is done for the day
57.30' Dunwoodie overthrows a skip pass to Brauch and Germany clear.
57.50' Schmidt immediately dodges the righty channel - McAllister with another save.
58.20' McAllister takes the ball up the middle, but short hops Dunwoodie and it's a Germany sideline ball.
59.00' Handling errors abound Germany and promply give the ball back to England and fall into their 6-zone.
59.45' England work it around for the last shot of the period.
59.58' Ball eventually comes to Mark Reynolds who finishes a nice overhand righty shot into the top left corner.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 13 - GER 3
60.00' 3/4 TIME
60.00' The referees are in a hurry - the Golden boys of the USA team will be starting late ecause of all this delay
60.00' Tom Gallon wins more ball for England, Singleton on the pick up - Caplin, Flowers and Green through the midfield
62.00' The turf is slippy now and the players are skating around
62.30' Dan Green slips and is fouled on the ground. England EMO
63.00' The EMO doesn't clean up the play - England give it up and get it back - Elwood has seen enough and calls TO
64.00' England ball at the restart
64.00' All even
64.30' The time out worked for about 25 seconds and then England throw the ball away out the back line.
65.15' Germany continue to lie down in transition - Sam Patterson picks up another loose ball there.
66.00' Wallace, Ellison and Green through the midfield.
66.10' Caplin, Green and Beadle through the attack.
66.25' Another outside shot from Reynolds finds its mark whistling into Degenfelder's off-stick top corner
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 14 - GER 3
67.30' Stelfox takes the net for McAllister.
68.15' Sloppy England offense bailed out by a series of loose ball pushes by Germany.
69.00' A German longstick gets off a nice one-handed wrap check to strip Reynolds.
69.00' A German longstick gets off a nice one-handed wrap check to strip Reynolds, but then Degenfelder casually throws the ball out of bounds at the midfield line.
70.00' England give the ball back and Stelfox makes his first save of the day.
71.30' Andy Linton picks up the loose ball and flips it to Brauch who clears.
72.30' Wallace is unlucky, picking up a loose ball on the crease and pushing his shot wide as he is hit by a slide. Beadle gets the rebound up top and finishes between Degenfelder's legs.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 15 - GER 3
72.45' Germany picks up the FO
73.15' Kestermann isolates from behind the goal and gets high side on Linton, just enough time for the German to slot the ball between Stelfox's legs.
** Goal: GER ** ENG 15 - GER 4
74.00' England ball from the face. Wallace, who is making a rare appearance in attack, gets called for a ward - didn't see it myself.
74.10' Germany ball
75.00' Freddie du Bois-Reymond gets nice and aggressive and picks up a foul going hard to the cage. Where was that before?
76.00' England back up the shot low and clear with Dan Green
76.15' AJ Beard showing all of his ellusiveness now, walking through German defense and getting an unlucky deflection to take his shot wide.
77.00' Paul Flowers likes Beard's tactics and repeats the feat minus the deflection.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 16 - GER 4
77.00' time out on the field
77.30' England piling on the misery now, picking up easy GB of the FO and working the ball down to Dunwoodie, who makes no mistake from the right pipe
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 17 - GER 4
77.45' England ball from the FO and Degenfelder collects a shot from Wallace. the German goalkeeper is clearly well versed in artillary bombardment as he launches another shell straight up the field.
78.30' England ball in the attack
78.45' Some of the best passing of the day as England work the ball down to Wallace on the lefty wing, who swings it up to Green at top centre, where the ball is immediately dumped inside to AJ Beard. Nice low to high finish on the turn
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 18 - GER 4
79.00' England collects the ball from the face.
79.30' Singleton is now playing offensive middie - he sizes up a couple of shots before choosing the 20 yd option. Degenfelder looked much relieved to get his stick to that.
79.45' Reynolds picks up yet another late in the last minute - the German defense has completely disintegrated at this point.
** Goal: ENG ** ENG 19 - GER 4
80.00' FINAL. England 19, Germany 4

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