Sometimes, you've just got to let some steam out. This is where a variety of unconnected topics get thrown around and maybe someone somewhere finds it amusing or entertaining. Or worthy of another rant of their own perhaps.


The Iraq war is an example of deceit and terror on a breathtaking scale. The audacity of the enthusiastic pushers for war, who never went there themselves but still profited from it, is saddening. That they got away with it and are getting away with it still, while the terror shows no sign of ending, is incredible.


On a less tragic note, widescreen is everywhere on displays these days, even when it is completely inappropriate and unwanted. Have you tried to buy a fullscreen laptop or computer monitor lately? Have you tried explaining to a shop assistant that actually you don't watch films all the time on your computer?

Microsoft OOXML

Recently, Microsoft introduced their OOXML format for their office documents - this is most apparent if you get sent a .docx file by email and your version of Microsoft Word can't open it. What's behind the filename and how is it different from the old .doc format?

Security theatre

Airport security is broken. With stupid, ineffective restrictions, badly thought-out knee-jerk reactions and a complete lack of perspective. It harms, humiliates and degrades every innocent passenger without doing anything to stop a determined attacker. And it's getting worse and worse.


Israel is a very difficult subject to discuss, because any kind of criticism of the actions of the Israeli authorities is considered by many to be taboo. One simply cannot criticise Israel. Why is that, I wonder?

The Surveillance State

The recent revelations about the extent of the secret surveillance apparatus have woken many up to the real threats to democracy that these pose. Abuse of power, confiscation of rights and contempt for law are becoming commonplace for those in power. Can we stop them?

British politics

The results of the 2017 UK General Election are out, and as everyone now knows Theresa May's gamble for increased power didn't quite go according to plan. Here we look at the current state of British politics, casting our eyes over Brexit, coalitions and very disproportional representation.

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