Skydiving links

The following is a short list of links, by no means comprehensive, but hopefully useful.

Drop Zones I have used

I've used two drop zones, one in Texas and one in England, and I would thoroughly recommend them both. And no, I'm not on commission.

England - Skydive Unlimited, run by Andy Parkin.

(Note: Appears to be no longer active.) Very thorough training, with just two students per instructor when we did the preparation for AFF level 1. He did do jumps in the UK, but also organised trips to Florida and Spain, for slightly more reliable weather! Andy is ex-military, so his knowledge and instruction are spot-on, and by the end of it you certainly know what you're doing!

Contact: He used to have a website at, but this appears to be dead now.

Texas - Austin Skydiving Centre, run by Cindy Gibson.

Has a very large and obstacle-free landing zone in Lexington, about an hour's drive East of Austin, and is very friendly and welcoming. A lot better atmosphere than a certain other, perhaps more well-known centre in the area! The instruction is great, and all the instructors are very knowledgable. And the zone is still expanding, by the sounds of it, with more facilities and bigger planes, and even alpacas and llamas believe it or not!

The website is now at but from the site it's not clear whether Cindy is still there or not and how much has changed.

Switzerland - Indoor skydiving centre

This so-called "bodyflying" centre lies on the North side of Zurich, near the airport. It's quite expensive, although it gets a bit cheaper if you're in groups and you have more than one go. Their website is at, and all the instructors speak pretty good English. Get the S-bahn to Rümlang and then either a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute bus ride to Riedermatt - then head for "Fox Town".

Other resources

Now what?

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