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The Activity Workshop aims to provide a source of information for a wide variety of activities from the strenuous to the not-so-strenuous.

Skydiving - plummeting towards the Earth without a safety net
Helicopter flying - zooming, hovering and swooping
Paragliding - floating silently, high above the scenery
Gliding - soaring and roaring through invisible airscapes
Puzzles & Games - test your logic skills or just wage war
Electronics - construct kits and build your own gadgets
Language - ponder languages or test your foreign vocabulary
Mountain Boarding - offroad skateboards for airborne excitement
Lacrosse - two teams, two goals, armour, helmets, and funny stick things.
Land Yachting - wind-powered racing on 3 (or sometimes 2) wheels
Hiking - breathing the fresh mountain air, basking in the scenery
Website news:
the Translatinator for helping with translations of GpsPrune & Murmeli;  development of Murmeli for encrypted friend-to-friend messaging;  sensors with the raspberry pi, including an accelerometer and a 3D gesture sensor;  a new birthday reminder called Oops, Forgot;  two new Firefox addons called TheCoordinator and MmaBlindfold;  version 22.2 of the GpsPrune application and its user guide, together with some metrics and three new videos
Snow & Water
Snowboarding - floating on frozen surf, riding mountain-sized waves
Windsurfing - tacking, jibing and racing like the wind
Wakeboarding - Carving real waves with boat power
Ski touring - Skiing uphill away from the crowds
Canoeing - Riding the white water on inflatable kayaks
GPS - all GPS-related stuff including GPS experiments and coordinate files
Software - free software to download and play with
Books - a small but hopefully growing selection of ebooks

Whether you need a rush of death-defying adrenaline, a relaxing unwind from the world, or something inbetween, there should be something for you here!

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Simply select your activity level from one of the categories to get started, or use the box below to search the site using DuckDuckGo.

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Quote: "I will be leaving soon with my head held high ... and I am also proud of the leadership that I have given." — what a characteristically disgraceful lack of awareness. <sigh>

Brexit: Funny how the arguments have changed from "there will be no downside", "we will all be much better off", "an extra £350m per week for the NHS" to the currently trending "I always said there would be a cost", "everyone knew there would be a price to pay", "the upsides obviously will take much longer to appear". And beautifully that a "Swiss-style" agreement (which an unknown number of people believed would be the outcome of their voting for Brexit) would be an "unacceptable BETRAYAL" of Brexit. In their frenzied eyes it's only not a 'betrayal' if it's exactly what the extremist 5% of the people voted for.

Sunlit uplands: if the current state of the British economy isn't a blissful landscape of sunlit uplands with all the untold benefits, all of the cards and "no downsides", does that mean that the claims (before the referendum) that Brexit would lead to business and trade suffering were (gasp) actually not outrageous nonsense to be ridiculed as "Project Fear"?

DUP "demands": remember that less than 28% of the Northern Ireland electorate voted in the referendum to leave (around 35% to remain). The DUP, who conspired with the extremist ERG to make the Protocol necessary, simply do not have any mandate from the people to make their furious demands. They're to a large extent responsible for this mess.

"Honours" list: given that the ex-ex-PM was forced to resign in disgrace after being found completely dishonest and untrustworthy, his recommendations for honours to be awarded to his family should be put straight in the bin along with those GB-NI customs declarations.

By-election: if you're one of those lucky people allowed to vote in the constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip, please do the decent thing and get rid of this self-serving, arrogant, dishonest clown.

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