Portuguese translations of GpsPrune

To edit any of these Portuguese texts, just click on a cell in the fourth column of the tables.

Menu entries

menu.fileMenu for file operations File Arquivo
menu.file.addphotos Add photos Adicionar fotos
menu.file.recentfilesSubmenu for list of recently-used files Recent files Arquivos recentes
menu.file.saveSave as text file (not KML or GPX) Save as text Salvar
menu.file.exit Exit Sair
menu.onlineOnline menu, for functions which download from or upload to the internet Online Online
menu.trackTrack menu Track Rota
menu.track.undo Undo Desfazer
menu.track.clearundoClear the list of operations to undo Clear undo list Limpar lista de desfazer
menu.track.markrectangleAllow you to drag a rectangle and mark all the points inside it Mark points in rectangle Marcar pontos no retângulo
menu.rangeRange menu Range Intervalo
menu.range.allSelect all points Select all Selecionar tudo
menu.range.noneSelect no points Select none Desmarcar todas as seleções
menu.range.startSet the start of the range selection to the current point select from this point onwards Set range start Definir início do intervalo
menu.range.endSet the end of the range selection to the current point select up to this point Set range end Definir fim do intervalo
menu.range.averageMake a new point which has the average position of the selection Average selection Seleção média
menu.range.reverseReverse the order of points within the selected range, so that ABCDE becomes EDCBA Reverse range Reverter intervalo
menu.range.mergetracksegmentsMake the selection a single track segment Merge track segments Mesclar trechos da rota
menu.range.cutandmoveMove the selected range to before the currently selected point Cut and move selection Recortar e mover seleção
menu.pointPoint menu Point Ponto
menu.point.editpoint Edit point Editar ponto
menu.point.deletepoint Delete point Remover ponto
menu.photoMenu for photo operations Photo Foto
menu.photo.saveexifSave coordinate data to Exif of jpeg files Save to Exif Salvar para Exif
menu.audioMenu for audio operations Audio Áudio
menu.viewMenu for View operations View Exibir
menu.view.showsidebarsShow or hide the left, right and bottom panels Show sidebars Mostrar barras laterais
menu.view.browserOpen a browser with a map of the area (not inside GpsPrune window) Map in a browser window Mapear no navegador
menu.view.browser.google Google maps Mapas do Google
menu.view.browser.openstreetmap Openstreetmap Mapas do OpenStreetMap
menu.view.browser.mapquest Mapquest Mapas do Mapquest
menu.view.browser.yahoo Yahoo maps Mapas do Yahoo
menu.view.browser.bing Bing maps Mapas do Bing
menu.view.browser.inlinemap Inline map
menu.view.browser.graphhopper GraphHopper
menu.settingsSettings menu Settings Configurações
menu.settings.onlinemodeCheckbox for online / offline mode Load maps from internet Carregar mapas da Internet
menu.settings.autosaveAutomatically save settings when exiting program Autosave settings on exit Autosalvar configurações ao sair
menu.helpHelp menu Help Ajuda

Popup menu for map

menu.map.zoominzoom in, make everything bigger Zoom in Ampliar
menu.map.zoomoutzoom out, make everything smaller Zoom out Reduzir
menu.map.zoomfullzoom so that all points can be seen Zoom to full scale Ajustar para tela
menu.map.newpointCreate new point at the click position Create new point Criar novo ponto
menu.map.drawpointsWhen this is activated, each left-click will create a new point at that position Create series of points Criar séries de pontos
menu.map.connectConnect track points with a line Connect track points Conectar pontos da rota
menu.map.autopanwhen a point is selected out of view, automatically pan the view so that the point can be seen Autopan Auto-ajustar
menu.map.showmapShow map from openstreetmap behind track Show map Mostrar o mapa
menu.map.showscalebarShow scalebar (km or miles) Show scalebar Mostrar barra de escala
menu.map.editmodeWhen activated, points can be dragged Edit mode Modo de edição

Alt keys for menus

altkey.menu.fileThe accelerator (with Alt) to open each menu F A
altkey.menu.online N N
altkey.menu.track T R
altkey.menu.range R I
altkey.menu.point P P
altkey.menu.view V X
altkey.menu.photo O F
altkey.menu.audio A U
altkey.menu.settings S C
altkey.menu.help H J

Ctrl shortcuts for menu items

shortcut.menu.file.openThe shortcut (with Ctrl) to activate each menu item O A
shortcut.menu.file.load(from GPS) L C
shortcut.menu.file.save S S
shortcut.menu.track.undo Z Z
shortcut.menu.track.compress C C
shortcut.menu.range.all A T
shortcut.menu.point.edit E E
shortcut.menu.help.help H J


function.open Open file Abrir
function.importwithgpsbabel Import file with GPSBabel Importar arquivo com GPSBabel
function.loadfromgps Load data from GPS Carregar dados do GPS
function.sendtogps Send data to GPS Enviar dados para o GPS
function.exportkmlExport data Export KML Exportar para KML
function.exportgpxExport data Export GPX Exportar para GPX
function.exportpovExport file for 3d rendering Export POV Exportar para POV
function.exportimageExport map image Export image Exportar imagem
function.editwaypointname Edit waypoint name Editar nome do ponto
function.togglesegmentflagTurn the segment flag of the current point on and off Toggle segment flag
function.compressStart the compression algorithms Compress track Comprimir rota
function.markliftsFor ski tracks, mark all the ski lifts for deletion Mark uphill lifts
function.deleterangeDelete the currently selected range Delete range Remover intervalo
function.deletemarkedDelete the points which have been marked by compression or rectangle Delete marked points Remover pontos marcados
function.croptrackCrop the track to just contain the current selection Crop track Cortar rota
function.interpolateInsert new points between each pair of points, equally spaced along straight lines Interpolate points Interpolar pontos
function.deletebydateList the dates from the track and select which data to keep and which to delete Delete points by date Remover pontos de acordo com a data
function.addtimeoffsetAdd a specified time offset to the selected range Add time offset Adicionar diferença de tempo
function.addaltitudeoffsetAdd a specified altitude offset to the selected range Add altitude offset Adicionar diferença de altitude
function.findwaypointSearch for waypoints with given name Find waypoint Encontrar ponto
function.rearrangewaypointsRearrange the order of waypoints within the point series Rearrange waypoints Rearrumar pontos
function.convertnamestotimesTry to interpret waypoint names as timestamps Convert waypoint names to times Converter nomes dos pontos para tempos
function.deletefieldvaluesDelete the values of a specified field Delete field values Remover valores do campo
function.pastecoordinatesCreate new point by entering the coordinates Enter point coordinates Inserir novas coordenadas
function.pastecoordinatelistCreate a series of points by entering coordinates (like a text file) Enter list of coordinates
function.enterpluscodeEnter pluscodes, also known as Open Location Codes Enter pluscode Inserir um plus code
function.charts Charts Gráficos
function.show3dShow a new window with a 3d view of the data Three-D view Visualizar 3D
function.distancesShow a list of distances between waypoints Distances Distâncias
function.viewfulldetailsShow the additional point / range details like pace, gradient Full details Todos os detalhes
function.estimatetimeUse typical speeds to estimate how long it would take to cover the current range Estimate time Tempo estimado
function.learnestimationparamsUse the times in the current track to calculate how to estimate times Learn time estimation parameters Aprender os parâmetros para estimativa de tempo
function.autoplayLet GpsPrune scroll through the track for you Autoplay track
function.selectsegmentSelect the current segment Select current segment Selecionar segmento atual
function.splitsegmentsSplit the track into segments Split track into segments Dividir rota em segmentos
function.sewsegmentsShuffle and reverse the track segments as necessary to join them together Sew track segments together Reunir segmentos em rota
function.createmarkerwaypointsCreate waypoints to mark distance or time intervals Create marker waypoints
function.lookupsrtmLookup the point coordinates in SRTM data to find (approx) altitudes Get altitudes from SRTM Obter altitudes a partir do SRTM
function.configuresrtmsourcesChoose low-res SRTM or (after registration) higher-res SRTM Configure SRTM sources
function.getwikipediaLookup wikipedia articles about places nearby Get nearby Wikipedia articles Obter artigos da Wikipédia das redondezas
function.searchwikipedianamesLookup Wikipedia articles by name Search Wikipedia by name Procurar na Wikipédia por nome
function.searchosmpoisLookup OSM points nearby (eg bus stops, restaurants) Get nearby OSM points
function.searchopencachingdeSearch for geocaches near the current point Search OpenCaching.de Procurar na OpenCaching.de
function.mapillarySearch online for photos near the current point Search for photos in Mapillary Procurar na Mapillary.com
function.downloadosmDownload the (large) OSM raw data file for the area covered by the current track Download OSM data for area Baixar dados OSM para a área
function.truncatecoordsRound coordinate values to given number of decimal places Truncate coordinates
function.duplicatepointCopy the current point to the end of the track Duplicate point Duplicar ponto
function.projectpointProject the current point with bearing and distance, to create a new point Project point
function.projectcircleProject the current point in all directions at the specified distance, to create a circle Project circle around point
function.connecttopointConnect current photo (or audio clip) to current point Connect to point Conectar ao ponto
function.disconnectfrompointDisconnect photo (or audio clip) from point Disconnect from point Desconectar do ponto
function.removephotoRemove photo from list, don't delete the file! Remove photo Remover foto
function.correlatephotosCorrelate all photos using timestamps Correlate photos Correlacionar fotos
function.rearrangephotosRearrange photo points within the track Rearrange photos Rearrumar fotos
function.rotatephotoleftRotate current photo 90 degrees anticlockwise Rotate photo left Roda foto à esquerda
function.rotatephotorightRotate current photo 90 degrees clockwise Rotate photo right Roda foto à direita
function.photopopupOpen a new window showing the photo bigger Show photo popup Mostrar janela da foto
function.ignoreexifthumbDon't use the exif thumbnail, load the whole image Ignore exif thumbnail Ignorar miniatura do Exif
function.loadaudio Add audio clips Adicionar arquivos de áudio
function.removeaudioRemove the current audio clip from the list Remove audio clip Remover arquivo de áudio
function.correlateaudiosCorrelate all audio clips using timestamps Correlate audios Correlacionar áudios
function.playaudio Play audio clip Reproduzir arquivo de áudio
function.stopaudioStop playing the current audio clip Stop audio clip Parar arquivo de áudio
function.setmapbgSet the tile server for the background maps Set map background Definir como fundo do mapa
function.setpathsSet the paths to the external programs like gpsbabel Set program paths Definir caminhos do programa
function.setcoloursSpecify the colours used for points, selections, backgrounds Set colours Definir cores
function.setdisplaysettingsSet options for map display, like how lines are drawn Set display options
function.setwaypointdisplaySet options for waypoint display, like icons and colours Set waypoint options
function.setlanguageSet the language to be used (requires restart) Set language Definir idioma
function.helpShow a help message Help Ajuda
function.showkeysShow a list of shortcut keys Show shortcut keys Mostrar atalhos de teclado
function.aboutShow the "About" screen About GpsPrune Sobre o GpsPrune
function.checkversionCheck if a new version of GpsPrune has been released Check for new version Verificar novas versões
function.saveconfigSave the configuration settings like directories, GPS device Save settings Salvar configurações
function.diskcacheSettings for disk caching of map images Save maps to disk Salvar mapas para o disco
function.managetilecacheControls for deleting old map tiles Manage tile cache Gerenciar cache de fundos
function.getweatherforecastDownload a weather forecast for the current area Get weather forecast Baixar a previsão do tempo para a área atual
function.setaltitudetoleranceSet the altitude variation which is ignored for climb and descent values Set altitude tolerance
function.selecttimezoneSet the timezone with which point timestamps are displayed Set timezone


dialog.exit.confirm.title Exit GpsPrune Sair do GpsPrune
dialog.exit.unsaveddata.textUser hasn't saved the data yet, check if ok to exit without saving Your data is not saved. Are you sure you want to exit? Seus dados não foram salvos. Você tem certeza de que deseja sair?
dialog.exit.unsavedsettings.textUser hasn't saved the settings It is recommended to call "Save settings" before exit. Exit anyway?
dialog.openappend.title Append to existing data Adicionar aos dados existentes
dialog.openappend.textAppend means if I open file1 and then file2, I have both data together. If I say no, I remove file1 data and just have file2. Append this data to the data already loaded? Adicionar estes dados aos dados já carregados?
dialog.deletepoint.title Delete Point Remover Ponto
dialog.deletepoint.deletephotoQuestion whether to remove photo from list or just disconnect from point Delete photo attached to this point? Remover foto anexada a este ponto?
dialog.deletephoto.title Delete Photo Remover Foto
dialog.deletephoto.deletepointQuestion whether to delete the point attached to the photo being removed Delete point attached to this photo? Remover ponto anexado a esta foto?
dialog.deleteaudio.deletepointSame as above but for an audio clip being removed Delete point attached to this audio clip? Remover ponto anexado a este clipe de áudio?
dialog.openoptions.title Open options Opções de abertura
dialog.openoptions.filesnippetlabel for showing a small part of the file Extract of file Extrair do arquivo
dialog.load.table.field Field Campo
dialog.load.table.datatype Data Type Tipo de Dado
dialog.load.table.description Description Descrição
dialog.delimiter.labelThe character which separates fields of data Field delimiter Delimitador do campo
dialog.delimiter.comma Comma , Vírgula ,
dialog.delimiter.tab Tab Tabulação
dialog.delimiter.space Space Espaço
dialog.delimiter.semicolon Semicolon ; Ponto e vírgula ;
dialog.delimiter.other Other Outro
dialog.openoptions.deliminfo.records records, with registros, com
dialog.openoptions.deliminfo.fieldsThese two make the message "<number> records, with <number> fields" to describe what was found fields campos
dialog.openoptions.deliminfo.norecords No records Sem registros
dialog.openoptions.altitudeunits Altitude units Unidades de altitude
dialog.openoptions.speedunits Speed units Unidades de velocidade
dialog.openoptions.vertspeedunits Vertical speed units Unidades de velocidade vertical
dialog.openoptions.vspeed.introOptional description before the two radio buttons
dialog.openoptions.vspeed.positiveupRadio buttons for meaning of positive vertical speed values Positive speeds upwards Velocidades de subida positivas
dialog.openoptions.vspeed.positivedown Positive speeds downwards Velocidades de descida positivas
dialog.open.contentsdoubledWarning message shown when all points are given twice This file contains two copies of each point. Este arquivo contém duas cópias de cada ponto.
dialog.open.contentsdoubled.wayandtrackWarning message shown when all points are given twice with waypoints and track points This file contains two copies of each point,\nonce as waypoints and once as track points. Este arquivo contém duas cópias de cada ponto,\nsendo uma como ponto normal e uma como ponto de rota.
dialog.selecttracks.introMessage for selecting tracks when loading a gpx file Select the track or tracks to load Selecione a rota ou rotas para carregar
dialog.selecttracks.nonameDisplayed for tracks without a name Unnamed Sem nome
dialog.jpegload.subdirectoriesOption to search through all subdirectories as well Include subdirectories Incluir subpastas
dialog.jpegload.loadjpegswithoutcoordsOption to also load jpegs which don't have coordinates in them Include photos without coordinates Incluir fotos sem coordenadas
dialog.jpegload.loadjpegsoutsideareaOption to also load jpegs which are outside the current track area Include photos outside current area Incluir fotos fora da área atual
dialog.jpegload.progress.title Loading photos Carregando fotos
dialog.jpegload.progress Please wait while the photos are searched Por favor, espere enquanto as fotos são procuradas
dialog.gpsload.nogpsbabel No gpsbabel program could be found. Continue? Nenhum programa gpsbabel pode ser encontrado. Continuar?
dialog.gpsload.deviceparameter for gpsbabel, eg '/dev/ttyUSB0' Device name Nome do dispositivo
dialog.gpsload.formatparameter for gpsbabel, eg 'garmin' Format Formato
dialog.gpsload.getwaypoints Load waypoints Carregar pontos
dialog.gpsload.gettracksTwo checkboxes for what to load from GPS Load tracks Carregar rotas
dialog.gpsload.saveCheckbox to save GPS data immediately to file Save to file Salvar para arquivo
dialog.gpssend.sendwaypoints Send waypoints Enviar pontos
dialog.gpssend.sendtracksTwo checkboxes for what to send to GPS Send tracks Enviar rotas
dialog.gpssend.tracknameName of track as it appears in GPS unit Track name Nome da rota
dialog.gpsbabel.filtersArea of dialog dealing with GPSBabel filters Filters Filtros
dialog.addfilter.titleDialog title for adding a new GPSBabel filter Add filter Adicionar filtro
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discardFour buttons for the types of GPSBabel filter Discard Descartar
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify Simplify Simplificar
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance Distance Distância
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate Interpolate Interpolar
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.introIntroduction to discard filter settings Discard points if Descartar pontos se
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.hdopHorizontal dilution of precision Hdop > Hdop >
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.vdopVertical dilution of precision Vdop > Vdop >
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.numsatsNumber of satellites Number of satellites < Número de satélites <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.nofixCheckbox for discard filter Point has no fix Ponto não possui fixo
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.discard.unknownfixCheckbox for discard filter Point has unknown fix Ponto possui fixo desconhecido
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.introIntroduction to simplify filter settings Remove points until Remover pontos até
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.maxpointsLabel before max points box Number of points < Número de pontos <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.maxerrorLabel before max error box or error distance < ou erro de distância <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.crosstrackThree radio buttons for error type cross-track cruzamento de rota
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.length length difference diferença de comprimento
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.simplify.relative relative to hdop relativo ao hdop
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance.introIntroduction to distance filter settings Remove points if close to any previous point Remover pontos se próximos a qualquer ponto anterior
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance.distanceLabel before distance box If distance < Se distância <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.distance.timeLabel before time limit box and time difference < e diferença de tempo <
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate.introIntroduction to interpolate settings Add extra points between track points Adicionar pontos entre os pontos da rota
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate.distanceLabel before distance box If distance > Se distância >
dialog.gpsbabel.filter.interpolate.timeLabel before time box or time difference > ou diferença de tempo >
dialog.saveoptions.title Save file Salvar arquivo
dialog.save.fieldstosaveLabel for the table of which fields to save to the file Fields to save Campos a salvar
dialog.save.table.field Field Campo
dialog.save.table.hasdataA checkbox which is checked if the field has data in it Has data Possui dados
dialog.save.table.save Save Salvar
dialog.save.headerrowA checkbox which can be checked to also save a header row Output header row Saída da linha de cabeçalho
dialog.save.coordinateunits Coordinate format Unidades das coordenadas
dialog.save.altitudeunits Altitude units Unidades da altitude
dialog.save.timestampformat Timestamp format Formato da data-hora
dialog.save.overwrite.title File already exists Arquivo já existe
dialog.save.overwrite.text This file already exists. Are you sure you want to overwrite the file? Este arquivo já existe. Você tem certeza de que deseja sobrescrevê-lo?
dialog.save.notypesselectedAt least one of the three point types (track, way, photo) should be selected for any save/export No point types have been selected Nenhum tipo de ponto foi selecionado
dialog.exportkml.textTitle text saved to file Title for the data Título para os dados
dialog.exportkml.altitudealtitudes are always included in KML but this checkbox specifies "absolute", not "clampToGround" Absolute altitudes (for aviation) Incluir altitudes (para aviação)
dialog.exportkml.kmzCheckbox for export to kmz or kml Compress to make kmz file Comprimir para criar arquivo KMZ
dialog.exportkml.exportimagesCheckbox to also save thumbnails of photos Export image thumbnails to kmz Exportar miniaturas de imagem para o KMZ
dialog.exportkml.imagesizeSize of the image thumbnails in the KMZ (pixels) Image size Tamanho da imagem
dialog.exportkml.trackcolourLabel for colour patch for selecting colour of track Track colour Cor da rota
dialog.exportkml.standardkmlTwo radio buttons - this one is plain KML as before, without timestamps Standard KML KML plano
dialog.exportkml.extendedkmlSecond radio button - this one uses Google's extensions to KML allowing timestamps (if present) Extended KML with timestamps KML extendido com estampa de tempo
dialog.exportgpx.name Name Nome
dialog.exportgpx.desc Description Descrição
dialog.exportgpx.includetimestampsCheckbox to include timestamps in GPX file Include timestamps Incluir data-hora
dialog.exportgpx.copysourceCheckbox to copy loaded xml if possible Copy source xml Copiar fonte xml
dialog.exportgpx.encodingPanel for selecting character encoding Encoding Codificação
dialog.exportgpx.encoding.systemThe default system encoding System Sistema
dialog.exportgpx.encoding.utf8Radio button to use UTF-8, ignoring system settings UTF-8 UTF-8
dialog.exportpov.text Please enter the parameters for the POV export Por favor, insira os parâmetros para a exportação POV
dialog.exportpov.font Font Fonte
dialog.exportpov.cameraxX coordinate of camera Camera X X da Câmera
dialog.exportpov.camerayY coordinate of camera Camera Y Y da Câmera
dialog.exportpov.camerazZ coordinate of camera Camera Z Z da Câmera
dialog.exportpov.modelstyleStyle of model to use Model style Estilo do modelo
dialog.exportpov.ballsandsticks'old method' where each point is a ball on a stick Balls and sticks Bolas e galhos
dialog.exportpov.tubesandwalls'new method' where the track looks like a tube of toothpaste Tubes and walls Tubos e muros
dialog.3d.warningtracksizeWarning about large track size, asking whether to continue or not This track has a large number of points, which Java3D might not be able to display.\nAre you sure you want to continue? Esta rota possui um grande número de pontos, os quais o Java3D não será capaz de exibir.\n Você tem certeza de que deseja continuar?
dialog.3d.useterrainCheckbox for drawing a 3d terrain or not Show terrain Mostrar terreno
dialog.3d.terraingridsizeEdit box for entering the number of points to use in the terrain grid Grid size Tamanho da grade
dialog.exportpov.baseimageLabel for image used on the base plane of the pov export Base image Imagem base
dialog.exportpov.cannotmakebaseimageError if base image can't be saved for some reason Cannot write base image Não foi possível gravar imagem base
dialog.baseimage.titleTitle of popup window Map image Imagem do mapa
dialog.baseimage.useimageCheckbox for using an image or not Use image Usar imagem
dialog.baseimage.mapsource Map source Fonte do mapa
dialog.baseimage.zoom Zoom level Nível de ampliação
dialog.baseimage.tilesNumber of tiles used and total (like 7 / 7) Tiles Ladrilhos
dialog.baseimage.sizeWidth and height of image in pixels Image size Tamanho da imagem
dialog.exportimage.noimagepossibleError if disk cache isn't being used Map images need to be cached to disk in order to use them for an export. Imagens de mapa precisam estar em cache no disco para serem usados por uma exportação.
dialog.exportimage.drawtrackCheckbox to draw the track on top of the exported map image Draw track on map Desenhar rota no mapa
dialog.exportimage.drawtrackpointsCheckbox to also draw each track point or just the lines between Draw track points Desenhar pontos da rota
dialog.exportimage.textscalepercentPercentage scale factor for the font size (100 means normal font size) Text scale factor (%) Fator de escala do texto (%)
dialog.pointtype.descDescribe the meaning of these checkboxes Save the following point types: Salvar os seguintes tipos de ponto:
dialog.pointtype.trackSave track points Track points Pontos de rotas
dialog.pointtype.waypointSave waypoints Waypoints Pontos
dialog.pointtype.photoSave photo points Photo points Pontos de foto
dialog.pointtype.audioSave points with audio clips attached Audio points Pontos de áudio
dialog.pointtype.selectionCheckbox to just save the currently selected range Just selection Apenas seleção
dialog.confirmreversetrack.titleTitle of dialog to confirm whether to really do a section reversal or not Confirm reversal Confirmar inversão
dialog.confirmreversetrack.textThis message just makes sure it is ok to do a reversal even though the data contains timestamps. Assuming that the timestamps are in time order, doing a reversal will put the timestamps out of sequence. This track contains timestamp information, which will be out of sequence after a reversal.\nAre you sure you want to reverse this section? Esta rota possui informações de data-hora, as quais estarão fora de sequência após a reversão.\n Você tem certeza de que deseja reverter esta seção?
dialog.confirmcutandmove.title Confirm cut and move Confirmar cortar e mover
dialog.confirmcutandmove.textSame as above but for moving a track section This track contains timestamp information, which will be out of sequence after a move.\nAre you sure you want to move this section? A rota contém informações de data-hora, as quais estarão fora de sequência após o movimento.\n Você tem certeza de que deseja mover esta seção?
dialog.interpolate.parameter.textNumber of points to insert between each pair of points in the selected range Number of points to insert between each pair of points Número de pontos para inserir entre os pontos selecionados
dialog.interpolate.betweenwaypointsQuestion whether to create new track points between each pair of waypoints Interpolate between waypoints? Interpolar entre os pontos do caminho?
dialog.undo.title Undo action(s) Ação(ões) de desfazer
dialog.undo.pretext Please select the action(s) to undo Por favor, selecione a ação(ões) a desfazer
dialog.undo.none.title Cannot undo Não foi possível desfazer
dialog.undo.none.text No operations to undo! Nenhuma operação a desfazer!
dialog.clearundo.title Clear undo list Limpar lista de desfazer
dialog.clearundo.text Are you sure you want to clear the undo list?\nAll undo information will be lost! Você tem certeza de que deseja limpar a lista de desfazer?\n Todas as informações para desfazer serão perdidas!
dialog.pointedit.title Edit point Editar ponto
dialog.pointedit.introDescription at the top of the edit point dialog Select each field in turn to view and change the value Selecionar cada campo para mudar o valor
dialog.pointedit.table.field Field Campo
dialog.pointedit.nofieldfor label on right-hand side of point edit dialog No field selected Nenhum campo selecionado
dialog.pointedit.table.value Value Valor
dialog.pointnameedit.name Waypoint name Nome do ponto
dialog.pointnameedit.uppercase UPPER case MAIÚSCULAS
dialog.pointnameedit.lowercase lower case minúsculas
dialog.pointnameedit.titlecasecapitalise each word of the name Title Case Frase
dialog.truncatecoords.introDescription for truncate coordinates dialog Select the coordinate format and the number of decimal digits
dialog.truncatecoords.numdigitsHow many digits after the decimal point Number of decimal digits
dialog.truncatecoords.previewHow the results would look if truncated Preview
dialog.addtimeoffset.addMake points later Add time Adicionar tempo
dialog.addtimeoffset.subtractMake points earlier Subtract time Subtrair tempo
dialog.addtimeoffset.weeks Weeks
dialog.addtimeoffset.days Days Dias
dialog.addtimeoffset.hours Hours Horas
dialog.addtimeoffset.minutes Minutes Minutos
dialog.addtimeoffset.notimestampsError message shown when no points with timestamps are selected Cannot add a time offset as this selection doesn't contain any timestamp information Não foi possível adicionar uma diferença de tempo uma vez que esta seleção não possui nenhuma informação de data-hora
dialog.findwaypoint.introIntroductory text for find waypoint dialog Enter part of the waypoint name Insira parte do nome do ponto
dialog.findwaypoint.searchLabel for search box Search Pesquisar
dialog.saveexif.titleTitle for save exif dialog Save Exif Salvar Exif
dialog.saveexif.intro Select the photos to save using the checkboxes Selecionar as fotos para salvar usando as caixas de seleção
dialog.saveexif.nothingtosaveMessage when nothing to do Coordinate data is unchanged, nothing to save Dados das coordenadas não foram alterados, nada para salvar
dialog.saveexif.noexiftoolMessage when exiftool not found No exiftool program could be found. Continue? Nenhum programa exiftool pode ser encontrado. Continuar?
dialog.saveexif.table.photoname Photo name Nome da foto
dialog.saveexif.table.statusColumn heading for status (see values below) Status Estado
dialog.saveexif.table.saveColumn heading for save checkbox Save Salvar
dialog.saveexif.photostatus.connectedPhoto had no point, now it has Connected Conectada
dialog.saveexif.photostatus.disconnectedPhoto did have a point, now it doesn't Disconnected Desconectada
dialog.saveexif.photostatus.modifiedPhoto did have a point but it's been edited Modified Modificada
dialog.saveexif.overwriteCheck to overwrite jpg files Overwrite files Sobrescrever arquivos
dialog.saveexif.forceAdd flag to ignore minor errors and force exif write Force despite minor errors Forçar ignorar erros menores
dialog.charts.xaxisPanel to choose x axis for charts X axis Eixo X
dialog.charts.yaxisPanel to choose y axes for charts Y axes Eixo Y
dialog.charts.outputPanel to choose where to output to Output Saída
dialog.charts.screen Output to screen Saída para tela
dialog.charts.svg Output to SVG file Saída para arquivo SVG
dialog.charts.svgwidthwidth and height of SVG file in pixels SVG width Largura do SVG
dialog.charts.svgheight SVG height Altura do SVG
dialog.charts.needaltitudeortimesWithout altitudes and without times, can't draw any charts The track must have either altitudes or time information in order to create charts A rota deve possuir informações de tempo ou altitude para criar gráficos
dialog.charts.gnuplotnotfoundError message shown when gnuplot path changed but still not found Could not find gnuplot with the given path Não foi possível encontrar o gnuplot com o caminho fornecido
dialog.distances.intro Straight line distances between points Distâncias em linha reta entre pontos
dialog.distances.column.fromColumn heading for distances dialog From point Do ponto
dialog.distances.column.to To point Para o ponto
dialog.distances.currentpointTable entry for current track point Current point Ponto atual
dialog.distances.toofewpointsMessage shown when less than two waypoints available This function needs waypoints in order to calculate the distances between them Esta função precisa de pontos para calcular a distãncia entre eles
dialog.fullrangedetails.introMessage at top of "full range details" dialog Here are the details for the selected range Aqui estão os detalhes para o intervalo selecionado
dialog.fullrangedetails.coltotalColumn heading for total values Including gaps Incluindo intervalos
dialog.fullrangedetails.colsegmentsColumn heading when gaps between segments are ignored Without gaps Sem intervalos
dialog.estimatetime.detailsHeading for the details section of estimating time Details Detalhes
dialog.estimatetime.gentleColumn heading for low/shallow gradient Gentle Suave
dialog.estimatetime.steepColumn heading for steep/high gradient Steep Íngreme
dialog.estimatetime.climb Climb Subida
dialog.estimatetime.descent Descent Descida
dialog.estimatetime.parametersHeading for parameters section Parameters Parâmetros
dialog.estimatetime.parameters.timeforMinutes required for travelling a specified distance Time for Tempo para
dialog.estimatetime.resultsHeading for results section Results Resultados
dialog.estimatetime.results.estimatedtimeResults of calculation in hours, mins and secs Estimated time Tempo estimado
dialog.estimatetime.results.actualtimeActual required time according to the timestamps Actual time Tempo real
dialog.estimatetime.error.nodistanceError shown if current selection only has waypoints or singletons, so moving distance is zero The time estimates need connected track points, to give a distance Para estimar o tempo é necessário conectar os pontos da rota, para obter uma distância
dialog.estimatetime.error.noaltitudesWarning shown if the current selection hasn't got any altitude information The selection doesn't include any altitude information A seleção não inclui nenhuma informação de altitude
dialog.learnestimationparams.introLabel before the results of the parameter-learning These are the parameters calculated from this track Estes são os parâmetros calculados desta rota
dialog.learnestimationparams.averageerrorLabel for the average percentage error generated by these parameters Average error Erro médio
dialog.learnestimationparams.combineLabel between the calculated results and the combined results These parameters can be combined with the current values Estes parâmetros podem ser combinados com os valores atuais
dialog.learnestimationparams.combinedresultsHeading for combined results section Combined results Resultados combinados
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.100pccurrentSlider all the way to the left Keep current values Manter os valores atuais
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.currentused to build the strings eg 60% current + 40% calculated current atual
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.calculatedused to build the strings eg 60% current + 40% calculated calculated calculado
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.50pcAverage of current values and calculated ones Average of current values and calculated ones Média dos valores atuais e calculados
dialog.learnestimationparams.weight.100pccalculatedSlider all the way to the right Use new calculated values Usar novos valores calculados
dialog.setmapbg.introLabel at top of map background dialog Select one of the map sources, or add a new one Selecione uma das fontes de mapas ou adicione uma nova
dialog.addmapsource.titleTitle of dialog to add a new map source Add new map source Adicionar nova fonte de mapas
dialog.addmapsource.sourcenameLabel for source name Name of source Nome da fonte
dialog.addmapsource.layer1urlLabel for text box for URL URL of first layer URL da primeira camada
dialog.addmapsource.layer2urlLabel for text box for URL Optional URL of second layer URL opcional da segunda camada
dialog.addmapsource.maxzoomLabel for dropdown to select maximum zoom level Maximum zoom level Nível de ampliação máximo
dialog.addmapsource.nonameName given to new map source if no name entered Unnamed Sem nome
dialog.gpsies.column.nameColumn headings for table in gpsies dialog Track name Nome da rota
dialog.gpsies.column.length Length Extensão
dialog.gpsies.descriptionHeading for description box Description Descrição
dialog.gpsies.nodescriptionMessage displayed when no description found No description Sem descrição
dialog.gpsies.nonefoundMessage when no tracks returned from search No tracks found Nenhuma rota encontrada
dialog.mapillary.nonefoundMessage when no photos found by Mapillary search No photos found Nenhuma foto encontrada
dialog.wikipedia.column.nameColumn heading: page name in Wikipedia Article name Nome do artigo
dialog.wikipedia.column.distanceColumn heading: distance of each point from the centre of view Distance Distância
dialog.wikipedia.nonefoundMessage when no points returned from wikipedia No wikipedia entries found Nenhum artigo encontrado
dialog.osmpois.column.nameColumn heading: point name Name Nome
dialog.osmpois.column.typeColumn heading: point type Type Tipo
dialog.osmpois.nonefoundMessage when no points returned from OSM No points found
dialog.geocaching.nonefoundMessage when no points returned from opencaching.de No geocaches found
dialog.correlate.notimestampsMessage when no timestamp information in points There are no timestamps in the data points, so there is nothing to correlate with the photos. Não existem data-hora nos dados dos pontos, assim não há nada para correlacionar com as fotos
dialog.correlate.nouncorrelatedphotosMessage when all photos are already correlated There are no uncorrelated photos.\nAre you sure you want to continue? Existem fotos não correlacionadas.\nVocê tem certeza de que deseja continuar?
dialog.correlate.nouncorrelatedaudiosMessage when all audio clips are already correlated There are no uncorrelated audios.\nAre you sure you want to continue? Existem áudios não correlacionados.\nVocê tem certeza de que deseja continuar?
dialog.correlate.photoselect.introHeading above table in first correlate panel Select one of these correlated photos to use as the time offset Selecione uma destas fotos correlacionadas para usar como diferença de tempo
dialog.correlate.select.photoname Photo name Nome da foto
dialog.correlate.select.timediff Time difference Diferença de tempo
dialog.correlate.select.photolaterIs the photo time later than the point time? Photo later Foto é mais recente
dialog.correlate.options.introHeading above table in second correlate panel Select the options for automatic correlation Selecione as opções para correlação automática
dialog.correlate.options.offsetpanelPanel title Time offset Diferença de tempo
dialog.correlate.options.offsetHeading for time offset boxes Offset Diferença
dialog.correlate.options.offset.hoursthree fields for describing text boxes of offset hours, horas.
dialog.correlate.options.offset.minutes minutes and minutos e
dialog.correlate.options.offset.seconds seconds segundos
dialog.correlate.options.photolaterradio button for direction of time difference Photo later than point Foto mais recente que o ponto
dialog.correlate.options.pointlaterphotoradio button Point later than photo Ponto mais recente que a foto
dialog.correlate.options.audiolaterradio button Audio later than point Áudio mais recente que o ponto
dialog.correlate.options.pointlateraudioradio button Point later than audio Ponto mais recente que a áudio
dialog.correlate.options.limitspanel Correlation limits Limites de correlação
dialog.correlate.options.notimelimitradio button No time limit Nenhum limite de tempo
dialog.correlate.options.timelimitradio button Time limit Limite de tempo
dialog.correlate.options.nodistancelimitradio button No distance limit Nenhum limite de distância
dialog.correlate.options.distancelimitradio button Distance limit Limite de distância
dialog.correlate.options.correlateTable column heading Correlate Correlacionar
dialog.correlate.alloutsiderangeMessage shown when all photos are outside time range of track All the items are outside the time range of the track, so none can be correlated.\nTry changing the offset or manually correlating at least one item. Todas as fotos estão fora do intervalo de tempo da rota, assim nenhuma pode ser correlacionada.\n Tente mudar a diferença de tempo ou manualmente correlacionar pelo menos uma foto.
dialog.correlate.filetimesFirst half of explanation message File timestamps denote: Hora do arquivo denota:
dialog.correlate.filetimes2Second half of text after the three radio buttons of audio clip do clipe de áudio
dialog.correlate.correltimesExplanation of three following radio buttons For correlation, use: Para correlacionar, usar:
dialog.correlate.timestamp.beginning Beginning Início
dialog.correlate.timestamp.middle Middle Meio
dialog.correlate.timestamp.end End Fim
dialog.correlate.audioselect.introIntroduction text to first panel of audio correlation Select one of these correlated audios to use as the time offset Selecione um destes áudios correlacionados para usar como intervalo de tempo
dialog.correlate.select.audionameTable column heading for audio clipname Audio name Nome do áudio
dialog.correlate.select.audiolaterTable column heading Audio later Áudio posterior
dialog.rearrangewaypoints.descMessage for the top of the rearrange waypoints dialog Select the destination and sort order of the waypoints
dialog.rearrangephotos.descMessage for the top of the rearrange photos dialog Select the destination and sort order of the photo points Selecione o destino e a ordenação dos pontos das fotos
dialog.rearrange.tostart Move to start Mover para o início
dialog.rearrange.toend Move to end Mover para o fim
dialog.rearrange.tonearest Each to nearest track point Cada um para o ponto da rota mais próximo
dialog.rearrange.nosortLeave points/photos in current order Don't sort Não ordenar
dialog.rearrange.sortbyfilenameSort by filename of photo Sort by filename Ordenar pelo nome do arquivo
dialog.rearrange.sortbynameSort by waypoint name Sort by name Ordenar pelo nome
dialog.rearrange.sortbytime Sort by time Ordenar pela hora
dialog.compress.duplicates.titlecheckbox for turning on duplicate removal Duplicate removal Remoção de duplicado
dialog.compress.closepoints.titlecheckbox for turning on removal of points close to other ones Nearby point removal Remoção de ponto próximo
dialog.compress.closepoints.paramdescparameter for close point removal Span factor Fator de deslocamento
dialog.compress.wackypoints.titlecheckbox for turning on removal of "wacky" or unusual points Wacky point removal Remoção de ponto excêntrica
dialog.compress.wackypoints.paramdescparameter for wacky point removal Distance factor Fator de distãncia
dialog.compress.singletons.titlecheckbox for turning on removal of singletons Singleton removal Remoção avulsa
dialog.compress.singletons.paramdescparameter for singleton removal Distance factor Fator de distância
dialog.compress.douglaspeucker.title Douglas-Peucker compression Compressão Douglas-Peucker
dialog.compress.douglaspeucker.paramdesc Span factor Fator de deslocamento
dialog.compress.summarylabellabel to say how many will be deleted Points to delete Pontos para remover
dialog.compress.confirmMakes a message "<number of points> have been marked" and asks whether to delete them now %d points have been marked.\nDelete these marked points now? %d pontos foram marcados.\nRemover estes pontos marcados agora?
dialog.compress.confirmnone no points have been marked nenhum ponto foi marcado
dialog.deletemarked.nonefoundwarning message for delete marked points when no points are marked No data points could be removed Nenhum dado dos pontos pode ser removido
dialog.pastecoordinates.desc Enter or paste the coordinates here Insira ou cole as coordenadas aqui
dialog.pastecoordinates.coordsLabel for coordinates entry box Coordinates Coordenadas
dialog.pastecoordinates.nothingfoundError message when coordinates couldn't be parsed Please check the coordinates and try again Por favor, verifique as coordenadas novamente
dialog.pastecoordinatelist.desc Enter the coordinates for the new points with one point per line
dialog.pluscode.descExplanation Enter or paste the pluscode here
dialog.pluscode.codeLabel for code entry box Pluscode Código
dialog.pluscode.nothingfoundError message when code couldn't be parsed Please check the code and try again
dialog.help.helpPopup message to direct to website Please see\n https://gpsprune.activityworkshop.net/\nfor more information and tips,\nincluding a PDF user guide you can buy. Por favor, veja\n https://gpsprune.activityworkshop.net/\npara mais informações e guia do usuário.
dialog.about.version Version Versão
dialog.about.build Build Compilação
dialog.about.summarytext1 GpsPrune is a program for loading, displaying and editing data from GPS receivers. GpsPrune é um programa para carregar, exibir e editar dados de receptores de GPS.
dialog.about.summarytext2 It is released under the Gnu GPL for free, open, worldwide use and enhancement.<br>Copying, redistribution and modification are permitted and encouraged<br>according to the conditions in the included <code>license.txt</code> file. Isto está lançado sob a Gnu GPL para uso e melhoria livre, aberto e em todo o mundo.<br>A cópia, redistribuição e modificação são permitidas e encorajadas<br>de acordo coma as condições no arquivo <code>license.txt</code>incluído.
dialog.about.summarytext3 Please see <code style="font-weight:bold">https://activityworkshop.net/</code> for more information and tips, including<br>a PDF user guide you can buy. Por favor, veja <code style="font-weight:bold">https://activityworkshop.net/</code> para mais informações e guia do usuário.
dialog.about.languageslanguages available in GpsPrune Available languages Idiomas disponíveis
dialog.about.translatedbyName or nickname of translator for this language English text by activityworkshop. Texto em português por Marcus Gama.
dialog.about.systeminfoTab heading for system information System info Informações do sistema
dialog.about.systeminfo.os Operating System Sistema Operacional
dialog.about.systeminfo.javaVersion of java Java Runtime Módulo Java
dialog.about.systeminfo.java3d Java3d installed Java3d instalado
dialog.about.systeminfo.exiftool Exiftool installed Exittool instalado
dialog.about.systeminfo.gpsbabel Gpsbabel installed Gpsbabel instalado
dialog.about.systeminfo.gnuplot Gnuplot installed Gnuplot instalado
dialog.about.yesShown when item installed Yes Sim
dialog.about.noShown when item not available No Não
dialog.about.creditsTab heading for credits (acknowledgements) Credits Créditos
dialog.about.credits.code GpsPrune code written by Código do GpsPrune escrito por
dialog.about.credits.exifcode Exif code by Código do Exif por
dialog.about.credits.icons Some icons taken from Alguns ícones obtidos de
dialog.about.credits.translatorsWho did the translations Translators Tradutores
dialog.about.credits.translations Translations helped by Traduções auxiliadas por
dialog.about.credits.devtools Development tools Ferramentas de desenvolvimento
dialog.about.credits.othertools Other tools Outras ferramentas
dialog.about.credits.thanks Thanks to Agradecimentos a
dialog.about.readmeTab for readme file Readme Leiame
dialog.checkversion.errorError message when file couldn't be found, or online connection not available The version number couldn't be checked.\nPlease check the internet connection. O número da versão não pode ser verificado.\n Por favor, verifique a conexão à Internet.
dialog.checkversion.uptodateShown when this is already the latest version You are using the latest version of GpsPrune. Você está usando a última versão do GpsPrune.
dialog.checkversion.newversion1 A new version of GpsPrune is now available! The latest version is now version Uma nova versão do GpsPrune está disponível! A última versão é agora a versão
dialog.checkversion.newversion2These two make the message to say that a new version <number> is now released . .
dialog.checkversion.releasedate1 This new version was released on Esta nova versão foi lançada em
dialog.checkversion.releasedate2These two make the messsage that the new one was released on <date>. . .
dialog.checkversion.downloadWhere to download the newest version. To download the new version, go to https://gpsprune.activityworkshop.net/download.html. Para baixar a nova versão, vá para https://gpsprune.activityworkshop.net/download.html.
dialog.keys.introExplanation of key shortcuts You can use the following shortcut keys instead of using the mouse Você pode usar os seguintes atalhos de teclado ao invés de usar o mouse
dialog.keys.keylistHTML table showing key shortcuts <table><tr><td>Arrow keys</td><td>Pan map left right, up, down</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + left, right arrow</td><td>Select previous or next point</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + up, down arrow</td><td>Zoom in or out</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + PgUp, PgDown</td><td>Select previous, next segment</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + Home, End</td><td>Select first, last point</td></tr><tr><td>Del</td><td>Delete current point</td></tr></table> <table><tr><td>Cursores</td><td>Move o mapa para esquerda, direita, acima e abaixo</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + cursores esquerdo e direito</td><td>Seleciona o próximo ponto ou o anterior</td></tr><tr><td>Ctrl + cursores acima e abaixo</td><td>Amplia ou reduz</td></tr><tr><td>Del</td><td>Remove o ponto atual</td></tr></table>
dialog.keys.normalmodifierModifier text for linux, windows etc Ctrl Ctrl
dialog.keys.macmodifierModifier text for mac (to replace text in keylist) Command Command
dialog.paths.prune.gnuplotpath Path to gnuplot Caminho para o gnuplot
dialog.paths.prune.gpsbabelpath Path to gpsbabel Caminho para o gpsbabel
dialog.paths.prune.exiftoolpath Path to exiftool Caminho para o exiftool
dialog.setpaths.introIntroductory text for set program paths dialog If you need to, you can choose the paths to the external applications: Se você precisar, você pode escolher os caminhos para as aplicações externas:
dialog.setpaths.foundColumn heading for yes/no Path found? Caminho encontrado?
dialog.addaltitude.noaltitudesWarning if altitude offset can't be added The selected range does not contain altitudes O intervalo selecionado não contém altitudes
dialog.addaltitude.descLabel for edit box Altitude offset to add Diferença de altitude a adicionar
dialog.lookupsrtm.overwritezerosQuestion whether to lookup altitudes for zero-valued altitudes as well as missing ones Overwrite altitude values of zero? Sobrescrever os valores zerados de altitude?
dialog.setcolours.introDescription of what to do with the set colours dialog Click on a colour patch to change the colour Clique em um trecho de cor para mudar a cor
dialog.setcolours.background Background Fundo
dialog.setcolours.borders Borders Bordas
dialog.setcolours.lines Lines Linhas
dialog.setcolours.primary Primary Primário
dialog.setcolours.secondary Secondary Secundário
dialog.setcolours.point Points Pontos
dialog.setcolours.selection Selection Seleção
dialog.setcolours.text Text Texto
dialog.colourchooser.titleDialog title for choosing a single colour Choose colour Selecionar cor
dialog.colourchooser.redLabel for red value Red Vermelho
dialog.colourchooser.greenLabel for green value Green Verde
dialog.colourchooser.blueLabel for blue value Blue Azul
dialog.colourer.introHeading for the point colourer section A point colourer can give track points different colours
dialog.colourer.typeLabel before type dropdown Colourer type
dialog.colourer.type.noneLabels for different colourer types None
dialog.colourer.type.byfileDifferent colour for each file By file
dialog.colourer.type.bysegmentDifferent colour for each track segment By segment
dialog.colourer.type.byaltitudeContinuous colour according to altitude By altitude
dialog.colourer.type.byspeedContinuous colour according to speed By speed
dialog.colourer.type.byvertspeedContinuous colour according to vertical speed By vertical speed
dialog.colourer.type.bygradientContinuous colour according to gradient By gradient
dialog.colourer.type.bydateDifferent colour for each date By date
dialog.colourer.startLabel above start colour patch Start colour
dialog.colourer.endLabel above end colour patch End colour
dialog.colourer.maxcolours Maximum number of colours
dialog.setlanguage.firstintroFirst label on dialog - use &lt;p&gt; for line break You can either select one of the included languages,<p>or select a text file to use instead. Você pode selecionar um dos idiomas incluídos,<p>ou selecionar um arquivo de texto para usar.
dialog.setlanguage.secondintroSecond label on dialog You need to save your settings and then<p>restart GpsPrune to change the language. Você precisa salvar suas configurações e então<p>reiniciar o GpsPrune para mudar o idioma.
dialog.setlanguage.languagelabel before language dropdown Language Idioma
dialog.setlanguage.languagefilelabel before text box for file path Language file Arquivo de idioma
dialog.setlanguage.endmessageMessage which pops up after changing language Now save your settings and restart GpsPrune\nfor the language change to take effect. Agora salve suas configurações e reinicie o GpsPrune\npara que a mudança de idioma ocorra.
dialog.setlanguage.endmessagewithautosaveMessage which pops up after changing language if settings are autosaved Please restart GpsPrune for the language change to take effect. Por favor, reinicie o GpsPrune para que a mudança de idioma tenha efeito.
dialog.diskcache.saveCheckbox for enabling / disabling disk cache Save map images to disk Salvar imagens do mapa para o disco
dialog.diskcache.dirLabel for directory entry Cache directory Diretório da cache
dialog.diskcache.createdirPrompt to confirm whether to create specified directory or not Create directory Criar diretório
dialog.diskcache.nocreateMessage when directory not created (either user pressed cancel or create failed) Cache directory not created Diretório da cache não foi criado
dialog.diskcache.cannotwriteSelected directory is read-only Map tiles cannot be saved in the selected directory Ladrilhos de mapa não puderam ser salvos na pasta selecionada
dialog.diskcache.table.pathTable column heading for relative file path Path Caminho
dialog.diskcache.table.usedbyWhich backgrounds use this tileset Used by Usado por
dialog.diskcache.table.zoomZoom range covered Zoom Zoom
dialog.diskcache.table.tilesNumber of tiles found Tiles Fundos
dialog.diskcache.table.megabytesNumber of megabytes used by all tiles Megabytes Megabytes
dialog.diskcache.tilesetPath to tileset Tileset Conjunto de fundos
dialog.diskcache.tileset.multipleshown when more than one tileset selected, instead of all the paths multiple múltiplos
dialog.diskcache.deleteoldradio button to delete files by age Delete old tiles Apagar fundos antigos
dialog.diskcache.maximumagelabel for the maximum age of tiles before they're deleted Maximum age (days) Idade máxima (dias)
dialog.diskcache.deleteallradio button to delete all files in the tileset Delete all tiles Apagar todos os fundos
dialog.diskcache.deletedMakes the message "Deleted &lt;number&gt; of tiles from the cache" Deleted %d files from the cache Removidos %d arquivos do cache
dialog.deletefieldvalues.introLabel at the top of the delete field values dialog Select the field to delete for the current range Selecione o campo a remover para o intervalo atual
dialog.deletefieldvalues.nofieldsMessage when there are no fields to delete There are no fields to delete for this range Não existem campos a remover para este intervalo
dialog.displaysettings.linewidthLabel for setting line thickness in pixels Thickness of lines for the tracks (1-4) Espessura das linhas para desenhar as rotas (1-4)
dialog.displaysettings.antialiasUse antialiasing when drawing Use antialiasing
dialog.displaysettings.allowosscalingAllow OS to scale maps (makes them bigger but less sharp) Allow OS to scale maps
dialog.displaysettings.waypointiconsLabel for selecting which waypoint icon to use Waypoint icons
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.defaultLabel for default waypoint rendering, little square Default
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.ringptCircular marker with a pin at the bottom Round marker
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.plectrumEgg-shaped marker with the pointy bit at the bottom Plectrum
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.ringCircular ring around the point Ring
dialog.displaysettings.wpicon.pinPush pin / thumb tack Board pin
dialog.displaysettings.size.smallThree radio buttons to select size of waypoint icons Small
dialog.displaysettings.size.medium Medium
dialog.displaysettings.size.large Large
dialog.waypointsettings.usecoloursCheckbox for whether to use coloured waypoint icons or not Colour by type
dialog.waypointsettings.saltvalueLabel describing which seed value to use (0 - 9) Colour set
dialog.waypointsettings.notypesintrackWarning shown if track doesn't contain any waypoint types The current track doesn't contain any waypoint types.
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyleWhich of the available "look-and-feel"s to use Window style (requires restart)
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyle.defaultNormal style as before Default
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyle.nimbus Nimbus
dialog.displaysettings.windowstyle.gtkMay not be available everywhere GTK
dialog.downloadosm.descDescription at top of download OSM data dialog Confirm to download the raw OSM data for the specified area: Confirmar a transferência de dados OSM brutos para a área especificada:
dialog.searchwikipedianames.searchSearch box Search for: Procurar por:
dialog.weather.locationWhere the weather forecast is for Location Localização
dialog.weather.updateWhen the forecast was last updated Forecast updated Previsão atualizada
dialog.weather.sunriseTime of sunrise Sunrise Nascer do sol
dialog.weather.sunsetTime of sunset Sunset Pôr do sol
dialog.weather.temperatureunitsUnits for the temperatures (Celsius or Fahrenheit) Temperatures Temperaturas
dialog.weather.currentforecastGet the current weather Current weather Clima atual
dialog.weather.dailyforecastGet one forecast for each day Daily forecast Previsão para o dia
dialog.weather.3hourlyforecastGet a forecast for each 3 hours Three-hourly forecast Previsão para três horas
dialog.weather.day.now Current weather Clima atual
dialog.weather.day.todayDays for showing in the weather table Today Hoje
dialog.weather.day.tomorrow Tomorrow Amanhã
dialog.weather.day.monday Monday Segunda
dialog.weather.day.tuesday Tuesday Terça
dialog.weather.day.wednesday Wednesday Quarta
dialog.weather.day.thursday Thursday Quinta
dialog.weather.day.friday Friday Sexta
dialog.weather.day.saturday Saturday Sábado
dialog.weather.day.sunday Sunday Domingo
dialog.weather.wind Wind Vento
dialog.weather.tempMaybe should be shortened to fit in the forecast table Temp Temp
dialog.weather.humidity Humidity Umidade
dialog.weather.creditnoticeThanks to openweathermap.org This data is made available by openweathermap.org. Their website has more details. Estes dados foram disponibilizados por openweathermap.org. A página Web possui mais detalhes.
dialog.deletebydate.onlyonedateCan't delete by date if there's only one date The points were all recorded on the same date.
dialog.deletebydate.introExplanation at top of delete by date dialog For each date in the track, you can choose to delete or keep the points
dialog.deletebydate.nodateTable entry for points without a date No timestamp
dialog.deletebydate.column.keepColumn heading in table - radio button for DON'T delete Keep Guardar
dialog.deletebydate.column.deleteSame but for radio button to DELETE these points (see button.delete) Delete Remover
dialog.setaltitudetolerance.text.metresLabel to describe input parameter to tolerance (using metres for altitudes) Limit (in metres) below which small climbs and descents will be ignored
dialog.setaltitudetolerance.text.feetLabel to describe input parameter to tolerance (using feet for altitudes) Limit (in feet) below which small climbs and descents will be ignored
dialog.settimezone.introLabel at top of timezone dialog Here you can select the timezone in which to display point timestamps
dialog.settimezone.systemRadio button to use default Use system timezone
dialog.settimezone.customRadio button to select a different timezone Use the following timezone:
dialog.settimezone.list.toomanyShown in list when too many options are found Too many to choose
dialog.settimezone.selectedzoneConfirmation which timezone was selected Selected timezone
dialog.settimezone.offsetfromutcHow many hours +/- this timezone is from UTC Offset from UTC
dialog.autoplay.durationLabel at top of autoplay dialog specifying how long to play for Duration (secs) Duração (seg)
dialog.autoplay.usetimestampsCheckbox for whether to play using the recorded times or just scroll through points Use point timestamps Usar data-hora
dialog.autoplay.rewindTooltip for rewind button Back to beginning Rebobinar
dialog.autoplay.pauseTooltip for pause button Pause Suspender
dialog.autoplay.playTooltip for play button Play Tocar
dialog.markers.halvesRadio button for creating marker waypoints at half distance etc Halfway points
dialog.markers.half.distanceName of created waypoint Half distance
dialog.markers.half.climbName of created waypoint Half climb
dialog.markers.half.descentName of created waypoint Half descent
dialog.projectpoint.descIntro to point projection dialog Enter the direction and distance to project this point
dialog.projectpoint.bearingAngle clockwise from North Bearing (degrees from N) Azimute (graus de N)
dialog.projectcircle.descIntro to circle projection dialog Enter the distance from this point to the surrounding circle
dialog.configuresrtm.intro1Intro to SRTM configuration dialog (line 1) Altitudes from SRTM can come either from the low-resolution data without login,
dialog.configuresrtm.intro2second line continuing the previous introduction message or by registering at NASA for high-resolution data
dialog.configuresrtm.threesecondCheckbox for 3-second data Low resolution data (three arc seconds)
dialog.configuresrtm.threesecond.descDescription of this 3-second data (no login required) Low resolution data is always enabled without registration or login
dialog.configuresrtm.onesecondCheckbox for 1-second data High resolution data (one arc second)
dialog.configuresrtm.onesecond.desc1Description of this 1-second data (login required) High resolution data requires registration and login to NASA Earthdata.
dialog.configuresrtm.onesecond.desc2second line continuing the previous description message Create an account at https://urs.earthdata.nasa.gov/users/new
dialog.configuresrtm.showregistrationwebsiteQuestion whether to launch browser to register at NASA or not Go now to NASA website for registration?
dialog.configuresrtm.useridPrompt for registered username Username registered at NASA Earthdata
dialog.configuresrtm.passwordPrompt for registered password Password registered at NASA Earthdata
dialog.configuresrtm.loginfailedError message shown when login using username / password failed Username and password were rejected by the Earthdata server

3d window

dialog.3d.titleWindow title GpsPrune Three-d view Vista 3D do GpsPrune
dialog.3d.altitudefactor Altitude exaggeration factor Fator de exageração de altitude
dialog.3d.symbolscalefactorScale factor used for spheres and cylinders (normally 1.0) Shape scale factor

Confirm messages

confirm.loadfileConfirm data loaded from file Data loaded from file Dados carregados do arquivo
confirm.save.ok1 Successfully saved Salvo com sucesso
confirm.save.ok2These two make the message "Successfully saved &lt;number&gt; points to file &lt;filename&gt;" points to file pontos para arquivo
confirm.deletepoint.singlemessage for single point deleted data point was removed dados do ponto foram removidos
confirm.deletepoint.multimessage for more than one point deleted data points were removed dados dos pontos foram removidos
confirm.point.edit point edited ponto editado
confirm.mergetracksegments Track segments merged Segmento da rota mesclado
confirm.reverserange Range reversed Intervalo invertido
confirm.addtimeoffset Time offset added Diferença de tempo adicionada
confirm.addaltitudeoffset Altitude offset added Diferença de altitude adicionadas
confirm.rearrangewaypoints Waypoints rearranged Pontos rearrumados
confirm.rearrangephotos Photos rearranged Fotos rearrumadas
confirm.splitsegmentsThe %d is replaced by the number of splits %d segment splits were made %d divisões de segmentos feitas
confirm.sewsegmentsThe %d is replaced by the number of joins %d segment joins were made %d reuniões de segmentos feitas
confirm.cutandmove Selection moved Seleção movida
confirm.pointsaddedThe %d is replaced by the number of points added %d points added %d pontos adicionados
confirm.convertnamestotimes Waypoint names converted Nomes dos pontos convertidos
confirm.saveexif.okMakes the message to confirm the number of photos saved Saved %d photo files Salvo %d arquivos de foto
confirm.undo.single operation undone operação desfeita
confirm.undo.multiThese two make the message "&lt;number&gt; operations undone" to confirm that they were undone successfully operations undone operações desfeitas
confirm.jpegload.single photo was added foto foi adicionada
confirm.jpegload.multi photos were added fotos foram adicionadas
confirm.media.connectEither a photo or an audio was connected media connected mídia conectada
confirm.photo.disconnect photo disconnected foto desconectada
confirm.audio.disconnect audio disconnected áudio desconectado
confirm.media.removed&lt;filename&gt; removed removed removido
confirm.correlatephotos.singleConfirm one photo correlation photo was correlated foto foi correlacionada
confirm.correlatephotos.multiConfirm more than one photo correlation photos were correlated fotos foram correlacionadas
confirm.rotatephotocurrent photo was rotated (by 90 degrees) photo rotated foto rotacionada
confirm.createpoint point created ponto criado
confirm.runningDisplayed when an export is currently running (and may take some time) Running ... Rodando...
confirm.lookupsrtmMakes the message "Found &lt;number&gt; altitude values" for SRTM lookup function Found %d altitude values Encontrado %d valores de altitude
confirm.downloadsrtmConfirms download of SRTM files Downloaded %d files to the cache %d arquivos baixados para a cache
confirm.downloadsrtm.1Confirms download of just 1 SRTM file Downloaded %d file to the cache %d arquivo baixados para a cache
confirm.deletefieldvalues Field values deleted Valores do campo removidos
confirm.audioload Audio files added Arquivos de áudio adicionados
confirm.correlateaudios.singleConfirm one audio clip correlated audio was correlated áudio foi correlacionado
confirm.correlateaudios.multiConfirm more than one audio clip correlated audios were correlated áudios foram correlacionados
confirm.applytimestampsTimestamps have now been applied or overwritten Timestamps applied to selection

Tips, shown just once when appropriate

tip.title Tip Dica
tip.useamapcacheShown when many maps are shown but cache is off By setting up a disk cache (Settings -> Save maps to disk)\nyou can speed up the display and reduce network traffic. Configurando a cache de disco (Configurações -> Salvar mapas para disco)\nvocê pode acelerar a exibição e reduzir o tráfego de rede.
tip.learntimeparamsShown when estimate is called but no learn has been done The results will be more accurate if you use\nTrack -> Learn time estimation parameters\non your recorded tracks. Os resultados serão mais precisos se você usar\nRota -> Aprender os parâmetros para estimativa de tempo\nde suas rotas gravadas.
tip.downloadsrtmShown when many SRTM lookups have been made with online calls You can speed this up by setting up a disk cache\nto save the SRTM data locally.
tip.usesrtmfor3dShown when a 3d view is requested but track doesn't have altitudes This track doesn't have altitudes.\nYou can use the SRTM functions to get approximate\naltitudes for the 3d view. Esta rota não possui altitudes.\nVocê pode usar as funções SRTM para obter as altitudes\naproximadas para a visão 3D.
tip.manuallycorrelateoneTip to recommend that at least one photo/audio is manually connected By manually connecting at least one item, the time offset can be calculated for you. Correlacionando pelo menos uma foto manualmente, a diferença de tempo pode ser calculada para você.
tip.nonstandardconfigfilenameSuggest command line parameter if config filename isn't the normal one By choosing a non-standard filename for the settings,\nyou'll need to tell GpsPrune at startup how to find it\nusing the "--configfile" parameter.


button.ok OK Ok
button.back Back Voltar
button.next Next Pŕoximo
button.finish Finish Terminar
button.cancel Cancel Cancelar
button.overwrite Overwrite Sobrescrever
button.moveupMove the selected field up one position in the list Move up Mover acima
button.movedownMove the selected field down one position in the list Move down Mover abaixo
button.edit Edit Editar
button.exit Exit Sair
button.close Close Fechar
button.continue Continue Continuar
button.yes Yes Sim
button.no No Não
button.yestoall Yes to all Sim para todos
button.notoall No to all Não para todos
button.alwaysYes, and don't ask me again Always Sempre
button.select Select Selecionar
button.selectall Select all Selecionar todos
button.selectnone Select none Selecionar nenhum
button.preview Preview Previsão
button.load Load Carregar
button.guessfieldsGuess which fields go where Guess fields Campos adivinhados
button.showwebpageLaunch a browser to show the given web page Show webpage Mostrar página Web
button.checkCheck the values in the dialog Check Verificar
button.resettodefaults Reset to defaults Restaurar para os padrões
button.browseOpen a file selection dialog to choose a file Browse... Navegar...
button.addnewAdd a new item, for example a new map source Add new Adicionar novo
button.deleteDelete currently selected item Delete Remover
button.manageOpen dialog for managing the item, eg map cache Manage Gerenciar
button.combineUsed to combine the calculated parameters Combine Combinar
button.keepselectedFor delete by date Keep selected
button.deleteselectedFor delete by date Delete selected
button.applyAfter estimating duration, apply the results Apply

File types

filetype.txtText files TXT files Arquivos TXT
filetype.jpeg JPG files Arquivos JPG
filetype.kmlkmzKML and KMZ KML, KMZ files Arquivos KML, KMZ
filetype.kml KML files Arquivos KML
filetype.kmz KMZ files Arquivos KMZ
filetype.gpx GPX files Arquivos GPX
filetype.pov POV files Arquivos POV
filetype.svg SVG files Arquivos SVG
filetype.png PNG files Arquivos PNG
filetype.audio MP3, OGG, WAV files Arquivos MP3, OGG, WAV

Display components

display.nodata No data loaded Nenhum dado carregado
display.noaltitudesAltitude chart can't be shown Track data does not include altitudes Dados da rota não incluem altitudes
display.notimestampsSpeed chart can't be shown Track data does not include timestamps Dados da rota não incluem data-hora
display.novaluesChart for another field can't be shown Track data does not include values for this field Dados da rota não incluem valores para este campo
details.trackdetails Track details Detalhes da track
details.notrack No track loaded Nenhuma rota carrgeada
details.track.points Points Pontos
details.track.file File Arquivo
details.track.numfilesNumber of files loaded Number of files Número de arquivos
details.pointdetails Point details Detalhes da ponto
details.index.selected Index Índice
details.index.ofThese two make the message "Index 32 of 425" if there are 425 points and number 32 is selected of de
details.nopointselection No point selected Nenhum ponto selecionado
details.photofile Photo file Arquivo de foto
details.norangeselection No range selected Nenhum intervalo selecionado
details.rangedetails Range details Detalhes da range
details.range.selected Selected Selecionado
details.range.toThese two make the message "Selected 128 to 181" if the current range goes from point number 128 to number 181 to a
details.altitude.toMakes the message "139m to 1128m" if that is the altitude range of the selection to a
details.range.climbThe total amount of upwards climb during the selection Climb Subir
details.range.descentThe total amount of downwards descent during the selection Descent Descer
details.coordformat Coordinate format Formato das coordenadas
details.distanceunits Distance units Unidades de distância
display.range.time.secs s s
display.range.time.mins m m
display.range.time.hours h h
display.range.time.days d d
details.range.avespeed Ave speed Velocidade média
details.range.maxspeed Maximum speed Velocidade máxima
details.range.numsegments Number of segments Número de segmentos
details.range.paceTime for 1 km or 1 mile Pace Passo
details.range.gradientTotal altitude difference as percentage of total distance Gradient Gradiente
details.lists.waypointsHeadings above list boxes Waypoints Pontos
details.lists.photos Photos Fotos
details.lists.audio Audio Áudio
details.photodetails Photo details Detalhes da foto
details.nophoto No photo selected Nenhuma foto selecionada
details.photo.loadingShown when thumbnail loading Loading Carregando
details.photo.bearingDirection in which photo was taken (degrees) Bearing Apontando
details.media.connectedIs the photo / audio associated with a point Connected Conectada
details.media.fullpathFull filename or URL of photo/audio Full path Caminho completo
details.audiodetails Audio details Detalhes do áudio
details.noaudio No audio clip selected Nenhum arquivo de áudio selecionado
details.audio.file Audio file Arquivo de áudio
details.audio.playingShown in the progress bar when an audio clip is currently playing playing... reproduzindo...
map.overzoomMessage shown when zoom is too high for maps No maps available at this zoom level Nenhum mapa disponível neste nível de ampliação

Field names

fieldname.latitude Latitude Latitude
fieldname.longitude Longitude Longitude
fieldname.coordinatesBoth latitude and longitude together Coordinates Coordenadas
fieldname.altitude Altitude Altura
fieldname.timestampTimestamp of single point Time Tempo
fieldname.timeTime as an axis variable Time Tempo
fieldname.dateJust the date, without time of day Date Data
fieldname.waypointname Name Nome
fieldname.waypointtype Type Tipo
fieldname.newsegment Segment Segmento
fieldname.custom Custom Personalizado
fieldname.prefix Field Campo
fieldname.distance Distance Distância
fieldname.duration Duration Duração
fieldname.speed Speed Velocidade
fieldname.verticalspeed Vertical speed Velocidade vertical
fieldname.description Description Descrição
fieldname.commentcmt field from gpx Comment Comentário
fieldname.mediafilenamePhoto filename or Audio filename Filename Arquivo

Measurement units

units.originaluse the original format Original Original
units.defaultuse the default format Default Padrão
units.metres Metres Metros
units.metres.short m m
units.feet Feet Pés
units.feet.short ft ft
units.kilometres Kilometres Quilômetros
units.kilometres.short km km
units.kilometresperhour km per hour km por hora
units.kilometresperhour.short km/h km/h
units.miles Miles Milhas
units.miles.short mi mi
units.milesperhour miles per hour milhas por hora
units.milesperhour.short mph mph
units.nauticalmiles Nautical miles milhas náuticas
units.nauticalmiles.short N.m. m.n.
units.nauticalmilesperhour.shortknots kts nós
units.metrespersecfor vertical speed metres per second metros por segundo
units.metrespersec.shortfor vertical speed m/s m/s
units.feetpersecfor vertical speed feet per second pés por segundo
units.feetpersec.shortfor vertical speed ft/s ft/s
units.hours hours horas
units.minutes minutes minutos
units.seconds seconds segundos
units.degminsec Deg-min-sec Graus-min-seg
units.degmin Deg-min Graus-min
units.deg Degrees Graus
units.iso8601long timestamp format ISO 8601 ISO 8601
units.degreescelsiusfor temperatures in Celsius Celsius Celsius
units.degreescelsius.short °C °C
units.degreesfahrenheitfor temperatures in Fahrenheit Fahrenheit Fahrenheit
units.degreesfahrenheit.short °F °F

How to combine conditions, such as filters

logic.andboth must be true and e
logic.oreither can be true or ou

External urls

url.googlemapshostname for google maps maps.google.co.uk maps.google.com.br
wikipedia.langlanguage code for wikipedia en pt
openweathermap.langlanguage code for openweathermap.org en pt
webservice.peakfinder Open Peakfinder.org Abrir Peakfinder.org
webservice.geohack Open Geohack page Abrir página Geohack

Cardinals for 3d plots

cardinal.n N N
cardinal.s S S
cardinal.e E L
cardinal.w W O

Undo operations

undo.loadload data load data carregar dados
undo.loadphotos load photos carregar fotos
undo.loadaudios load audio clips carregar arquivos de áudio
undo.editpoint edit point editar ponto
undo.deletepoint delete point remover ponto
undo.removephoto remove photo remover foto
undo.removeaudio remove audio clip remover arquivo de áudio
undo.deleterange delete range remover intervalo
undo.croptrack crop track recortar rota
undo.deletemarked delete points remover pontos
undo.insert insert points inserir pontos
undo.reverse reverse range inverter intervalo
undo.mergetracksegments merge track segments mesclar segmentos de rota
undo.splitsegments split track segments dividir segmentos de rota
undo.sewsegments sew track segments reunir segmentos de rota
undo.addtimeoffset add time offset adicionar diferença de tempo
undo.addaltitudeoffset add altitude offset adicionar diferença de altitude
undo.rearrangewaypoints rearrange waypoints rearrumar pontos
undo.cutandmove move section mover seção
undo.connect connect conectar
undo.disconnect disconnect desconectar
undo.correlatephotos correlate photos conectar fotos
undo.rearrangephotos rearrange photos rearrumar fotos
undo.rotatephoto rotate photo rotacionar foto
undo.createpoint create point criar ponto
undo.convertnamestotimes convert names to times converter nomes para tempos
undo.lookupsrtm lookup altitudes from SRTM procurar altitudes a partir do STRM
undo.deletefieldvalues delete field values remover valores do campo
undo.correlateaudios correlate audios áudios correlacionados
undo.applytimestamps apply timestamps

Error messages

error.save.dialogtitle Error saving data Erro ao salvar dados
error.save.nodata No data to save Nenhum dado para salvar
error.save.failed Failed to save the data to file Falha ao salvar dados para arquivo
error.saveexif.filenotfound Failed to find photo file Falha ao procurar o arquivo de foto
error.saveexif.cannotoverwrite1 Photo file Arquivo de foto
error.saveexif.cannotoverwrite2These two together make the message when a photo is read-only but overwrite has been selected is read-only and can't be overwritten. Write to copy? é somente leitura e não pode ser sobrescrito. Gravar para cópia?
error.saveexif.failedMakes the message when (number) of images failed to be saved Failed to save %d of the images Falha ao salvar %d das imagens
error.saveexif.forcedMakes the warning when (number) of images were forced %d of the images required forcing %d das imagens forçadas por solicitação
error.load.dialogtitle Error loading data Erro ao carregar dados
error.load.noreadError message for when the file can't be read at all Cannot read file Não foi possível ler arquivo
error.load.nopointsError message shown when no points found No coordinate information found in the file Nenhuma informação de coordenadas encontrada no arquivo
error.load.unknownxmlXML file isn't kml or gpx Unrecognised xml format: Formato xml não reconhecido:
error.load.noxmlinzipZip file or Kmz file opened but no xml file found inside No xml file found inside zip file Nenhum arquivo xml encontrado dentro do arquivo zip
error.load.othererror Error reading file: Erro ao ler arquivo:
error.load.nopointsintextPasted text not valid No coordinate information found
error.jpegload.dialogtitle Error loading photos Erro ao carregar fotos
error.jpegload.nofilesfoundNo files found No files found Nenhum arquivo encontrado
error.jpegload.nojpegsfoundNo jpeg files found No jpeg files found Nenhum arquivo jpeg encontrado
error.jpegload.nogpsfoundNo jpeg files with gps data in exif No GPS information found Nenhuma informação de GPS encontrada
error.audioload.nofilesfound No audio clips found Nenhum arquivo de áudio encontrado
error.gpsload.unknownSomething went wrong with gps load but no error message given Unknown error Erro desconhecido
error.undofailed.title Undo failed Falha ao desfazer
error.undofailed.text Failed to undo operation Falha para desfazer operação
error.function.noop.title Function had no effect Função sem nenhum efeito
error.rearrange.noopUpdate: Now just POINTS, not waypoints Rearranging points had no effect Rearrumação de pontos não teve efeito
error.function.notavailable.title Function not available Função não disponível
error.function.nojava3d This function requires the Java3d library. Esta função precisa da biblioteca Java3d
error.3dError with 3d display An error occurred with the 3d display Um erro ocorreu com a exibição 3D
error.readme.notfound Readme file not found Arquivo Leiame não encontrado
error.osmimage.dialogtitle Error loading map images Erro ao carregar imagens do mapa
error.osmimage.failedProbably there is no network connection Failed to load map images. Please check internet connection. Falha ao carregar imagens do mapa. Por favor, verifique a conexão à Internet.
error.language.wrongfileProbably just chose the wrong file The selected file doesn't appear to be a language file for GpsPrune O arquivo selecionado não parece ser um arquivo de idioma do GpsPrune
error.convertnamestotimes.nonamesEither no waypoint names were found, or they couldn't be converted No names could be converted into times Nenhum nome pode ser convertido para tempo
error.lookupsrtm.nonefoundEither no tiles found for this area, or data contains voids No altitude values available for these points Nenhum valor de altitude encontrado
error.lookupsrtm.nonerequiredNo points found without altitudes, so nothing to lookup All points already have altitudes, so there's nothing to lookup Todos os pontos já possuem altitude, assim não há nada a procurar
error.srtm.authenticationfailedUsername or password was rejected by the NASA SRTM server Authentication failed, please check the password in the SRTM settings
error.showphoto.failedPopup launched but photo can't be loaded (maybe moved?) Failed to load photo Falha ao carregar foto
error.playaudiofailedJava couldn't play it and the Desktop call failed too Failed to play audio clip Falha ao reproduzir arquivo de áudio
error.cache.notthereThe 'manage' button was clicked but the directory is no longer there The tile cache directory was not found A paste de cache de fundos não foi encontrada
error.cache.emptyThe tile cache directory is there but there are no subdirectories in it The tile cache directory is empty A pasta de cache de fundos está vazia
error.cache.cannotdeleteEither we haven't got permission to delete or none are too old No tiles could be deleted Nenhum fundo pode ser removido
error.learnestimationparams.failedError when learning the estimation parameters failed - the track is too short or doesn't have enough data Cannot learn the parameters from this track.\nTry loading more tracks. Não foi possível aprender parâmetros desta rota.\nTente baixar mais rotas.
error.tracksplit.nosplitThe split function couldn't find any places to split the track The track could not be split A rota não pode ser dividida.
error.sewsegments.nothingdoneSew segment operation couldn't do anything (also show number of segments) No segments could be sewn together.\nThere are now %d segments in the track. Os segmentos não puderam ser reunidos.\nExistem agora %d segmentos na rota.

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