Romanian translations of GpsPrune

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Menu entries

menu.fileMenu for file operations File Fişier
menu.file.addphotos Add photos Adaugă foto
menu.file.findfileSearch by filename, place names, dates or proximity Find track files
menu.file.recentfilesSubmenu for list of recently-used files Recent files Fişiere recente
menu.file.saveSave as text file (not KML or GPX) Save as text Salvează ca fișier text
menu.file.exportTooltip for button on toolbar Export track
menu.file.exit Exit Ieşire
menu.onlineOnline menu, for functions which download from or upload to the internet Online Internet
menu.trackTrack menu Track Traseu
menu.track.undo Undo Anulare
menu.track.clearundoClear the list of operations to undo Clear undo list Şterge lista de anulări
menu.track.markrectangleAllow you to drag a rectangle and mark all the points inside it Mark points in rectangle Selectează puncte din pătrat
menu.rangeRange menu Range Interval
menu.range.allSelect all points Select all Selectează toate punctele
menu.range.noneSelect no points Select none Nu selecta niciun punct
menu.range.startSet the start of the range selection to the current point select from this point onwards Set range start Setează inceputul intervalului
menu.range.endSet the end of the range selection to the current point select up to this point Set range end Setează sfarsitul intervalului
menu.range.averageMake a new point which has the average position of the selection Average selection Mediază selecţia
menu.range.mergetracksegmentsMake the selection a single track segment Merge track segments Unește segmentele traseului
menu.range.cutandmoveMove the selected range to before the currently selected point Cut and move selection Taie și mută intervalul
menu.pointPoint menu Point Punct
menu.point.editpoint Edit point Editează punct
menu.point.deletepoint Delete point Şterge punct
menu.point.gotoSubmenu for selecting extreme points Go to
menu.point.goto.highest Highest point
menu.point.goto.lowest Lowest point
menu.point.goto.fastest Fastest point
menu.photoMenu for photo operations Photo Foto coordinate data to Exif of jpeg files Save to Exif Salvează în Exif
menu.audioMenu for audio operations Audio Audio
menu.viewMenu for View operations View Vizualizare
menu.view.showsidebarsShow or hide the left, right and bottom panels Show sidebars Afișează panourile laterale
menu.view.browserOpen a browser with a map of the area (not inside GpsPrune window) Map in a browser window Harta în browser Google maps Harta Google
menu.view.browser.openstreetmap Openstreetmap Openstreetmap
menu.view.browser.mapquest Mapquest Mapquest Bing maps Harta Bing
menu.view.browser.mapillary Mapillary
menu.view.browser.graphhopper GraphHopper
menu.settingsSettings menu Settings Setări
menu.settings.onlinemodeCheckbox for online / offline mode Load maps from internet Încarcă hărți
menu.settings.autosaveAutomatically save settings when exiting program Autosave settings on exit Salvează setările automat la ieșire
menu.helpHelp menu Help Ajutor

Popup menu for map

IdDescriptionEnglishRomanian in, make everything bigger Zoom in Apropie out, make everything smaller Zoom out Depărtează so that all points can be seen Zoom to full scale Depărtează la maxim new point at the click position Create new point Crează punct this is activated, each left-click will create a new point at that position Create series of points Crează serie de puncte track points with a line Connect track points Trasează linii între puncte a point is selected out of view, automatically pan the view so that the point can be seen Autopan Autovizualizare punct ales map from openstreetmap behind track Show map Arată harta scalebar (km or miles) Show scalebar Arată scară activated, points can be dragged Edit mode Mod de editare

Alt keys for menus

IdDescriptionEnglishRomanian accelerator (with Alt) to open each menu F F N N T T R I P P V V O O A U S S H A

Ctrl shortcuts for menu items

IdDescriptionEnglishRomanian shortcut (with Ctrl) to activate each menu item O D GPS) L I S S Z Z C C A T E E H A


IdDescriptionEnglishRomanian Open file Deschide fişier
function.importwithgpsbabel Import file with GPSBabel Importă fişier cu GPSBabel
function.loadfromgps Load data from GPS Încarcă date de la GPS
function.sendtogps Send data to GPS Trimite date spre GPS
function.exportkmlExport data Export KML Exportă în fişier KML
function.exportgpxExport data Export GPX Exportă în fişier GPX
function.exportpovExport file for 3d rendering Export POV Exportă în fişier POV
function.exportimageExport map image Export image Exportă imagine
function.editwaypointname Edit waypoint name Editează nume waypoint
function.togglesegmentflagTurn the segment flag of the current point on and off Toggle segment flag
function.compressStart the compression algorithms Compress track Comprimă traseu
function.markliftsFor ski tracks, mark all the ski lifts for deletion Mark uphill lifts Marchează urcările pe instalații
function.deleterangeDelete the currently selected range Delete range Şterge intervalul
function.deletemarkedDelete the points which have been marked by compression or rectangle Delete marked points Şterge punctele marcate
function.croptrackCrop the track to just contain the current selection Crop track Decupează traseul
function.reverserangeReverse the order of points within the selected range, so that ABCDE becomes EDCBA Reverse range Inversează intervalul
function.interpolateInsert new points between each pair of points, equally spaced along straight lines Interpolate points Interpolează
function.deletebydateList the dates from the track and select which data to keep and which to delete Delete points by date Șterge puncte pe criterii de timp
function.addtimeoffsetAdd a specified time offset to the selected range Add time offset Adaugă decalaj timp
function.addaltitudeoffsetAdd a specified altitude offset to the selected range Add altitude offset Adaugă decalaj altitudine
function.findwaypointSearch for waypoints with given name Find waypoint Găsește waypoint
function.rearrangewaypointsRearrange the order of waypoints within the point series Rearrange waypoints Rearanjează waypoint
function.dedupewaypointsFind waypoints which are copies of each other and only keep one Remove duplicate waypoints
function.deletefieldvaluesDelete the values of a specified field Delete field values Șterge valorile câmpurilor
function.pastecoordinatesCreate new point by entering the coordinates Enter point coordinates Introdu coordonate noi
function.pastecoordinatelistCreate a series of points by entering coordinates (like a text file) Enter list of coordinates Introdu o listă de coordonate
function.enterpluscodeEnter pluscodes, also known as Open Location Codes Enter pluscode
function.charts Charts Grafice
function.show3dShow a new window with a 3d view of the data Three-D view Vizualizare 3D
function.distancesShow a list of distances between waypoints Distances Distanţe
function.viewfulldetailsShow the additional point / range details like pace, gradient Full details Informaţie completă
function.estimatetimeUse typical speeds to estimate how long it would take to cover the current range Estimate time Estimare durată
function.learnestimationparamsUse the times in the current track to calculate how to estimate times Learn time estimation parameters Învață parametri de estimare timpi
function.autoplayLet GpsPrune scroll through the track for you Autoplay track Parcurge traseu
function.selectsegmentSelect the current segment Select current segment Selectează segment curent
function.splitsegmentsSplit the track into segments Split track into segments Divizează traseul în segmente
function.sewsegmentsShuffle and reverse the track segments as necessary to join them together Sew track segments together Combină segmentele traseului
function.createmarkerwaypointsCreate waypoints to mark distance or time intervals Create marker waypoints
function.lookupsrtmLookup the point coordinates in SRTM data to find (approx) altitudes Get altitudes from SRTM Descarcă date SRTM în cache
function.configuresrtmsourcesChoose low-res SRTM or (after registration) higher-res SRTM Configure SRTM sources
function.getwikipediaLookup wikipedia articles about places nearby Get nearby Wikipedia articles Caută articole Wikipedia din proximitate
function.searchwikipedianamesLookup Wikipedia articles by name Search Wikipedia by name Caută Wikipedia după nume
function.searchosmpoisLookup OSM points nearby (eg bus stops, restaurants) Get nearby OSM points
function.searchopencachingdeSearch for geocaches near the current point Search Caută
function.downloadosmDownload the (large) OSM raw data file for the area covered by the current track Download OSM data for area Descarcă date OSM pentru zona traseului
function.truncatecoordsRound coordinate values to given number of decimal places Truncate coordinates
function.duplicatepointCopy the current point to the end of the track Duplicate point Duplică punctul
function.projectpointProject the current point with bearing and distance, to create a new point Project point
function.projectcircleProject the current point in all directions at the specified distance, to create a circle Project circle around point
function.connecttopointConnect current photo (or audio clip) to current point Connect to point Conectează la punct
function.disconnectfrompointDisconnect photo (or audio clip) from point Disconnect from point Deconectează de la punct
function.removephotoRemove photo from list, don't delete the file! Remove photo Elimină foto
function.correlatephotosCorrelate all photos using timestamps Correlate photos Corelează fotografii
function.rearrangephotosRearrange photo points within the track Rearrange photos Rearanjează fotografii
function.rotatephotoleftRotate current photo 90 degrees anticlockwise Rotate photo left Rotește foto la stânga
function.rotatephotorightRotate current photo 90 degrees clockwise Rotate photo right Rotește foto la dreapta
function.photopopupOpen a new window showing the photo bigger Show photo popup Arată foto
function.ignoreexifthumbDon't use the exif thumbnail, load the whole image Ignore exif thumbnail Ignoră icoana EXIF
function.loadaudio Add audio clips Adaugă audio
function.removeaudioRemove the current audio clip from the list Remove audio clip Elimină audio
function.correlateaudiosCorrelate all audio clips using timestamps Correlate audios Corelează clipuri audio
function.playaudio Play audio clip Redă clip audio
function.stopaudioStop playing the current audio clip Stop audio clip Oprește clip audio
function.setmapbgSet the tile server for the background maps Set map background Setează fundalul hărții
function.setpathsSet the paths to the external programs like gpsbabel Set program paths Setează calea către aplicații
function.setcoloursSpecify the colours used for points, selections, backgrounds Set colours Setează culori
function.setdisplaysettingsSet options for map display, like how lines are drawn Set display options
function.setwaypointdisplaySet options for waypoint display, like icons and colours Set waypoint options
function.setlanguageSet the language to be used (requires restart) Set language Setează limbă
function.helpShow a help message Help Ajutor
function.showkeysShow a list of shortcut keys Show shortcut keys Arată scurtături
function.aboutShow the "About" screen About GpsPrune Despre GpsPrune
function.checkversionCheck if a new version of GpsPrune has been released Check for new version Verifică versiune noua
function.saveconfigSave the configuration settings like directories, GPS device Save settings Salvare setări
function.migrateconfigMove the settings file to a different name and folder Migrate settings file
function.diskcacheSettings for disk caching of map images Save maps to disk Salvare harti
function.managetilecacheControls for deleting old map tiles Manage tile cache Administrează imaginile salvate
function.getweatherforecastDownload a weather forecast for the current area Get weather forecast Prognoză meteo
function.setaltitudetoleranceSet the altitude variation which is ignored for climb and descent values Set altitude tolerance Alege toleranța variației altitudinii
function.selecttimezoneSet the timezone with which point timestamps are displayed Set timezone Selectați fusul orar


dialog.exit.confirm.title Exit GpsPrune Ieşire din programul GpsPrune
dialog.exit.unsaveddata.textUser hasn't saved the data yet, check if ok to exit without saving Your data is not saved. Are you sure you want to exit? Datele dumneavoastra nu sunt salvate.\nSunteţi sigur că doriţi să ieşiti?
dialog.exit.unsavedsettings.textUser hasn't saved the settings It is recommended to call "Save settings" before exit. Exit anyway?
dialog.openappend.title Append to existing data Adaugă la datele existente
dialog.openappend.textAppend means if I open file1 and then file2, I have both data together. If I say no, I remove file1 data and just have file2. Append this data to the data already loaded? Adaugă la datele deja incarcate?
dialog.deletepoint.title Delete Point Şterge Punct
dialog.deletepoint.deletephotoQuestion whether to remove photo from list or just disconnect from point Delete photo '%s' attached to this point? Şterg fotografiile '%s' atasate acestui punct?
dialog.deletepoint.deleteaudiosame for audio Delete audio '%s' attached to this point?
dialog.deletepoint.deletephotoandaudiosame for both photo and audio Delete both the photo and audio attached to this point?
dialog.deletepoints.titleUsed for delete range, crop etc Delete Points
dialog.deletepoints.deletemediaQuestion with the number of media items in the %d There are %d media items attached to the points to be deleted.\nDelete the attached media as well?
dialog.deletephoto.title Delete Photo Şterge foto
dialog.deletephoto.deletepointThe photo to be removed is attached to a point - should the point be deleted or just kept and unlinked? Delete point attached to this photo? Şterg punct atasat acestei fotografii?
dialog.deletephoto.deletepointandaudioAs above but there's an audio attached to the same point Delete both the point and audio attached to this photo?
dialog.deleteaudio.deletepointThe audio to be removed is attached to a point - should the point be deleted or just kept and unlinked? Delete point attached to this audio clip? Şterg punct atasat acestei audio?
dialog.deleteaudio.deletepointandphotoAs above but there's a photo attached to the same point Delete both the point and photo attached to this audio clip?
dialog.openoptions.title Open options Opțiuni deschidere
dialog.openoptions.filesnippetlabel for showing a small part of the file Extract of file Extras din fișier
dialog.load.table.field Field Câmp
dialog.load.table.datatype Data Type Tip data
dialog.load.table.description Description Descriere
dialog.delimiter.labelThe character which separates fields of data Field delimiter Delimitator câmp
dialog.delimiter.comma Comma , Virgulă , Tab Tab Space Spațiu
dialog.delimiter.semicolon Semicolon ; Punct și virgulă ;
dialog.delimiter.other Other Altele
dialog.openoptions.deliminfo.records records, with înregistrări, cu
dialog.openoptions.deliminfo.fieldsThese two make the message "<number> records, with <number> fields" to describe what was found fields câmpuri
dialog.openoptions.deliminfo.norecords No records Nu sunt înregistrări
dialog.openoptions.altitudeunits Altitude units Unităţi de altitudine
dialog.openoptions.speedunits Speed units Unităţi de viteză
dialog.openoptions.vertspeedunits Vertical speed units Unităţi de viteză verticală
dialog.openoptions.vspeed.introOptional description before the two radio buttons
dialog.openoptions.vspeed.positiveupRadio buttons for meaning of positive vertical speed values Positive speeds upwards Vitezele pozitive în sus
dialog.openoptions.vspeed.positivedown Positive speeds downwards Vitezele pozitive în jos message shown when all points are given twice This file contains two copies of each point. Acest fișier conține două copii ale aceluiași punct. message shown when all points are given twice with waypoints and track points This file contains two copies of each point,\nonce as waypoints and once as track points. Acest fișier conține două copii ale aceluiași punct,\nonce ca waypoint-uri și ca puncte de traseu. to search through all subdirectories as well Include subdirectories Include subdirectoarele
dialog.jpegload.loadjpegswithoutcoordsOption to also load jpegs which don't have coordinates in them Include photos without coordinates Include fotografii fără coordonate
dialog.jpegload.loadjpegsoutsideareaOption to also load jpegs which are outside the current track area Include photos outside current area Include fotografii din afara zonei curente
dialog.jpegload.progress.title Loading photos Încărcare fotografii
dialog.jpegload.progress Please wait while the photos are searched Va rog să așteptați, caut fotografiile
dialog.loadlinkedmedia.titlePhoto or Audio was linked from the data point using a URL Download linked media
dialog.loadlinkedmedia.allowdomainYes to allow all such requests, No to block all without asking again Allow media from '%s'?
dialog.gpsload.nogpsbabel No gpsbabel program could be found. Continue? Nu găsesc programul gpsbabel. Continui?
dialog.gpsload.deviceparameter for gpsbabel, eg '/dev/ttyUSB0' Device name Nume dispozitiv
dialog.gpsload.formatparameter for gpsbabel, eg 'garmin' Format Format
dialog.gpsload.getwaypoints Load waypoints Încarcă waypoints
dialog.gpsload.gettracksTwo checkboxes for what to load from GPS Load tracks Încarcă trasee
dialog.gpsload.saveCheckbox to save GPS data immediately to file Save to file Salvare fişier
dialog.gpssend.sendwaypoints Send waypoints Trimite waypoints
dialog.gpssend.sendtracksTwo checkboxes for what to send to GPS Send tracks Trimite trasee
dialog.gpssend.tracknameName of track as it appears in GPS unit Track name Nume traseu
dialog.gpsbabel.filtersArea of dialog dealing with GPSBabel filters Filters Filtre
dialog.addfilter.titleDialog title for adding a new GPSBabel filter Add filter Adaugă filtru
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discardFour buttons for the types of GPSBabel filter Discard Aruncă
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify Simplify Simplifică
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance Distance Distanţă
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate Interpolate Interpolează
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.introIntroduction to discard filter settings Discard points if Aruncă puncte dacă
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.hdopHorizontal dilution of precision Hdop > Hdop >
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.vdopVertical dilution of precision Vdop > Vdop >
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.numsatsNumber of satellites Number of satellites < Număr de sateliţi <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.nofixCheckbox for discard filter Point has no fix Punctul nu are fix GPS
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.unknownfixCheckbox for discard filter Point has unknown fix Punctul are fix GPS necunoscut
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.introIntroduction to simplify filter settings Remove points until Șterge punctele dacă
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.maxpointsLabel before max points box Number of points < Număr de puncte <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.maxerrorLabel before max error box or error distance < sau erori de distanță <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.crosstrackThree radio buttons for error type cross-track în lungul traseului
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.length length difference diferenţă de lungime
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.relative relative to hdop relativ la HDOP
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance.introIntroduction to distance filter settings Remove points if close to any previous point Șterge punctele dacă sunt aproape de puncte anterioare
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance.distanceLabel before distance box If distance < Dacă distanţă <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance.timeLabel before time limit box and time difference < și diferenţă de timp <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate.introIntroduction to interpolate settings Add extra points between track points Adaugă puncte între punctele existente
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate.distanceLabel before distance box If distance > Dacă distanţa >
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate.timeLabel before time box or time difference > sau diferenţa de timp >
dialog.saveoptions.title Save file Salvare fişier for the table of which fields to save to the file Fields to save Câmpuri ce urmează a fi salvate Field Câmp checkbox which is checked if the field has data in it Has data Conține date Save Salvare checkbox which can be checked to also save a header row Output header row Salveaza cap tabel Coordinate format Format coordonate Altitude units Unităţi de altitudine Timestamp format Format de timp File already exists Fişierul există This file already exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite the file? Fişierul există. Îl suprascriu? least one of the three point types (track, way, photo) should be selected for any save/export No point types have been selected Niciun tip de punct nu a fost selectat
dialog.exportkml.titleTitle text saved to file Title for the data
dialog.exportkml.altitudealtitudes are always included in KML but this checkbox specifies "absolute", not "clampToGround" Absolute altitudes (for aviation) Altitudini absolute (pentru aviație)
dialog.exportkml.kmzCheckbox for export to kmz or kml Compress to make kmz file Comprimă pentru a produce fișier KMZ
dialog.exportkml.exportimagesCheckbox to also save thumbnails of photos Export image thumbnails to kmz Exportă icoane pentru imagini în KMZ
dialog.exportkml.imagesizeSize of the image thumbnails in the KMZ (pixels) Image size Dimensiune icoane imagini în KMZ
dialog.exportkml.trackcolourLabel for colour patch for selecting colour of track Track colour Culoarea liniei
dialog.exportkml.standardkmlTwo radio buttons - this one is plain KML as before, without timestamps Standard KML KML standard
dialog.exportkml.extendedkmlSecond radio button - this one uses Google's extensions to KML allowing timestamps (if present) Extended KML with timestamps KML extins cu date cronologice Name Nume
dialog.exportgpx.desc Description Descriere
dialog.exportgpx.includetimestampsCheckbox to include timestamps in GPX file Include timestamps Include date cronologice
dialog.exportgpx.copysourceCheckbox to copy loaded xml if possible Copy source xml Copiază sursa xml
dialog.exportgpx.descriptionstocommentsUse description as comment if the comment is blank Copy descriptions to comments
dialog.exportgpx.encodingPanel for selecting character encoding Encoding Codare
dialog.exportgpx.encoding.systemThe default system encoding System Sistem
dialog.exportgpx.encoding.utf8Radio button to use UTF-8, ignoring system settings UTF-8 UTF-8
dialog.exportpov.text Please enter the parameters for the POV export Introduceți parametrii pentru export POV
dialog.exportpov.font Font Fontul
dialog.exportpov.cameraxX coordinate of camera Camera X Vedere X
dialog.exportpov.camerayY coordinate of camera Camera Y Vedere Y
dialog.exportpov.camerazZ coordinate of camera Camera Z Vedere Z
dialog.exportpov.modelstyleStyle of model to use Model style Stilul
dialog.exportpov.ballsandsticks'old method' where each point is a ball on a stick Balls and sticks Bile și bețe
dialog.exportpov.tubesandwalls'new method' where the track looks like a tube of toothpaste Tubes and walls Tuburi și pereți
dialog.3d.warningtracksizeWarning about large track size, asking whether to continue or not This track has a large number of points, which Java3D might not be able to display.\nAre you sure you want to continue? Acest traseu are un număr mare de puncte pe care Java3D ar putea să nu fie capabil să-l afișeze. Sigur doriți să continuați?
dialog.3d.useterrainCheckbox for drawing a 3d terrain or not Show terrain Arată teren
dialog.3d.terraingridsizeEdit box for entering the number of points to use in the terrain grid Grid size Dimensiunea grilei
dialog.exportpov.baseimageLabel for image used on the base plane of the pov export Base image Imagine cartografică
dialog.exportpov.cannotmakebaseimageError if base image can't be saved for some reason Cannot write base image Imaginea cartografică nu poate fi scrisă
dialog.baseimage.titleTitle of popup window Map image Imagine cartografică
dialog.baseimage.useimageCheckbox for using an image or not Use image Folosește imaginea
dialog.baseimage.mapsource Map source Sursa hărții
dialog.baseimage.zoom Zoom level Nivel de zoom
dialog.baseimage.tilesNumber of tiles used and total (like 7 / 7) Tiles Țigle
dialog.baseimage.sizeWidth and height of image in pixels Image size Dimensiunea imaginii
dialog.exportimage.noimagepossibleError if disk cache isn't being used Map images need to be cached to disk in order to use them for an export. Imaginile hartă trebuie sa fie salvate în cache pe disc pentru a putea fi folosite la export.
dialog.exportimage.drawtrackCheckbox to draw the track on top of the exported map image Draw track on map Desenează traseu pe hartă
dialog.exportimage.drawtrackpointsCheckbox to also draw each track point or just the lines between Draw track points Desenează punctele traseului
dialog.exportimage.textscalepercentPercentage scale factor for the font size (100 means normal font size) Text scale factor (%) Factor de scalare a textului (%)
dialog.pointtype.descDescribe the meaning of these checkboxes Save the following point types: Salvează următoarele tipuri de puncte:
dialog.pointtype.trackSave track points Track points Puncte de traseu
dialog.pointtype.waypointSave waypoints Waypoints Waypoint-uri
dialog.pointtype.photoSave photo points Photo points Puncte foto
dialog.pointtype.audioSave points with audio clips attached Audio points Puncte audio
dialog.pointtype.selectionCheckbox to just save the currently selected range Just selection Doar intervalul selectat
dialog.confirmmangletimes.titleTitle of dialog to confirm whether to really do a range reversal or cut/move or not Confirm operation Confirmă
dialog.confirmmangletimes.textThis message just makes sure it is ok to change the point order even though the data contains timestamps. Assuming that the timestamps are in time order, doing such an operation could put the timestamps out of sequence. This track contains timestamp information, which could become out of sequence after this operation.\nAre you sure you want to do this? Acest traseu conține informații cronologice a căror ordine va fi incorectă.\nSigur doriți?
dialog.interpolate.parameter.textNumber of points to insert between each pair of points in the selected range Number of points to insert between each pair of points Numărul de puncte de inserat între fiecare pereche de puncte
dialog.interpolate.betweenwaypointsQuestion whether to create new track points between each pair of waypoints Interpolate between waypoints? Interpolez între waypoint-uri?
dialog.undo.title Undo action(s) Anulează
dialog.undo.pretext Please select the action(s) to undo Selectați operațiile ce vor fi anulate
dialog.undo.none.title Cannot undo Nu se poate anula
dialog.undo.none.text No operations to undo! Nu există operații pentru anulare!
dialog.clearundo.title Clear undo list Șterge lista de anulări
dialog.clearundo.text Are you sure you want to clear the undo list?\nAll undo information will be lost! Sigur vreți să ștergeți lista de anulări?\nToată înformația de anulare va fi pierdută!
dialog.pointedit.title Edit point Editează punct
dialog.pointedit.introDescription at the top of the edit point dialog Select each field in turn to view and change the value Selectaţi rândul care va fi editat
dialog.pointedit.table.field Field Câmp
dialog.pointedit.nofieldfor label on right-hand side of point edit dialog No field selected Niciun câmp selectat
dialog.pointedit.table.value Value Valoare Waypoint name Nume de waypoint
dialog.pointnameedit.uppercase UPPER case Litere MARI
dialog.pointnameedit.lowercase lower case Litere mici
dialog.pointnameedit.titlecasecapitalise each word of the name Title Case Prima Literă Mare
dialog.truncatecoords.introDescription for truncate coordinates dialog Select the coordinate format and the number of decimal digits
dialog.truncatecoords.numdigitsHow many digits after the decimal point Number of decimal digits
dialog.truncatecoords.previewHow the results would look if truncated Preview
dialog.addtimeoffset.addMake points later Add time Adaugă timp
dialog.addtimeoffset.subtractMake points earlier Subtract time Scade timp
dialog.addtimeoffset.weeks Weeks
dialog.addtimeoffset.days Days Zile
dialog.addtimeoffset.hours Hours Ore
dialog.addtimeoffset.minutes Minutes Minute
dialog.addtimeoffset.notimestampsError message shown when no points with timestamps are selected Cannot add a time offset as this selection doesn't contain any timestamp information Nu poate fi adăugat un decalaj de timp pentru că selecția nu conține date cronologice
dialog.findwaypoint.introIntroductory text for find waypoint dialog Enter part of the waypoint name Introduceți o parte a numelui waypoint-ului
dialog.findwaypoint.searchLabel for search box Search Căutare
dialog.saveexif.titleTitle for save exif dialog Save Exif Salvează Exif
dialog.saveexif.intro Select the photos to save using the checkboxes Selectează fotografiile ce urmează a fi salvate folosind bifele
dialog.saveexif.nothingtosaveMessage when nothing to do Coordinate data is unchanged, nothing to save Coordonatele sunte neschimbate, nu e nimic de salvat
dialog.saveexif.noexiftoolMessage when exiftool not found No exiftool program could be found. Continue? Aplicația exiftool nu a fost găsită. Continui?
dialog.saveexif.table.photoname Photo name Nume
dialog.saveexif.table.statusColumn heading for status (see values below) Status Stare
dialog.saveexif.table.saveColumn heading for save checkbox Save Salvează
dialog.saveexif.photostatus.connectedPhoto had no point, now it has Connected Conectat
dialog.saveexif.photostatus.disconnectedPhoto did have a point, now it doesn't Disconnected Deconectat
dialog.saveexif.photostatus.modifiedPhoto did have a point but it's been edited Modified Modificat
dialog.saveexif.overwriteCheck to overwrite jpg files Overwrite files Suprascrie fişiere
dialog.saveexif.forceAdd flag to ignore minor errors and force exif write Force despite minor errors Ignoră erorile minore
dialog.charts.xaxisPanel to choose x axis for charts X axis Axa X
dialog.charts.yaxisPanel to choose y axes for charts Y axes Axa Y
dialog.charts.outputPanel to choose where to output to Output Rezultat
dialog.charts.screen Output to screen Rezultatul pe ecran
dialog.charts.svg Output to SVG file Rezultatul în fișier SVG
dialog.charts.svgwidthwidth and height of SVG file in pixels SVG width Lățime SVG
dialog.charts.svgheight SVG height Înălțime SVG
dialog.charts.needaltitudeortimesWithout altitudes and without times, can't draw any charts The track must have either altitudes or time information in order to create charts Traseul trebuie să conțina altitudini sau date cronologice pentru a crea grafice
dialog.charts.gnuplotnotfoundError message shown when gnuplot path changed but still not found Could not find gnuplot with the given path Aplicația gnuplot nu a fost găsită la calea dată
dialog.distances.intro Straight line distances between points Distanțe în linie dreaptă între puncte
dialog.distances.column.fromColumn heading for distances dialog From point De la punct To point Spre punct
dialog.distances.currentpointTable entry for current track point Current point Punct curent
dialog.distances.toofewpointsMessage shown when less than two waypoints available This function needs waypoints in order to calculate the distances between them Această funcție are nevoie de waypoint-uri pentru a calcula distanța dintre ele
dialog.fullrangedetails.introMessage at top of "full range details" dialog Here are the details for the selected range Detalii pentru invervalul selectat
dialog.fullrangedetails.coltotalColumn heading for total values Including gaps Cu tot cu pauze
dialog.fullrangedetails.colsegmentsColumn heading when gaps between segments are ignored Without gaps Fără pauze
dialog.estimatetime.detailsHeading for the details section of estimating time Details Detalii
dialog.estimatetime.gentleColumn heading for low/shallow gradient Gentle Domol
dialog.estimatetime.steepColumn heading for steep/high gradient Steep Abrupt
dialog.estimatetime.climb Climb Urcare
dialog.estimatetime.descent Descent Coborâre
dialog.estimatetime.parametersHeading for parameters section Parameters Parametri
dialog.estimatetime.parameters.timeforMinutes required for travelling a specified distance Time for Durata pentru
dialog.estimatetime.resultsHeading for results section Results Rezultate
dialog.estimatetime.results.estimatedtimeResults of calculation in hours, mins and secs Estimated time Durata estimată
dialog.estimatetime.results.actualtimeActual required time according to the timestamps Actual time Durata (measured)
dialog.estimatetime.error.nodistanceError shown if current selection only has waypoints or singletons, so moving distance is zero The time estimates need connected track points, to give a distance Estimările de timp necesită puncte de traseu conectate, pentru a putea fi calculată distanța
dialog.estimatetime.error.noaltitudesWarning shown if the current selection hasn't got any altitude information The selection doesn't include any altitude information Selecția nu include informații de altitudine
dialog.learnestimationparams.introLabel before the results of the parameter-learning These are the parameters calculated from this track Aceștia sunt parametrii calculați pentru acest traseu
dialog.learnestimationparams.averageerrorLabel for the average percentage error generated by these parameters Average error Eroare estimată
dialog.learnestimationparams.combineLabel between the calculated results and the combined results These parameters can be combined with the current values Acești parametri pot fi combinați cu valorile curente
dialog.learnestimationparams.combinedresultsHeading for combined results section Combined results Rezultate combinate
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.100pccurrentSlider all the way to the left Keep current values Păstrează valorile curente
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.currentused to build the strings eg 60% current + 40% calculated current curente
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.calculatedused to build the strings eg 60% current + 40% calculated calculated calculate
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.50pcAverage of current values and calculated ones Average of current values and calculated ones Media dintre valorile curente și cele calculate
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.100pccalculatedSlider all the way to the right Use new calculated values Folosește valorile calculate
dialog.setmapbg.introLabel at top of map background dialog Select one of the map sources, or add a new one Alegeți una din sursele hărții sau adăugați una nouă
dialog.addmapsource.titleTitle of dialog to add a new map source Add new map source Adaugă sursă noua de hartă
dialog.addmapsource.sourcenameLabel for source name Name of source Nume
dialog.addmapsource.layer1urlLabel for text box for URL URL of first layer URL pentru primul strat
dialog.addmapsource.layer2urlLabel for text box for URL Optional URL of second layer URL pentru cel de-al doilea strat (opțional)
dialog.addmapsource.maxzoomLabel for dropdown to select maximum zoom level Maximum zoom level Nivelul de apropiere maxim
dialog.addmapsource.nonameName given to new map source if no name entered Unnamed Fără nume
dialog.pointdownload.descriptionHeading for description box Description Descriere
dialog.pointdownload.nodescriptionMessage displayed when no description found No description Fără descriere
dialog.wikipedia.column.nameColumn heading: page name in Wikipedia Article name Nume
dialog.wikipedia.column.distanceColumn heading: distance of each point from the centre of view Distance Distanţă
dialog.wikipedia.nonefoundMessage when no points returned from wikipedia No wikipedia entries found Nu a fost găsit
dialog.osmpois.column.nameColumn heading: point name Name
dialog.osmpois.column.typeColumn heading: point type Type
dialog.osmpois.nonefoundMessage when no points returned from OSM No points found
dialog.geocaching.nonefoundMessage when no points returned from No geocaches found Nu a fost găsit
dialog.correlate.notimestampsMessage when no timestamp information in points There are no timestamps in the data points, so there is nothing to correlate with the photos. Corelarea cu fotografiile nu se poate realiza pentru că în puncte nu există informație cronologică
dialog.correlate.nouncorrelatedphotosMessage when all photos are already correlated There are no uncorrelated photos.\nAre you sure you want to continue? Nu există fotografii necorelate. Continui?
dialog.correlate.nouncorrelatedaudiosMessage when all audio clips are already correlated There are no uncorrelated audios.\nAre you sure you want to continue? Nu există clipuri audio necorelate. Continui?
dialog.correlate.photoselect.introHeading above table in first correlate panel Select one of these correlated photos to use as the time offset Alegeți una din fotografiile corelate ca referință pentru decalajul de timp Photo name Nume foto Time difference Diferența de timp the photo time later than the point time? Photo later Foto mai târziu
dialog.correlate.options.introHeading above table in second correlate panel Select the options for automatic correlation Alegeți opțiunile pentru corelare automată
dialog.correlate.options.offsetpanelPanel title Time offset Decalaj de timp
dialog.correlate.options.offsetHeading for time offset boxes Offset Decalaj
dialog.correlate.options.offset.hoursthree fields for describing text boxes of offset hours, ore,
dialog.correlate.options.offset.minutes minutes and minute și
dialog.correlate.options.offset.seconds seconds secunde
dialog.correlate.options.photolaterradio button for direction of time difference Photo later than point Foto după punct
dialog.correlate.options.pointlaterphotoradio button Point later than photo Punct după foto
dialog.correlate.options.audiolaterradio button Audio later than point Audio după punct
dialog.correlate.options.pointlateraudioradio button Point later than audio Punct după audio
dialog.correlate.options.limitspanel Correlation limits Limite corelare
dialog.correlate.options.notimelimitradio button No time limit Fără limită de timp
dialog.correlate.options.timelimitradio button Time limit Limită de timp
dialog.correlate.options.nodistancelimitradio button No distance limit Fără limită de distanță
dialog.correlate.options.distancelimitradio button Distance limit Limită de distanță
dialog.correlate.options.correlateTable column heading Correlate Corelare
dialog.correlate.alloutsiderangeMessage shown when all photos are outside time range of track All the items are outside the time range of the track, so none can be correlated.\nTry changing the offset or manually correlating at least one item. Toate elementele sunt în afara intervalului de timp din traseu, deci nu pot fi corelate.\n Încercați schimbarea decalajului de timp sau corelați manual cel puțin un element.
dialog.correlate.filetimesFirst half of explanation message File timestamps denote: Informația cronologică din fișier arată:
dialog.correlate.filetimes2Second half of text after the three radio buttons of audio clip a clipului audio
dialog.correlate.correltimesExplanation of three following radio buttons For correlation, use: Pentru corelare folosește:
dialog.correlate.timestamp.beginning Beginning Începutul
dialog.correlate.timestamp.middle Middle Mijlocul
dialog.correlate.timestamp.end End Sfârşitul
dialog.correlate.audioselect.introIntroduction text to first panel of audio correlation Select one of these correlated audios to use as the time offset Alegeți unul din clipurile audio corelate ca referință pentru decalajul de timp column heading for audio clipname Audio name Nume clip column heading Audio later Audio mai târziu
dialog.rearrangewaypoints.descMessage for the top of the rearrange waypoints dialog Select the destination and sort order of the waypoints Alegeți destinația și ordinea de sortare a waypoint-urilor
dialog.rearrangephotos.descMessage for the top of the rearrange photos dialog Select the destination and sort order of the photo points Alegeți destinația și ordinea de sortare a punctelor foto
dialog.rearrange.tostart Move to start Toate la inceputul fişierului
dialog.rearrange.toend Move to end Toate la sfârșitul fişierului
dialog.rearrange.tonearest Each to nearest track point Fiecare la punctul cel mai apropiat al traseului
dialog.rearrange.nosortLeave points/photos in current order Don't sort Nu sunt sortate
dialog.rearrange.sortbyfilenameSort by filename of photo Sort by filename Sorteză după nume de fişier
dialog.rearrange.sortbynameSort by waypoint name Sort by name Sortează după nume
dialog.rearrange.sortbytime Sort by time Sortează după timp
dialog.compress.duplicates.titlecheckbox for turning on duplicate removal Duplicate removal Ștergerea duplicatelor
dialog.compress.closepoints.titlecheckbox for turning on removal of points close to other ones Nearby point removal Ștergere puncte apropiate
dialog.compress.closepoints.paramdescparameter for close point removal Span factor Anvergură
dialog.compress.wackypoints.titlecheckbox for turning on removal of "wacky" or unusual points Wacky point removal Ștergere puncte aberante
dialog.compress.wackypoints.paramdescparameter for wacky point removal Distance factor Factor de distanță
dialog.compress.singletons.titlecheckbox for turning on removal of singletons Singleton removal Ștergere puncte singulare
dialog.compress.singletons.paramdescparameter for singleton removal Distance factor Factor de distanță
dialog.compress.douglaspeucker.title Douglas-Peucker compression Compresie Douglas-Peucker
dialog.compress.douglaspeucker.paramdesc Span factor Anvergură
dialog.compress.summarylabellabel to say how many will be deleted Points to delete Puncte ce vor fi șterse
dialog.compress.confirmMakes a message "<number of points> have been marked" and asks whether to delete them now %d points have been marked.\nDelete these marked points now? Au fost marcate %d puncte. Șterg aceste puncte?
dialog.compress.confirmnone no points have been marked niciun punct nu a fost marcat
dialog.deletemarked.nonefoundwarning message for delete marked points when no points are marked No data points could be removed Niciun punct nu a putut fi șters
dialog.dedupewaypoints.nonefoundNo duplicates were found so none were deleted No duplicate waypoints were found
dialog.pastecoordinates.desc Enter or paste the coordinates here Scrieți sau copiați aici coordonatele
dialog.pastecoordinates.coordsLabel for coordinates entry box Coordinates Coordonate
dialog.pastecoordinates.nothingfoundError message when coordinates couldn't be parsed Please check the coordinates and try again Vă rugăm verificați coordonatele și încercați din nou.
dialog.pastecoordinatelist.desc Enter the coordinates for the new points with one point per line
dialog.pluscode.descExplanation Enter or paste the pluscode here
dialog.pluscode.codeLabel for code entry box Pluscode
dialog.pluscode.nothingfoundError message when code couldn't be parsed Please check the code and try again message to direct to website Please see\n\nfor more information and tips,\nincluding a PDF user guide you can buy. Vă rugăm vizitați \n\npentru mai multe informații, inclusiv un nou manual PDF care poate fi cumpărat.
dialog.about.version Version Versiunea Build Versiunea minoră
dialog.about.summarytext1 GpsPrune is a program for loading, displaying and editing data from GPS receivers. GpsPrune e o aplicație pentru încărcarea, afișarea și editarea datelor salvate de receptoarele GPS.
dialog.about.summarytext2 It is released under the Gnu GPL for free, open, worldwide use and enhancement.<br>Copying, redistribution and modification are permitted and encouraged<br>according to the conditions in the included <code>license.txt</code> file. Este distribuită sub licență Gnu GPL pentru a permite utilizarea gratuită în lumea întreagă<br>și pentru a permite oricui dorește îmbunătățiea aplicației.<br>Copierea, redistribuirea și modificarea sunt permise și încurajate<br>în conformitate cu condițiile descrise în fișierul <code>license.txt</code> care este inclus în aplicație.
dialog.about.summarytext3 Please see <code style="font-weight:bold"></code> for more information and tips, including<br>a PDF user guide you can buy. Vă rugăm vizitați <code style="font-weight:bold"></code> pentru mai multe informații și indicii, inclusiv<br>un nou manual în format PDF care poate fi cumpărat.
dialog.about.languageslanguages available in GpsPrune Available languages Traduceri
dialog.about.translatedbyName or nickname of translator for this language English text by activityworkshop. Textele romanesti sunt de Rothermographer, Oana și Cristian
dialog.about.systeminfoTab heading for system information System info Informaţii sistem
dialog.about.systeminfo.os Operating System Sistem de operare
dialog.about.systeminfo.javaVersion of java Java Runtime Java Runtime
dialog.about.systeminfo.java3d Java3d installed Java3d instalat
dialog.about.systeminfo.exiftool Exiftool installed Exiftool instalat
dialog.about.systeminfo.gpsbabel Gpsbabel installed Gpsbabel instalat
dialog.about.systeminfo.gnuplot Gnuplot installed Gnuplot instalat
dialog.about.yesShown when item installed Yes Da
dialog.about.noShown when item not available No Nu
dialog.about.creditsTab heading for credits (acknowledgements) Credits Mulțumiri
dialog.about.credits.code GpsPrune code written by Codul GpsPune a fost scris de
dialog.about.credits.exifcode Exif code by Codul Exif de
dialog.about.credits.icons Icons provided by Unele icoane au fost luate de la
dialog.about.credits.translatorsWho did the translations Translators Traducători
dialog.about.credits.translations Translations helped by La traduceri au ajutat
dialog.about.credits.devtools Development tools Unelte de dezvoltare
dialog.about.credits.othertools Other tools Alte unelte
dialog.about.credits.thanks Thanks to Mulțumiri
dialog.about.readmeTab for readme file Readme Citeşte-mă
dialog.checkversion.errorError message when file couldn't be found, or online connection not available The version number couldn't be checked.\nPlease check the internet connection. Numărul versiunii nu a putut fi verificat.\nVerificați conexiunea Internet.
dialog.checkversion.uptodateShown when this is already the latest version You are using the latest version of GpsPrune. Folosiți cea mai recentă versiune a GpsPrune.
dialog.checkversion.newversionMake the message to say that a new version <number> is now released A new version of GpsPrune is now available! The latest version is now version %s. A apărut o nouă versiune GpsPrune. Cea mai nouă versiune este %s.
dialog.checkversion.releasedateMake the message that the new one was released on <date>. This new version was released on %s. Această versiune nouă a fost lansată la %s.
dialog.checkversion.downloadWhere to download the newest version. To download the new version, go to Pentru a descărca noua versiune mergeți la
dialog.keys.introExplanation of key shortcuts You can use the following shortcut keys instead of using the mouse Puteți folosi următoarele scurtături în locul mouse-ului
dialog.keys.keylistHTML table showing key shortcuts <table><tr><td>Arrow keys</td><td>Pan map left right, up, down</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + left, right arrow</td><td>Select previous or next point</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + up, down arrow</td><td>Zoom in or out</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + PgUp, PgDown</td><td>Select previous, next segment</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + Home, End</td><td>Select first, last point</td></tr><tr><td>Del</td><td>Delete current point</td></tr></table> <table><tr><td>Taste săgeți</td><td>Mută harta stânga, dreapta, sus, jos</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + săgeată stânga, dreapta</td><td>Selectează punctul anterior sau următor</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + săgeată sus, jos</td><td>Aproprie sau îndepărtează</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + PgUp, PgDown</td><td>Selectează segmentul anterior sau următor</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + Home, End</td><td>Selectează primul, ultimul punct</td></tr><tr><td>Del</td><td>Șterge punctul curent</td></tr></table>
dialog.keys.normalmodifierModifier text for linux, windows etc Ctrl Ctrl
dialog.keys.macmodifierModifier text for mac (to replace text in keylist) Command Command
dialog.paths.prune.gnuplotpath Path to gnuplot Calea către gnuplot
dialog.paths.prune.gpsbabelpath Path to gpsbabel Calea către gpsbabel
dialog.paths.prune.exiftoolpath Path to exiftool Calea către exiftool
dialog.setpaths.introIntroductory text for set program paths dialog If you need to, you can choose the paths to the external applications: Dacă doriți puteți alege calea către aplicații externe
dialog.setpaths.foundColumn heading for yes/no Path found? Cale găsită?
dialog.addaltitude.noaltitudesWarning if altitude offset can't be added The selected range does not contain altitudes Intervalul nu conține altitudini
dialog.addaltitude.descLabel for edit box Altitude offset to add Decalaj altitudine
dialog.lookupsrtm.overwritezerosQuestion whether to lookup altitudes for zero-valued altitudes as well as missing ones Overwrite altitude values of zero? Suprascriu altitudinile cu valoare zero?
dialog.setcolours.introDescription of what to do with the set colours dialog Click on a colour patch to change the colour Faceți click pe un petec de culoare pentru a schimba culoarea
dialog.setcolours.background Background Fundal
dialog.setcolours.borders Borders Margini
dialog.setcolours.lines Lines Linii
dialog.setcolours.primary Primary Primar
dialog.setcolours.secondary Secondary Secundar
dialog.setcolours.point Points Puncte
dialog.setcolours.selection Selection Selecţie
dialog.setcolours.text Text Text
dialog.colourchooser.titleDialog title for choosing a single colour Choose colour Alegeți culoare
dialog.colourchooser.redLabel for red value Red Roșu
dialog.colourchooser.greenLabel for green value Green Verde
dialog.colourchooser.blueLabel for blue value Blue Albastru
dialog.colourer.introHeading for the point colourer section A point colourer can give track points different colours Un algoritm de colorare poate da punctelor culori diferite
dialog.colourer.typeLabel before type dropdown Colourer type Tip algoritm colorare
dialog.colourer.type.noneLabels for different colourer types None Nimic
dialog.colourer.type.byfileDifferent colour for each file By file După fișier
dialog.colourer.type.bysegmentDifferent colour for each track segment By segment După segment
dialog.colourer.type.byaltitudeContinuous colour according to altitude By altitude După altitudine
dialog.colourer.type.byspeedContinuous colour according to speed By speed După viteză
dialog.colourer.type.byvertspeedContinuous colour according to vertical speed By vertical speed După viteza verticală
dialog.colourer.type.bygradientContinuous colour according to gradient By gradient După gradient
dialog.colourer.type.bydateDifferent colour for each date By date După dată
dialog.colourer.startLabel above start colour patch Start colour Culoare de început
dialog.colourer.endLabel above end colour patch End colour Culoare de sfârșit
dialog.colourer.maxcolours Maximum number of colours Numărul maxim de culori
dialog.setlanguage.firstintroFirst label on dialog - use &lt;p&gt; for line break You can either select one of the included languages,<p>or select a text file to use instead. Puteți folosi una din limbile incluse,<p>sau puteți alege un fișier text pe care să-l folosiți.
dialog.setlanguage.secondintroSecond label on dialog You need to save your settings and then<p>restart GpsPrune to change the language. Trebuie să salvați setările și să<p>restartați GpsPrune pentru a schimba limba
dialog.setlanguage.languagelabel before language dropdown Language Limbă
dialog.setlanguage.languagefilelabel before text box for file path Language file Fişier de limba
dialog.setlanguage.endmessageMessage which pops up after changing language Now save your settings and restart GpsPrune\nfor the language change to take effect. Salvați setările și restartați GpsPrune\npentru ca schimbarea de limbă să aibă efect.
dialog.setlanguage.endmessagewithautosaveMessage which pops up after changing language if settings are autosaved Please restart GpsPrune for the language change to take effect. Restartați GpsPrune pentru ca schimbare limbii să aibă efect.
dialog.diskcache.saveCheckbox for enabling / disabling disk cache Save map images to disk Salvează imaginile hărții pe disc
dialog.diskcache.dirLabel for directory entry Cache directory Director cache
dialog.diskcache.createdirPrompt to confirm whether to create specified directory or not Create directory Crează director
dialog.diskcache.nocreateMessage when directory not created (either user pressed cancel or create failed) Cache directory not created Directorul cache nu a putut fi creat
dialog.diskcache.cannotwriteSelected directory is read-only Map tiles cannot be saved in the selected directory Țiglele hărții nu pot fi salvate în directorul selectat
dialog.diskcache.table.pathTable column heading for relative file path Path Cale
dialog.diskcache.table.usedbyWhich backgrounds use this tileset Used by Folosit de
dialog.diskcache.table.zoomZoom range covered Zoom Nivel apropiere
dialog.diskcache.table.tilesNumber of tiles found Tiles Țigle
dialog.diskcache.table.megabytesNumber of megabytes used by all tiles Megabytes Megabytes
dialog.diskcache.tilesetPath to tileset Tileset Set țigle (tile-uri)
dialog.diskcache.tileset.multipleshown when more than one tileset selected, instead of all the paths multiple multiple
dialog.diskcache.deleteoldradio button to delete files by age Delete old tiles Şterge imaginile vechi
dialog.diskcache.maximumagelabel for the maximum age of tiles before they're deleted Maximum age (days) Vârsta maximă (zile)
dialog.diskcache.deleteallradio button to delete all files in the tileset Delete all tiles Şterge toate imaginile
dialog.diskcache.deletedMakes the message "Deleted &lt;number&gt; of tiles from the cache" Deleted %d files from the cache Au fost șterse %d fișiere din cache
dialog.deletefieldvalues.introLabel at the top of the delete field values dialog Select the field to delete for the current range Alegeți câmpurile ce urmează a fi șterse din intervalul curent
dialog.deletefieldvalues.nofieldsMessage when there are no fields to delete There are no fields to delete for this range Nu poate fi șters nici un câmp pentru intervalul dat
dialog.displaysettings.linewidthLabel for setting line thickness in pixels Thickness of lines for the tracks (1-4) Introduceți grosimea liniilor ce vor fi desenate pentru trasee (1-3)
dialog.displaysettings.antialiasUse antialiasing when drawing Use antialiasing Folosește antialiasing
dialog.displaysettings.allowosscalingAllow OS to scale maps (makes them bigger but less sharp) Allow OS to scale maps
dialog.displaysettings.doublesizediconsMake all icons (not just on toolbar) double normal size Make icons double size
dialog.displaysettings.waypointiconsLabel for selecting which waypoint icon to use Waypoint icons
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.defaultLabel for default waypoint rendering, little square Default
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.ringptCircular marker with a pin at the bottom Round marker
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.plectrumEgg-shaped marker with the pointy bit at the bottom Plectrum Plectru
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.ringCircular ring around the point Ring Inel
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.pinPush pin / thumb tack Board pin
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.flagRectangular flag on pole Flag
dialog.displaysettings.size.smallThree radio buttons to select size of waypoint icons Small Mic
dialog.displaysettings.size.medium Medium Mediu
dialog.displaysettings.size.large Large Mare
dialog.displaysettings.restartShown after the display settings have changed, if a restart is necessary Now save your settings and restart GpsPrune\nfor the display changes to take effect.
dialog.waypointsettings.usecoloursCheckbox for whether to use coloured waypoint icons or not Colour by type
dialog.waypointsettings.saltvalueLabel describing which seed value to use (0 - 9) Colour set
dialog.waypointsettings.notypesintrackWarning shown if track doesn't contain any waypoint types The current track doesn't contain any waypoint types.
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyleWhich of the available "look-and-feel"s to use Window style Stilul ferestrei
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyle.defaultNormal style as before Default
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyle.nimbus Nimbus
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyle.gtkMay not be available everywhere GTK
dialog.downloadosm.descDescription at top of download OSM data dialog Confirm to download the raw OSM data for the specified area: Confirmați descărcarea datelor brute OSM pentru zona specificată:
dialog.searchwikipedianames.searchSearch box Search for: Caută: the weather forecast is for Location Locaţie the forecast was last updated Forecast updated Prognoză actualizată of sunrise Sunrise Răsărit of sunset Sunset Apus de soare for the temperatures (Celsius or Fahrenheit) Temperatures Temperaturi the current weather Current weather Vremea curentă one forecast for each day Daily forecast Prognoză zilnică a forecast for each 3 hours Three-hourly forecast Prognoză la fiecare 3 ore Current weather Vremea curentă for showing in the weather table Today Astăzi Tomorrow Mâine Monday Luni Tuesday Marţi Wednesday Miercuri Thursday Joi Friday Vineri Saturday Sâmbătă Sunday Duminică Wind Vânt should be shortened to fit in the forecast table Temp Temp Humidity Umiditate to This data is made available by Their website has more details. Acest set de date este oferit de Site-ul lor de web are mai multe detalii.
dialog.deletebydate.onlyonedateCan't delete by date if there's only one date The points were all recorded on the same date. Toate punctele au fost înregistrate la aceeași dată.
dialog.deletebydate.introExplanation at top of delete by date dialog For each date in the track, you can choose to delete or keep the points Pentru fiecare dată din traseu puteți alege să ștergeți sau să păstrați punctele
dialog.deletebydate.nodateTable entry for points without a date No timestamp Fără info cronologic
dialog.deletebydate.column.keepColumn heading in table - radio button for DON'T delete Keep Păstrează
dialog.deletebydate.column.deleteSame but for radio button to DELETE these points (see button.delete) Delete Şterge
dialog.setaltitudetolerance.text.metresLabel to describe input parameter to tolerance (using metres for altitudes) Limit (in metres) below which small climbs and descents will be ignored Limita (în metri) sub care micile urcări și coborâri vor fi ignorate
dialog.setaltitudetolerance.text.feetLabel to describe input parameter to tolerance (using feet for altitudes) Limit (in feet) below which small climbs and descents will be ignored Limita (în picioare) sub care micile urcări și coborâri vor fi ignorate
dialog.settimezone.introLabel at top of timezone dialog Here you can select the timezone in which to display point timestamps
dialog.settimezone.systemRadio button to use default Use system timezone
dialog.settimezone.customRadio button to select a different timezone Use the following timezone:
dialog.settimezone.list.toomanyShown in list when too many options are found Too many to choose
dialog.settimezone.selectedzoneConfirmation which timezone was selected Selected timezone
dialog.settimezone.offsetfromutcHow many hours +/- this timezone is from UTC Offset from UTC
dialog.autoplay.durationLabel at top of autoplay dialog specifying how long to play for Duration (secs) Durată (sec)
dialog.autoplay.usetimestampsCheckbox for whether to play using the recorded times or just scroll through points Use point timestamps Folosește puncte cronologice
dialog.autoplay.rewindTooltip for rewind button Back to beginning Înapoi la început
dialog.autoplay.pauseTooltip for pause button Pause Pauză
dialog.autoplay.playTooltip for play button Play Redare
dialog.markers.halvesRadio button for creating marker waypoints at half distance etc Halfway points
dialog.markers.half.distanceName of created waypoint Half distance
dialog.markers.half.climbName of created waypoint Half climb
dialog.markers.half.descentName of created waypoint Half descent
dialog.projectpoint.descIntro to point projection dialog Enter the direction and distance to project this point
dialog.projectpoint.bearingAngle clockwise from North Bearing (degrees from N)
dialog.projectcircle.descIntro to circle projection dialog Enter the distance from this point to the surrounding circle
dialog.configuresrtm.intro1Intro to SRTM configuration dialog (line 1) Altitudes from SRTM can come either from the low-resolution data without login,
dialog.configuresrtm.intro2second line continuing the previous introduction message or by registering at NASA for high-resolution data
dialog.configuresrtm.threesecondCheckbox for 3-second data Low resolution data (three arc seconds)
dialog.configuresrtm.threesecond.descDescription of this 3-second data (no login required) Low resolution data is always enabled without registration or login
dialog.configuresrtm.onesecondCheckbox for 1-second data High resolution data (one arc second)
dialog.configuresrtm.onesecond.desc1Description of this 1-second data (login required) High resolution data requires registration and login to NASA Earthdata.
dialog.configuresrtm.onesecond.desc2second line continuing the previous description message Create an account at
dialog.configuresrtm.showregistrationwebsiteQuestion whether to launch browser to register at NASA or not Go now to NASA website for registration?
dialog.configuresrtm.useridPrompt for registered username Username registered at NASA Earthdata
dialog.configuresrtm.passwordPrompt for registered password Password registered at NASA Earthdata
dialog.configuresrtm.loginfailedError message shown when login using username / password failed Username and password were rejected by the Earthdata server
dialog.findfile.dirDirectory to search inside for files Search directory
dialog.findfile.searchtextCaption for entry field Text
dialog.findfile.daterangeCaption for entry field Date range
dialog.findfile.locationfilterCaption for entry field Location filter
dialog.findfile.resultscolumn.fileFirst column heading File
dialog.findfile.resultscolumn.contentsSecond column heading Contents
dialog.findfile.filepath.noneLabel shown at the bottom of the dialog when no file has been selected No file selected
dialog.findfile.filepath.singleLabel contents when a single file has been selected Selected file: %s
dialog.findfile.filepath.multiLabel contents when more than one file has been selected %s files selected from %s
dialog.editdaterange.titleTitle of the edit range dialog Edit date range
dialog.editdaterange.descShown at the top of the edit dialog, above the two tabs Please choose one of the two ways to define your date range
dialog.editdaterange.yearmonthdayFirst tab to define a single year or month or day Year/Month/Day
dialog.editdaterange.daterangeSecond tab to define a start date and end date Start & end date
dialog.editdaterange.month.allNot a single month but the whole year Whole year
dialog.editdaterange.month.jan January
dialog.editdaterange.month.feb February
dialog.editdaterange.month.mar March
dialog.editdaterange.month.apr April
dialog.editdaterange.month.may May
dialog.editdaterange.month.jun June
dialog.editdaterange.month.jul July
dialog.editdaterange.month.aug August
dialog.editdaterange.month.sep September
dialog.editdaterange.month.oct October
dialog.editdaterange.month.nov November
dialog.editdaterange.month.dec December
dialog.editdaterange.year Year
dialog.editdaterange.month Month Day to
dialog.editdaterange.resultText field showing the result and whether it's valid or not Result
dialog.locationfilter.nopointselectedShown if no point has been selected Please select a point before using the location filter
dialog.locationfilter.descDescription at the top of the location filter dialog You can choose to search for tracks near the currently selected point
dialog.locationfilter.nofilterFirst radio button, signifying any location No filter
dialog.locationfilter.distanceSecond radio button, choosing to filter by distance By distance
dialog.locationfilter.frompointlabel before description of point used in filter from point
dialog.locationfilter.describeDescribes the filter using placeholders for distance and point identifier Within %s of %s
dialog.migrateconfig.confirmShown when recommending to move from one file path to a different one It is recommended to move your settings file\nfrom "%s"\nto "%s".\nMove this file now?

3d window

dialog.3d.titleWindow title GpsPrune Three-d view Vedere GpsPrune Three-d
dialog.3d.altitudefactor Altitude exaggeration factor Factorul de exagerare a altitudinii
dialog.3d.symbolscalefactorScale factor used for spheres and cylinders (normally 1.0) Shape scale factor

Confirm messages

confirm.loadfileConfirm data loaded from file Data loaded from file Date încărcate din fişier Successfully saved Salvat cu succes two make the message "Successfully saved &lt;number&gt; points to file &lt;filename&gt;" points to file puncte în
confirm.deletepoint.singlemessage for single point deleted data point was removed punct a fost șters
confirm.deletepoint.multimessage for more than one point deleted %d data points were removed %d puncte au fost șterse
confirm.point.edit point edited puncte editate
confirm.mergetracksegments Track segments merged Segmente traseului au fost unite
confirm.reverserange Range reversed Intervalul a fost inversat
confirm.addtimeoffset Time offset added Decalajele de timp au fost adăugate
confirm.addaltitudeoffset Altitude offset added Decalajele de altitudine au fost adăugate
confirm.rearrangewaypoints Waypoints rearranged Waypoint-urile au fost rearanjate
confirm.rearrangephotos Photos rearranged Fotografiile au fost rearanjate
confirm.splitsegmentsThe %d is replaced by the number of splits %d segment splits were made Au fost făcute %d divizări de segmente
confirm.sewsegmentsThe %d is replaced by the number of joins %d segment joins were made Au fost combinate %d segmente
confirm.cutandmove Selection moved Selecția a fost mutată
confirm.pointaddedsingle point was added point added
confirm.pointsaddedThe %d is replaced by the number of points added %d points added %d punctele au fost adăugate
confirm.saveexif.okMakes the message to confirm the number of photos saved Saved %d photo files Au fost salvate %d fișiere foto
confirm.undo.single operation undone operația a fost anulată
confirm.undo.multiThese two make the message "&lt;number&gt; operations undone" to confirm that they were undone successfully operations undone operațiile au fost anulate
confirm.jpegload.single 1 photo was added 1 foto a fost adăugată
confirm.jpegload.multi %d photos were added %d fotografiile au fost adăugate
confirm.loadedmediaphoto or audio 1 media item was added a photo or an audio was connected media connected foto/audio conectat photo disconnected foto deconectat audio disconnected audio deconectat;filename&gt; removed %s was removed %s șters
confirm.correlatephotos.singleConfirm one photo correlation photo was correlated foto a fost corelată
confirm.correlatephotos.multiConfirm more than one photo correlation with number %d photos were correlated %d fotografiile au fost corelate
confirm.rotatephotocurrent photo was rotated (by 90 degrees) photo rotated foto rotită
confirm.createpoint point created punct creat
confirm.runningDisplayed when an export is currently running (and may take some time) Running ... Executare ...
confirm.lookupsrtmMakes the message "Found &lt;number&gt; altitude values" for SRTM lookup function Found %d altitude values Au fost găsite %d valori de altitudine
confirm.downloadsrtmConfirms download of SRTM files Downloaded %d files to the cache S-au descărcat %d fişiere
confirm.downloadsrtm.1Confirms download of just 1 SRTM file Downloaded %d file to the cache S-au descărcat %d fişier
confirm.deletefieldvalues Field values deleted Valorile câmpurilor au fost șterse
confirm.audiosloaded.single 1 audio file added
confirm.audiosloaded %d audio files added %d fișiere audio au fost adăugate
confirm.correlateaudios.singleConfirm one audio clip correlated audio was correlated clipul audio a fost corelat
confirm.correlateaudios.multiConfirm more than one audio clip correlated with number %d audios were correlated %d clipurile audio au fost corelate
confirm.applytimestampsTimestamps have now been applied or overwritten Timestamps applied to selection

Tips, shown just once when appropriate

tip.title Tip Indiciu
tip.useamapcacheShown when many maps are shown but cache is off By setting up a disk cache (Settings -> Save maps to disk)\nyou can speed up the display and reduce network traffic. Prin configurarea unui cache pe disc (Setări -> Salvare hărți)\nputeți îmbunătăți viteza de afișare și reduce traficul de rețea
tip.learntimeparamsShown when estimate is called but no learn has been done The results will be more accurate if you use\nTrack -> Learn time estimation parameters\non your recorded tracks. Rezultatele vor fi mai corecte dacă folosiți\nTraseu -> Învață parametri pentru estimări de timp\npe traseele deja înregistrate.
tip.downloadsrtmShown when many SRTM lookups have been made with online calls You can speed this up by setting up a disk cache\nto save the SRTM data locally.
tip.usesrtmfor3dShown when a 3d view is requested but track doesn't have altitudes This track doesn't have altitudes.\nYou can use the SRTM functions to get approximate\naltitudes for the 3d view. Acest traseu nu are valori de altitudine.\nPuteți folosi funcțiile SRTM pentru a aproxima altitudinile în vederea 3D.
tip.manuallycorrelateoneTip to recommend that at least one photo/audio is manually connected By manually connecting at least one item, the time offset can be calculated for you. Decalajul de timp poate fi calculat dacă cel puțin un element e conectat.
tip.nonstandardconfigfilenameSuggest command line parameter if config filename isn't the normal one By choosing a non-standard filename for the settings,\nyou'll need to tell GpsPrune at startup how to find it\nusing the "--configfile" parameter.


button.ok OK OK
button.back Back Înapoi Next Urmator
button.finish Finish Terminat
button.cancel Cancel Renunţă
button.overwrite Overwrite Suprascrie
button.moveupMove the selected field up one position in the list Move up Mută în sus
button.movedownMove the selected field down one position in the list Move down Mută în jos
button.edit Edit Editează
button.exit Exit Ieșire
button.close Close Închide
button.continue Continue Continuă
button.yes Yes Da No Nu
button.alwaysYes, and don't ask me again Always Întotdeauna Select Selectare
button.selectall Select all Selectează tot
button.selectnone Select none Deselectează tot
button.preview Preview Previzualizare
button.load Load Descarcă
button.guessfieldsGuess which fields go where Guess fields Ghicește câmpuri
button.showwebpageLaunch a browser to show the given web page Show webpage Deschide pagina web
button.checkCheck the values in the dialog Check Verifică
button.resettodefaults Reset to defaults Revino la valorile standard
button.browseOpen a file selection dialog to choose a file Browse... Browse...
button.addnewAdd a new item, for example a new map source Add new Adaugă
button.deleteDelete currently selected item Delete Şterge
button.manageOpen dialog for managing the item, eg map cache Manage Administrează
button.combineUsed to combine the calculated parameters Combine Combină
button.keepselectedFor delete by date Keep selected
button.deleteselectedFor delete by date Delete selected
button.applyAfter estimating duration, apply the results Apply
button.allowIt's OK to allow this action (eg download media) Allow
button.blockDo not allow this action (do not download any files from this domain and do not ask again) Block Search

File types

filetype.txtText files TXT files Fişiere text
filetype.jpeg JPG files Imagine JPEG (*.jpg)
filetype.kmlkmzKML and KMZ KML, KMZ files Fişiere KML, KMZ
filetype.kml KML files Fişiere KML
filetype.kmz KMZ files Fişiere KMZ
filetype.gpx GPX files Fişiere GPX
filetype.pov POV files Fişiere POV
filetype.svg SVG files Fişiere SVG
filetype.png PNG files Fişiere PNG MP3, OGG, WAV files Fişiere MP3, OGG, WAV

Display components

display.nodata No data loaded Nu există date încărcate
display.noaltitudesAltitude chart can't be shown Track data does not include altitudes Traseul nu include altitudini
display.notimestampsSpeed chart can't be shown Track data does not include timestamps Datele traseului nu includ date cronologice
display.novaluesChart for another field can't be shown Track data does not include values for this field Datele traseului nu includ valori pentru acest câmp
details.trackdetails Track details Detalii traseul
details.notrack No track loaded Niciun traseu încărcat
details.track.points Points Puncte
details.track.file File Fișier
details.track.numfilesNumber of files loaded Number of files Numărul de fişiere
details.pointdetails Point details Detalii punct
details.index.selected Index Punct
details.index.ofThese two make the message "Index 32 of 425" if there are 425 points and number 32 is selected of din
details.nopointselection No point selected Niciun punct selectat
details.photofile Photo file Fişier foto
details.norangeselection No range selected Niciun interval selectat
details.rangedetails Range details Detalii interval
details.range.selected Selected Selectat de la
details.range.toThese two make the message "Selected 128 to 181" if the current range goes from point number 128 to number 181 to la
details.altitude.toMakes the message "139m to 1128m" if that is the altitude range of the selection to până la
details.range.climbThe total amount of upwards climb during the selection Climb Urcare
details.range.descentThe total amount of downwards descent during the selection Descent Coborâre
details.coordformat Coordinate format Format coordonate
details.distanceunits Distance units Unitate de distanță
display.range.time.secs s s
display.range.time.mins m m
display.range.time.hours h h
display.range.time.days d z
details.range.avespeed Ave speed Viteza medie
details.range.maxspeed Maximum speed Viteza maximă
details.range.numsegments Number of segments Număr de segmente
details.range.paceTime for 1 km or 1 mile Pace Ritm
details.range.gradientTotal altitude difference as percentage of total distance Gradient Gradient
details.lists.waypointsHeadings above list boxes Waypoints Waypoints Photos Fotografii Audio Audio
details.photodetails Photo details Detalii foto
details.nophoto No photo selected Nicio foto selectată when thumbnail loading Loading Încărcare in which photo was taken (degrees) Bearing Direcţie the photo / audio associated with a point Connected Conectat filename or URL of photo/audio Full path Cale completă
details.audiodetails Audio details Detalii audio
details.noaudio No audio clip selected Niciun clip audio selectat Audio file Fişier in the progress bar when an audio clip is currently playing playing... Redare audio...
map.overzoomMessage shown when zoom is too high for maps No maps available at this zoom level Nu există hărți la acest nivel de apropiere

Field names

fieldname.latitude Latitude Latitudine
fieldname.longitude Longitude Longitudine
fieldname.coordinatesBoth latitude and longitude together Coordinates Coordonate
fieldname.altitude Altitude Altitudine
fieldname.timestampTimestamp of single point Time Timp
fieldname.timeTime as an axis variable Time Timp
fieldname.dateJust the date, without time of day Date Data
fieldname.waypointname Name Nume
fieldname.waypointtype Type Tip
fieldname.newsegment Segment Segment
fieldname.custom Custom Personalizat
fieldname.prefix Field Câmp
fieldname.distance Distance Distanţă
fieldname.duration Duration Durată
fieldname.speed Speed Viteză
fieldname.verticalspeed Vertical speed Viteză verticală
fieldname.gradient Gradient
fieldname.description Description Descriere
fieldname.commentcmt field from gpx Comment Comentariu
fieldname.symbolsym field from gpx Symbol Simbol Photo Audio

Measurement units

units.originaluse the original format Original Inițial
units.defaultuse the default format Default Implicit
units.metres Metres Metri
units.metres.short m m
units.feet Feet Picioare
units.feet.short ft ft
units.kilometres Kilometres Kilometri
units.kilometres.short km km
units.kilometresperhour km per hour km pe oră
units.kilometresperhour.short km/h km/h
units.miles Miles Mile
units.miles.short mi mi
units.milesperhour miles per hour mile pe oră
units.milesperhour.short mph mph
units.nauticalmiles Nautical miles Mile marine
units.nauticalmiles.short N.m. N.m.
units.nauticalmilesperhour.shortknots kts kn
units.metrespersecfor vertical speed metres per second metri pe secundă
units.metrespersec.shortfor vertical speed m/s m/s
units.feetpersecfor vertical speed feet per second picioare pe secundă
units.feetpersec.shortfor vertical speed ft/s ft/s
units.hours hours ore
units.minutes minutes minute
units.seconds seconds secunde
units.degminsec Deg-min-sec Grad-min-sec
units.degmin Deg-min Grad-min
units.deg Degrees Grad
units.iso8601long timestamp format ISO 8601 ISO 8601
units.degreescelsiusfor temperatures in Celsius Celsius Celsius
units.degreescelsius.short °C °C
units.degreesfahrenheitfor temperatures in Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Fahrenheit
units.degreesfahrenheit.short °F °F

How to combine conditions, such as filters

logic.andboth must be true and și
logic.oreither can be true or sau

External urls

url.googlemapshostname for google maps
wikipedia.langlanguage code for wikipedia en ro
openweathermap.langlanguage code for en ro
webservice.peakfinder Open Deschide
webservice.geohack Open Geohack page Deschide pagina Geohack

Cardinals for 3d plots

cardinal.n N N
cardinal.s S S
cardinal.e E E
cardinal.w W V

Undo operations

undo.loadfileload points from file Load file %s Încarcă date %s
undo.loadpoints Load %d points
undo.loadphoto Load photo %s
undo.loadphotos Load %d photos Încarcă %d fotografii
undo.loadaudioincluding name Load audio clip '%s'
undo.loadaudiosincluding count Load %d audio clips Încarcă %d audio
undo.loadmediaincluding name of media file (photo/audio) Load media '%s'
undo.editpoint Edit point Editare punct
undo.editpoint.withname Edit point '%s' Editare punct '%s'
undo.deletepoint Delete point Șterge punct
undo.deletepoint.withname Delete point '%s' Șterge punct '%s'
undo.deletepoints Delete %d points Ștergere %d puncte
undo.removephoto Remove photo %s Elimina foto %s
undo.removeaudio Remove audio clip %s Elimină audio %s
undo.connect Connect %s Conectarea %s
undo.disconnect Disconnect %s Deconectarea %s
undo.correlatephotoJust one Correlate photo Corelarea fotograf
undo.correlatephotosMore than one, with the count Correlate %d photos Corelarea %d fotografilor
undo.createpoint Create point Adăugarea punctului
undo.deletefieldvaluesIncluding field name Delete values of field '%s' Ștergerea valorilor câmpurilor '%s'
undo.correlateaudioJust one Correlate audio Corelarea clipul audio
undo.correlateaudiosMore than one, with the count Correlate %d audios Corelarea %d clipurilor audio
undo.applytimestamps Apply timestamps

Error messages

IdDescriptionEnglishRomanian Error saving data Eroare la salvarea datelor No data to save Nu există nimic de salvat Failed to save the data to file Salvarea datelor în fișier a eșuat
error.saveexif.filenotfound Failed to find photo file Cautarea foto a eșuat
error.saveexif.cannotoverwriteMessage (with filename in the %s) when a photo is read-only but overwrite has been selected Photo file %s is read-only and can't be overwritten. Write to copy? Fișierul foto %s este read only și nu poate fi suprascris. Salvez o copie?
error.saveexif.failedMakes the message when (number) of images failed to be saved Failed to save %d of the images Salvarea a %d imagini a eșuat
error.saveexif.forcedMakes the warning when (number) of images were forced %d of the images required forcing %d imagini au necesitat salvare forțată
error.load.dialogtitle Error loading data Eroare la încarcarea datelor
error.load.noreadError message for when the file can't be read at all Cannot read file Fișierul nu poate fi citit
error.load.nopointsError message shown when no points found No coordinate information found in the file În fișier nu au fost găsite coordonate geografice
error.load.unknownxmlXML file isn't kml or gpx Unrecognised xml format: Formatul XML nu poate fi recunoscut
error.load.noxmlinzipZip file or Kmz file opened but no xml file found inside No xml file found inside zip file În interiorul fișierului ZIP sau KMZ nu a fost găsit conținut XML
error.load.othererror Error reading file: Eroare la citirea fișierului:
error.load.nopointsintextPasted text not valid No coordinate information found
error.jpegload.dialogtitle Error loading photos Eroare la încărcarea fotografiilor
error.jpegload.nofilesfoundNo files found No files found Nu a fost găsit niciun fișier
error.jpegload.nojpegsfoundNo jpeg files found No jpeg files found Nu a fost găsit niciun fișier jpeg
error.jpegload.nogpsfoundNo jpeg files with gps data in exif No GPS information found În EXIF-ul fișierelor JPEG nu a fost găsită informație GPS
error.audioload.nofilesfound No audio clips found Nu a fost găsit niciun clip audio.
error.gpsload.unknownSomething went wrong with gps load but no error message given Unknown error Eroare cu cauză necunoscută
error.undofailed.title Undo failed Anularea a eșuat
error.undofailed.text Failed to undo operation Încercarea de anulare a eșuat
error.function.noop.title Function had no effect Funcția nu a avut niciun efect
error.rearrange.noopUpdate: Now just POINTS, not waypoints Rearranging points had no effect Rearanjarea punctelor nu a avut niciun efect
error.function.notavailable.title Function not available Funcție indisponibilă
error.function.nojava3d This function requires the Java3d library. Această funcție necesită biblioteca Java3d
error.3dError with 3d display An error occurred with the 3d display Eroare la afișarea 3d
error.readme.notfound Readme file not found Fișerul "Citeşte-mă" nu a fost găsit
error.osmimage.dialogtitle Error loading map images Eroarea la încărcarea imaginilor hărții
error.osmimage.failedProbably there is no network connection Failed to load map images. Please check internet connection. Încărcarea imaginilor hărții a eșuat. Verificați conexiunea la internet.
error.language.wrongfileProbably just chose the wrong file The selected file doesn't appear to be a language file for GpsPrune Fișierul selectat nu pare a fi un fișier de limbă pentru GpsPrune
error.lookupsrtm.nonefoundEither no tiles found for this area, or data contains voids No altitude values available for these points Pentru aceste puncte nu există valori de altitudine
error.lookupsrtm.nonerequiredNo points found without altitudes, so nothing to lookup All points already have altitudes, so there's nothing to lookup Toate punctele au deja altitudine, nu e nimic de calculat
error.srtm.authenticationfailedUsername or password was rejected by the NASA SRTM server Authentication failed, please check the password in the SRTM settings
error.showphoto.failedPopup launched but photo can't be loaded (maybe moved?) Failed to load photo Încărcarea foto a eșuat
error.playaudiofailedJava couldn't play it and the Desktop call failed too Failed to play audio clip Încercarea de a reda clipul audio a eșuat
error.cache.notthereThe 'manage' button was clicked but the directory is no longer there The tile cache directory was not found Directorul tile cache nu a fost găsit
error.cache.emptyThe tile cache directory is there but there are no subdirectories in it The tile cache directory is empty Directorul tile cache e gol
error.cache.cannotdeleteEither we haven't got permission to delete or none are too old No tiles could be deleted Tile-urile (imaginile hartă) nu au putut fi șterse
error.learnestimationparams.failedError when learning the estimation parameters failed - the track is too short or doesn't have enough data Cannot learn the parameters from this track.\nTry loading more tracks. Nu pot fi învățați parametrii din acest traseu.\nÎncercați să încărcați mai multe trasee.
error.tracksplit.nosplitThe split function couldn't find any places to split the track The track could not be split Traseul nu a putut fi spart
error.sewsegments.nothingdoneSew segment operation couldn't do anything (also show number of segments) No segments could be sewn together.\nThere are now %d segments in the track. Segmentele nu au putut fi combinate.\nÎn traseu sunt acum %d segmente.
error.sewsegments.nothingdone.singleSew segment operation couldn't do anything (only one segment) No segments could be sewn together.\nThere is only a single segment in the track.
error.findfile.nofilesfound No files could be found in this directory.
error.migrateconfig.couldnotcreatedirectoryProbably a lack of file permissions, migration was aborted Failed to create directory %s.\nSettings could not be migrated.
error.migrateconfig.couldnotdeletefileThe old file couldn't be deleted (locked or read-only), but new file will be used instead. Failed to delete file %s.\nPlease delete this file manually.

Last updated 2024-03-21.