Catalan translations of Murmeli

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setup.languageNone Select language / Sprache auswählen
setup.lang.enNone English
setup.lang.deNone Deutsch
setup.qtoquitNone (or 'q' to quit)
setup.abortNone Setup aborted.
setup.configsavedNone Config file saved.
setup.languageselectedNone English language selected.
setup.foundgpgversionNone Found GPG version: %s
setup.entergpgpathNone Could not find 'gpg'. Please enter path to GPG executable:
setup.foundkeyringNone Found keyring
setup.nokeyringNone No keyring found
setup.foundkeysNone Found %d private and %d public keys
setup.datadirNone Data directory
setup.createdatadirNone Create data directory?
setup.createdir.createNone Create Crear
setup.createddir.cancelNone Cancel Cancel·lar
setup.datadir.creatingNone Creating data directory.
setup.entertorpathNone Full path to tor exe (or 'tor')
setup.startingtorfailedNone Failed to start tor. Check the exe path.
setup.foundtoridNone Your Murmeli id is '%s'
setup.genkeypairNone To use Murmeli, you need to generate a new keypair. This will take some time.
setup.genkeypair.rsaNone Generate RSA keypair
setup.genkeypair.nameNone Name (required)
setup.genkeypair.emailNone Email (optional)
setup.genkeypair.commentNone Comment (optional)
setup.genkeypair.pleasewaitNone Please wait while the keypair is generated...
setup.genkeypair.completeNone Keypair generated.
setup.selectprivatekeyNone This keyring has more than one key already. Which one should Murmeli use?
setup.realorrobotNone Would you like to setup a normal system, or a robot relay?
setup.system.realNone Normal system
setup.system.robotNone Robot system, just for your personal relay
setup.system.parrotNone Parrot system, just for testing
setup.selectrobotownerkeyNone Select the key of the robot's owner, either from the keyring\nor from a .key file in the data directory
setup.refreshkeylistNone Refresh list
setup.exportpublickeyNone Export the public key to a file (for setting up a robot)
setup.publickeyexportedNone To setup a robot, copy the key file '%s' to the robot's data directory.
setup.yesNone Yes
setup.noNone No No


startupwizard.titleNone Murmeli Startup Wizard
startupwizard.intro.headingNone Murmeli is a way for you to communicate. Under your control.
startupwizard.intro.description1None With Murmeli, everything you send and receive is encrypted, so that only you and your friends can read it.
startupwizard.intro.description2None There is no central server, everything runs on the computers which you control. It's email, it's blogging, it's photo sharing, it's social.
startupwizard.intro.description3None There are just a few steps needed to setup your system, and then you can begin connecting to your friends.
startupwizard.dependencies.headingNone Dependencies
startupwizard.dependencies.introNone Murmeli needs these additional programs in order to run
startupwizard.dependencies.pyqtNone PyQt (and Qt), for all dialogs and controls
startupwizard.dependencies.gnupgNone Python-GnuPG (and GPG) for encryption
startupwizard.dependencies.allfoundNone That looks good, now onto the next step!
startupwizard.dependencies.notallfoundNone Murmeli can't run without these programs. Please check them again.
startupwizard.dependencies.alsotorNone Murmeli also requires tor to be installed, this will be checked shortly.
startupwizard.dep.foundNone Found
startupwizard.dep.notfoundNone Missing
startupwizard.paths.headingNone File paths
startupwizard.paths.configfileNone Settings file
startupwizard.paths.datadirNone Data directory,<br>where all messages will be stored
startupwizard.paths.torexeNone Path to tor executable
startupwizard.paths.gpgexeNone Path to gpg executable
startupwizard.paths.considerencryptionNone Consider putting your data directory inside an encrypted volume, if you have one.
startupwizard.paths.failedtocreatedatadirNone Failed to create the data directories.<br>Please choose another path. Services Murmeli needs the following services to be initialised and started The local database GPG, for the keyring management Tor, for the message routing Each of these services will now be started... All services were started successfully. Not all the services were started. Please check the failed ones.
startupwizard.keygen.headingNone Key Generation
startupwizard.keygen.introemptykeyringNone Your keyring is currently empty, so you need to generate a new keypair.
startupwizard.keygen.introsinglekeyNone Press 'Next' to continue using this key.
startupwizard.keygen.introselectkeyNone You can select one of these keys from your keyring, or generate a new one.
startupwizard.keygen.param.nameNone Name or nickname
startupwizard.keygen.param.emailNone Email (optional)
startupwizard.keygen.param.commentNone Comment (optional)
startupwizard.keygen.mighttakeawhileNone The key generation is complex and may take up to one or two minutes. Please be patient.
startupwizard.finished.headingNone Finished Setup
startupwizard.finished.congratsNone Congratulations, Murmeli is now ready to run.
startupwizard.finished.nowstartNone Now you can start Murmeli itself and start adding friends.
startupwizard.finished.youridNone You can give your Murmeli id to them:


mainwindow.titleNone Murmeli
mainwindow.toolbar.homeNone Home
mainwindow.toolbar.contactsNone Contacts
mainwindow.toolbar.messagesNone Messages
mainwindow.toolbar.settingsNone Settings


home.titleNone Murmeli Murmeli


contacts.titleNone Contacts
contacts.onlineNone online
contacts.onlinesinceNone online since %s
contacts.offlinesinceNone offline since %s
contacts.adduser.introNone Enter the id of the user to request contact with, and a message so they can tell it's from you.
contacts.adduser.checkuseridNone The user id should be long and alphanumeric, like yours.
contacts.adduser.notownuseridNone The user id you want to contact should be different from your own.
contacts.adduser.useridfieldNone User id (the long identifier)
contacts.adduser.displaynamefieldNone Display name
contacts.adduser.messagefieldNone Message to identify yourself
contacts.exportkey.introNone To setup your robot, you need to first export your public key to a file, and copy it to the robot.
contacts.exportkey.buttonpreambleNone Use this button to export your public key to your data directory
contacts.addrobot.introNone Enter or paste the id of the robot to add. The robot must already know your public key.
contacts.confirm.keyexportedNone Key exported to your data directory.
contacts.removerobot.confirmNone Remove this configured robot?
contacts.details.nameNone Name
contacts.details.displaynameNone Display for me as
contacts.details.owndescriptionNone Describe yourself
contacts.details.descriptionNone Description
contacts.details.interestsNone Interests
contacts.details.birthdayNone Birthday
contacts.details.useridNone User id
contacts.details.statusNone Status
contacts.details.status.selfNone Self
contacts.details.status.requestedNone Requested
contacts.details.status.untrustedNone Untrusted
contacts.details.status.trustedNone Trusted
contacts.details.robotstatusNone Robot
contacts.details.robotstatus.noneNone None set
contacts.details.robotstatus.requestedNone Requested
contacts.details.robotstatus.enabledNone Enabled
contacts.details.robotstatus.enabled.onlineNone Enabled, online
contacts.details.robotstatus.enabled.offlineNone Enabled, offline
contacts.details.sharedcontactsNone Shared contacts
contacts.details.recommendcontactsNone Recommendations for
contacts.details.recommendnameNone recommend %s
contacts.details.possiblecontactsNone Possible contacts
contacts.details.editlink.afterNone these details Add new contact Add robot Remove robot Draw network
contacts.storm.titleNone Murmeli Network
contacts.confirmdeleteNone Are you sure you want to delete this contact? You won't be able to contact each other again without reconnecting.
contacts.desc.confirmfingerprintsNone You haven't confirmed yet that this key is correct. To make sure that nobody has inserted their own key in-between, you need to confirm this. Check key
contacts.desc.reconfirmfingerprintsNone You have confirmed this key already. To regenerate your words:
contacts.fingerprintcheck.intro1None It's important to check that this is really the right key, even if you're sure that it's the right person!
contacts.fingerprintcheck.intro2None To do this, find another way to contact this person (for example telephone, or meeting in person) and give them the following words for them to check. You cannot use Murmeli messages for this.
contacts.fingerprintcheck.yourwordsNone Here are the five words which you should say to '%s'.
contacts.fingerprintcheck.theirwordsNone And '%s' should say one of these word sets to you.
contacts.fingerprintcheck.alreadydoneNone You have already verified the words from '%s'.
contacts.error.fingerprintcheckfailedNone Those aren't the codewords expected from that key. Please check (carefully!) again.
contacts.idlength.goodNone Id valid.
contacts.idlength.notgoodNone Id not valid.
contacts.idlength.numcharsNone chars


messages.titleNone Messages
messages.createnewNone Create new message
messages.searchNone Search messages
messages.searchforNone Search for
messages.contactrequestsNone Contact Requests
messages.prompt.contactacceptNone Message to accept request from '%s'
messages.prompt.contactrejectNone Reject request from '%s'
messages.contactrequest.refusedNone Your request was not accepted.
messages.contactrequest.acceptedNone Your request was accepted.
messages.contactrequest.acceptednomessageNone Your request was accepted, but no message was given.
messages.contactrequest.recommendsNone recommends
messages.contactresponsesNone Contact Responses
messages.contactresponse.deleteNone Delete response from '%s'?
messages.contactrefer.confirmNone Send referral messages to both '%s' and '%s'
messages.deleteNone Delete this message?
messages.mailsNone Mails
messages.fromNone From
messages.sendtimeNone Sent
messages.toNone To
messages.nomessagesNone You do not have any new messages.
messages.sender.unknownNone Unknown sender
messages.recpt.unknownNone <unknown>
messages.confirm.messagesentNone Message sent.
messages.sendtime.yesterdayNone Yesterday


composemessage.titleNone New message
composemessage.toNone To Click to select recipients
composemessage.messagegoeshereNone Enter your message here
composemessage.norecipientsNone Please select who to send this message to by clicking on the 'To:' field
composemessage.nomessagebodyNone Please enter a message to send


settings.titleNone Settings Preferències
settings.introNone Here you can change your language and privacy settings:
settings.languageNone Language
settings.friendsseefriendsNone Friends can see your friends
settings.allowfriendrequestsNone Allow unverified friend requests
settings.showlogwindowNone Show log messages
settings.changedNone Your settings have been successfully updated.


button.backNone Back
button.exitNone Exit Sortir
button.nextNone Next
button.okNone OK OK
button.cancelNone Cancel Cancel·lar
button.finishNone Finish Fi
button.generateNone Generate
button.sendNone Send
button.changeNone Change
button.editNone Edit
button.boldNone Bold
button.italicNone Italic
button.underlineNone Underline
button.acceptNone Accept
button.rejectNone Reject
button.deleteNone Delete
button.replyNone Reply
button.addallNone + All
button.removeallNone - All
button.searchNone Search
button.exportNone Export


gui.dialogtitle.errorNone Error
gui.dialogtitle.warningNone Warning
gui.dialogtitle.openimageNone Open Image
gui.fileselection.filetypes.jpgNone Image files (*.jpg)


warning.keysnotfoundforNone Keyring hasn't got keys for:

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